January 29, 2005 update
Happy festivus everybody!  (for you Seinfeld fans) The big news of the day.......it snowed 8 inches at Timberline in the last 24 hours!  woo hoo.   The drought is over, the ski season is saved!  Well not exactly, but we'll take the 8 inches.    Not enough to snow to re-open Mt. Hood Meadows or ski bowl yet, but it's a start.   I heard there are currently zero ski areas open in the state of Washington right now.   Today we had a high school slalom ski race at Timberline in the canyon on the west side of the mile (I'm asst. coaching one of the teams).......and there was a USSA race up on Palmer today too.   Hill space is at a premium with lots of race entities fighting for limited hill space.   Our high school ski racing league may head south to Mt. Bachelor or Mt. Ashland for some races in February where there is more snow.  How far is Tahoe from here? Not much MHSSC news to report........John Rust is back from Antarctica working at the lodge full time with Mike.  The current tasks are mailings to ski teams across the country, updating the website, and overall camp promotion.  We hooked up Mike's new computer and started experimenting with burning DVD's of the new camp promo video.  We are still working out the bugs as we are all rookies at this task, but we are close to figuring it out.   Brandy is gonna edit a "camper-staff" training video.   One of the camper-staffers (Spencer) from last summer wrote the script, I shot the video, and Brandy will edit it together.  It will cover such topics as "filling the coke machine with ice" and "plunging the toilet".Other staff updates: Ridgely's daughter Lisa turned 30 this week.  And she's getting  married on June 17th! (congrats).  Yeah, little Lisa Reece is 30!  Hannah Tsai won the Brazilian Nationals slalom race!   Hannah went down to Chile with her team for some training and then did two races for fun.  Brazilian National Slalom Champion! 

Jamie Hinderliter is in New Zealand......I know lots of you are on her "new zealand trip update list".....but here's what she wrote last week:  Bula friends!  That is Fiji for hello!  We have made it safely here FINALLY after long travels, although I believe we arrived with a big sign on our backs that says "Please rip us off".  Had a little trouble at customs, but things are good now. It was rainy when we got here but now it is about 34 degrees celcius (which is metric for lethargically hot) and very humid.  By the time I realized the sun had come out I was already sunburnt!  But now we are here, and we have a room for 4 days on the southern part of the island just out of Sigotoka (or something like that).  Love to you all, hope your lives are going well!

From Vance in Aspen: Aspen is great.  The best skiing I have seen here yet.   Tons of snow, for Aspen and sunshine. Eva and I are having a great happy busy life in a great place.
From Emily Longfield: I just started school this week, and it seems it will be quite busy this semester. I've been finishing about half of my races, and the other half I've been ending up around the back top ten. I should be skiing much faster that I am.  I'm off to do a Big Mt. comp with Mr. Bill Whalley next week.
Eric Baldwin misses camp.   that's all I got.  Stay tuned for future updates.....same bat time, same bat channel.

April 6, 2005 update
Good afternoon MHSSC'ers!  I just heard on the news that Homer Simpson's "Doh" just made it into some famous dictionary.  I wonder if "MHSSC" can become a real word someday.  Can I buy a vowel?

Ok, first I should address the "april fools" joke about Mike "letting me go" (aka fired).........It fooled about 93.4% of you based on what I've heard back from some of you guys.  So it qualifies as a successful prank.   3 or 4 of you guys wrote me back immediately after reading just the first e-mail I sent........followed by a "you jerk" sort of return message after realizing it was a spoof upon reading my 2nd e-mail......Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the messages to the masses that you guys wrote following the april fool thing:..

