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Winter and Spring Camps

*10/28/2022 update: There are no MHSSC camps scheduled for the Winter of 2022 or Spring of 2023

These are COACHING ONLY camps. You will be responsible for your own overnight lodging, transporation and meals. You will just meet up with the Coach(es) each morning out back of the Wy'East day lodge, near the ski check at Timberline ski area. The fees for these 2021 Winter camps includes lift tickets and coaching; nothing else.

RACE CAMP: *Setting gates for gate-training for our race camp is NOT guaranteed! Even if there is enough snow on the ground for gate training on some or all of the days of camp, Timberline management may decide that there will be no gate training on the hill for various reasons. In which case, it will just be a drills and skills camp.

Snowboarders and Freeskiers may or may not have access to terrain parks this time of year due to limited snowpack, so know this before signing up.

We do NOT offer mogul camps in the Fall, Winter or Spring.

Spring Camps in 2022 will be announced at a later date.




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