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If departing by plane on Saturday (the normal departure day), your flight must take off from the Portland International Airport (PDX) between the times of 10am and 2pm.

If your flight leaves before the time of 10am, depending on how much earlier than all other flights that day your camper may be put on a shuttle to the airport. Any flight earlier than 9am will be put on an Early Morning Shuttle. This early morning shuttle costs a fee of $100. If there are multiple campers needing the early morning shuttle on a single day, the fee will be divided among those campers. Unaccompanied minors CANNOT fly before the time of 10am as we do not have staff to go on the early morning shuttles with them to check them in.

If your flight takes off after the time of 2pm, we can be slightly more flexible, however if the flight is scheduled to leave after the time of 4pm we do charge an extra fee of $60.

We typically do not allow departures a day late as we do not provide any skiing on Saturday’s. The only time we typically allow Sunday departure is if you are a staff member. If you have to stay an extra day, we charge an extra fee of $200. The parameters for Sunday departure will be the same as Saturday. This means your flight should depart between 10am-2pm, and all fees and rules from Saturday still apply.


Day Early Arrival $275
Day Late Departure $200
After 4pm Arrival/Departure by Plane $60
Unaccompanied Minor Fee (Each Way) $60
Early Morning Shuttle $100

More than one fee may apply if the circumstances cover both charges. For example, if your child is flying unaccompanied on the way to camp and their flight lands at 6pm on Sunday, you will be charged $120 for that arrival (unaccompanied minor fee and after 4pm arrival by plane fee). If your child is departing a day late on Sunday and their flight leaves at 8am, you will be charged a total of $300 (day late departure and shuttle to the airport).

If your child is not identified as an unaccompanied minor by the airline but you would still like us to accompany them through the airport or on a early morning shuttle to the airport, PLEASE NOTIFY US as we operate within the classifications of the airlines and will not know otherwise. You will also be charged as though they were an unaccompanied minor.


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