From Jamie Hinderliter: Wow that was good.  Too bad April fools was yesterday in NZ cause we are so far ahead so you definitely got me.  Congratultions, nice work.
From Brandy Powell: Robo you're Fu%*&#@ hilarious.  almost had me going.
From Lisa McLeod (Terry's wife)You fooled me!  I was actually feeling sad and somewhat sentimental about you leaving.  Good one.
From Brian Case: I must admit that I was fooled, but I am so out of touch with the camp that I might believe anything.  When I saw the email subject line in my inbox, I thought "Oh no, the mountain finally exploded..."  or "The hammer came down and they can't use salt anymore!"
From Ridgely Reece:  Thank heavens.......what would the world be like with out Peter Pan???
                              what would Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp be like with out Robin Cressy??
From Rogan Connell: You had me.  You should have let it go for a day or so.  I was just about to get
on the phone and find out what the hell you were talking about.
From Brandon Sequoia: That was a good one, Robin!  Almost had me!!
From Chelsea Stamer: Hah, you definately fooled me.... I totally forgot that it was April Fool's
Day... You had me going there for a little bit..until I read your next e-mail...haha

From Kate Moore: Ok, you totally fooled me. I am so gullible!!!! 
From Vance Lemley: Robo,     Don't do that.  One minute I was so excited, and the next so dissapointed.    Vance
From Paige Heller: I was fully Punked - good one and I'm very glad it was only a joke. Robin, you ARE MHSSC.
From Jeff Moore: I say you're a bastard.  joe maas says you're a fuc#@!
From Kathy Bonner: Yeah, you did get me, well I was really confused actually, that was a good one, it was worded especially well I thought, it sounded real to me, although I couldn’t believe it!
From Seth Cronin-Wilton: Sup, that was pretty funny.  I didn't read email til today so I was really out of the april fools mindset.  Keep on keepin on.
From Zvi: Robin, you had me going up until I saw the second e-mail waiting in my mailbox, at which point I noticed the date on the first one and put two and two together ... very funny.
From Will Wasson:  Basterd
From Terry McLeod: You didn't even remotely fool me. I only feel sad that your first April Fools joke was that bad (just kidding). In fairness to you, I was gone all weekend and Lisa told me when I got home that Robin had been let go. She asked  me if I felt bad and I said no, it was probably an April Fools joke.
From Allison White: ya got me!!! thanks! love that momentary freak-out  stuff!
From Chris Hargrave: You got me.  I don't check email very often and forget to look at the date.  That was a cruel joke.  Have a great day
From Ara Papazian: Robin, I must say, that was good, I was just about to email you and ask what the hell happened, only thing I could think of was you got caught molesting a young camper ( a young male camper at that)
From Hiro: you buster!!
This one is from Dave Martin......he wrote  this to me before knowing it was an april fool spoof:  He wrote down some really great memories that he had during his MHSSC era......(80's): 
Thanks for the updates I enjoyed them all! Everytime I read your e-mail it would bring back my time at Hood. I often wanted to write to you about my experience there. My first year "1980" sitting up by Elumination rock and watching St Helens blowing smoke, or when we were hiking by the same place and and heard yelling, as it turned out two guy had been snorting "coke" and one of them fell into a serac on the North side, he later died. Or the summer I was
the snowcat driver and would drive the cat up to lower Palmer and set up a grill and sell buggers or how about the party of all parties, when my lane won the contest of best kept lane and we won a free meal at Timberline. Let it be said that we missed nothing, we ate everything in double and finished with champagne. Becky walked over to Mike with the bill the next morning with all of our heads tucked, all he did was raise his eyebrows and never spoke about it,
however as far as I know he never had that contest again. Those first few years as a racer were some of the best years of my life (after my kids). But best of all was the coaching by Mike, I remember him going over his drill list with us over and over, we never could get the carved vadel down, but Mike kept at us. Later when I finally figured it out, I went through the same frustration trying to teach my students the same stuff. It gave me touch with the ski that I never could have come close to otherwise. I could go on for a long time here, but I'll end with my first day on Palmer. Steve Futerneck and I had just drove in from Jersey, and were looking from the parking lot at timberline and thought Palmer looked flat and small, after the long ride up we realized our mistake and had some great skiing. We were eastern boys and had never skied in the west. We saw the attraction of Zig-Zag and went past the signs with out reading them. Zig-zag was flat no suncups, we went flying down, how fast I'm not sure, but were going for a long
long ride. With know idea how far below the lift we had wen, I got a real funny feeling in my stomach and came to a very quick sudden stop. Steve had the same feeling and we pulled up to a cliff that we almost skied over that meant death. Welcome west boys! We had a long hike back up to the lift and we both felt like someone above had told us to stop. I won't go into the nude skiing a large group of us did, let just say thank god I was in better shape then then now. Best to you Robin!!!!!
And Moments later, after Dave Martin read e-mail #2, wrote back with this:
You sob, I'm comin out there to kick your butt! Well you got me to write anyway!
From Chris Cota after reading e-mail #1: Whoa homeslice!!!! What's the deal?!!!? I don't want to pry.........but some of us need to know! As far as any of us know, there is a bronze "Julio" statue in the hallway somewhere.
"Let go", no way! Then again, after 19 years.............it's about time to get a life. Still, what's camp without Robin? I was just describing you to my wife the other day.
And From Chris Cota after reading e-mail #2: You got me. Still..............you have no life. Don't forget to tell all my friends that you fooled me. Cota
From Lori Biddulph Deisroth after reading e-mail #1:
What is going on?  I don't get it.  Is everything ok?  Call me.  If you don't want to talk about it, that's ok.  But you had better call if you would like to talk. You have always been and will continue to be, the best!!
And moments later after Lori read e-mail #2:
You Jerk!!!!!  I take it back, you're not the best.
The e-mail spoof even fooled John Rust, who I work with 3-4 days a week in the camp office this spring.......He thought I got another job offer or something.    Mike Annett read e-mail #2 first by accident, so no effect there.  So there you have it.  I hope you guys don't mind that I shared some of your comments with the MHSSC masses.  .......but in the spirit of april fools, I hope you got a good laugh, as did I. 

