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If you are departing by car on Friday after skiing, plan to depart the Aubrey Waztak Lodge around 3pm. Friday's video analysis with the coaches, usually wraps up by that time.

If you are departing by car on Saturday, please plan to pick-up between the times of 8am-12pm. We begin our cleaning of the lodge and bunkrooms at 12pm so all kids who are leaving on Saturday need to be packed up and out of the bunkrooms by then. If you must pick up after noon then your camper and their things will be relegated to the living areas until you can pick them up.

We typically do not allow departures a day late as we do not provide any skiing on Saturday’s. The only time we typically allow Sunday departure is if you are a staff member. If you have to stay an extra day, we charge an extra fee of $200. We then ask that you get picked up before 12pm on Sunday.



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