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We are looking to hire a few camp counselors, CIT's (counselors in training), Kitchen staff and Camper-Staff.

Thank you for your interest in working for Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps. We hire employees who are versatile and competent with a good attitude.  Also, NO PETS!   Leave your dog at home! Our staff retention is very high. Roughly 75-80% of our staff from the previous summer returns to work the following summer, so as you can imagine, it's very competitive for those remaining job openings. All things being equal, we'll likely hire someone that has been a camper with us in the past vs someone who has not.

Please fill out the job application carefully, paying attention to the dates when you will be available. As soon as we have everyone's availability, we will then be able to make the final hiring decisions. All employees need a current Red Cross First Aid/Safety card (or better).  Please E-MAIL in your filled out job application. Hiring decisions for new applicants that have not worked at our camp before, aren't made until sometime in April or May.  Returning staff and camper-staff hiring decisions may be made before that time.

Kitchen staff work long hours, often in obscurity. Because some of the kitchen equipment is dangerous (slicers, mixers, deep fat fryers, etc.) the kitchen staff needs to be careful, mature, and responsible. We are proud of the food we produce and want to continue to improve on it.  Kitchen staff are paid on an hourly basis.  They also get free food and lodging and can train on the hill with coach, but they must pay for their own lift tickets or summer season pass.  If you are short on funds when you arrive at camp, you can have your work income go directly into the purchase of a season pass rather than getting paid a paycheck (until your pass is paid off).  

Counselors and CIT's are the main interface between management and the campers.  They are expected to have a personal interaction with each camper in their care by the first day.

The counselors we select are expected to be outgoing, friendly college age students or older who have the ability to make the correct decision on behalf of the campers in a sometimes hectic situation. Counselors must be good drivers and possess a CDL (Commercial Drivers License). If you cannot get one at home we will arrange for you to get an Oregon CDL.  Counselors duties include driving campers to and from the mountain, to and from Government Camp, the Portland airport, and to and from afternoon activities.  Other duties include putting out the lunch stuff in the basement at 6AM, doing a general clean up of the dining room/basement with the help of the CIT's right after the kids migrate to their rooms for bedtime, and chaperoning the dorm rooms during sleeping hours. Counselors also need to wake the kids up in the morning, have kids make the beds, and help get them headed to the dining room for breakfast, or to the basement where they can make their lunch.  Counselors are paid on a salary basis.  Food, Lodging and 3 lift tickets per session are provided for our counselors.  Random drug testing of any employee who drives campers is applicable.  Counselors need to fill out the regular MHSSC job application as well as a Commercial Drivers License job application.  (CDL)

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) additional information.  In order to apply for a CDL, you will need to bring proof of birthdate (birth certificate would work), your Social Security card, and a passport.  Complete info at this link:  http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/driverid/cdlget.shtml

And here is the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual that you can study from home BEFORE you come to camp:
Once you study this manual, you should be able to pass the test rather easily.  After you pass the written test,  the next requirement is getting a physical including a drug test.  The physical is done at Dr. Grison's office, which is about 15 miles from camp.   Once you pass that, then we schedule you for the CDL driver's test.  There are fees to take the driving tests and to get your physical.  You pay those upfront when you take your CDL tests, then WE REIMBURSE YOU for those fees.  DMV doesn't take credit cards, so you'll need approximately $70 cash when you go down to take your tests.  We (the camp) will pay for your physical. 

Objective: CIT's that we hire will be trained to be full-fledged counselors once they reach age 18, so that they can start in their new position with knowledge on camp, activities, and the local area.  We will only hire CIT's from those that have worked as camper-staff or have been previous campers.  We are looking for high school juniors or seniors and/or recent high school graduates.  We want motivated individuals who would  return to camp the following summer(s) to take up full counselor duties. 

CIT Duties: The position does NOT involve any driving.  CIT's need to go on activities with counselors and coaches in order to learn how to get there, how to set up the activity and how it should be run.   CIT's are also  responsible for monitoring the campers, putting them to bed and waking them up for breakfast in the morning.  On the weekends, one of the duties will be to go to the airport (usually on the 4:30am airport shuttle) and coordinate pickups and drop offs.  The CIT's not needed at the airport will stay and work with the camper-staff and the cleaning crews to get the lodge and condo's prepared for the following week or help do check-in of new campers arriving at the lodge.

CIT duration of stay and fee structure:  In order for the CIT to gain an effective knowledge of the workings of camp, the position should last for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 4 sessions. CIT's come to camp as a full paying camper for at least one session. Once CIT duties start, CIT's only pay for their lift tickets.  CIT is an unpaid position. 

For ex-campers ages 16-17, we offer a  "Camper/Staff in Training" program. Those younger than age 16 will only be considered for camper/staff if we don't have enough older kids to fill our needs.  Here's how it works: If you come to camp for one session, we'll keep you on as a staff member in training for the following session. You may be asked to work in various roles such as a janitor (including special projects) or worker in the kitchen.   We only accept 1-4 campers for the camper staff program per session depending on our needs. See below the sessions that we have already hired the maximum number of camper-staff's for, so you know not to apply for those particular sessions. Watch the camper-staff training video to get an idea of some of the job duties of our camper-staff.  The main work activities are washing dishes, busing tables, taking the garbage out, cleaning up around camp and making beds on the weekends.

You only have to pay for the cost of your lift tickets for the week that you work for us. You must, however, come to camp for the previous week as a camper paying the full camper price.  If you would like to come to camp for 4 weeks, you would be a paying camper for 2 weeks, then work for us the following 2 weeks.  You CANNOT do your work weeks BEFORE the camper weeks.  No exceptions to this rule, so please don't ask.  And you CANNOT sign up to be a full paid camper for 1 week, then work for 2 weeks. (We get asked that a lot!) But you CAN be a full paying camper for 2 weeks, then work for just 1 week if that is something you would want to do.

The following sessions are maxed out for camper-staff, so don't apply to these sessions:  Sessions 3, 4, 5, and 6 are FULL as of June 15, 2023. Sessions 7, 8, 9, and 10 still have openings.

Costs are as follows for Summer 2023:
1 camper session ($2,095) and one staff week training fees ($600) = $2,695 (Savings of $1,495)
2 camper sessions ($4,190) and two staff weeks training fees ($1200) = $5,390 (Savings of $2,990)

CIT’s pay a reduced rate per session $600 which includes lift tickets

If you are interested in camper-staff , please fill out BOTH the employment application and camp application forms. If you do not have a First Aid / safety card through the Red Cross,  take the course between now and the summer.

CAMPER STAFF TRAINING VIDEO (*produced in 2009, so some of the footage might be outdated)


If you are interested in coaching at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps, send camp director Mike Annett  an email: mike@mthood.com or try calling him at the camp office 503-337-2230. Ski race coaches training video click here.

To apply for any of our job positions go to www.mthood.com/getajob2.htm for a job application form.

Be sure and tell your friends and teammates to come to camp. Give out any brochures we send you. When more people come to camp, we need more employees.


Mike Annett, Director
Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp, Inc.