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Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps can make summer training for your home team a reality.  We cater to ski race teams and mogul teams. We're the leaders in hosting team camps on Mt Hood.  We've hosted teams like Killington, British National mogul team, Stowe VT, Georgian Peaks, Park City Ski Team, and Stratton Freestyle team.  We can help take the headaches out of arranging the logistics of your team camp.

We offer two basic discount options to groups of ten or more athletes. 
Option #1.  Each camper will receive a $50 discount off their camp tuition per session.  So if someone signed up for two sessions, the savings would be $100.
Option #2.  Instead of the campers receiving a discount on tuition, we would cover the camp fees for a coach to attend camp.  This would include the coach's food, lodging, lift tickets, afternoon activities, plus a shuttle to and from the Portland airport. 

For high school ski teams, sometimes a team coach will come to camp to shadow the coaches so they can learn technique, drills & exercises, course setting skills, video analysis, etc.  And in doing so, the high school coach will better his/her own coaching ability for the following winter. 

For more information, send an email to or call the camp office 503-337-2230. 

Here's a peak at the Stratton Moguls camp within a camp program. They've been coming to Mt Hood every year since 2002.

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