April 6, 2005 email part 2:

ok, some real MHSSC stuff to talk about: 
you want the good news or bad news first?  
Good news first:  Irene Slisky is getting married!   In Irene's words:  Was in Sun Valley Id. 2 weeks ago.    I went with my future husband- yes that is my big news to you!!! I met  a neighbor in Tiburon and we got engaged Valentines!!!  His name is Warren Russell and is a retired DR.—a radiologist .  Can you believe he did not ski????   So he took a week of lessons in Sun Valley and is doing well.  We skied 2 days in Squaw and he is on the bunny slope doing wedge turns.  He has no bad habits!!!  The modern ski equip.  makes learning much easier.  He is  a really great guy, hope to get to Oregon sometime and you meet him.  He will not be ready for ski camp this year- Ha
Other good news:  If you are on Mike's MHSSC e-mail list, you got his e-mail update last week about all the new snow on Mt Hood.  It did snow quite a bit these last 2 weeks.  I haven't been on Palmer since March 25, so can't give you the full scoop on how it looks up on Palmer today.  The Timberline ski report says 80 inches of snow at Lodge elevation today.....which is more than double of what it was on March 20.   Several new feet of snow up on Palmer.  Even some snow in Govy......and at MHSSC lodge.   Summer snow looks WAY MORE BETTER than it did before all these storms started rolling in.  We are still in a wet cool weather pattern, so hopefully we'll keep getting the white stuff, so we can get thru august.  only time will tell for sure. 
Bad news:  I don't know any details, but I was told that Camille from Timberline was let go from her job, weeks short of 20 years of service.  I haven't talked to Camille personally yet, so don't know much more to tell you.  (not an april fools joke)
Other MHSSC staff updates: 
Scotty Veenis finished 12th in the Men's Slalom at U.S. Nationals a few days ago.  And he followed that up with an 11th place showing in the Men's slalom!  He's fast!  
From Andrew Lynn:  Thought I;d give you a heads up on a movie I am working on... The trailer is online: http://www.stillweridethemovie.com
Other than that, still working with youth at the public access TV station in NYC
Brandon Sequoia Rothauge is taking his snowboard skills to High Cascade Snowboard Camp this year.  In Brandon's words:
 You and your camp updates have been the underlying spirit of MHSSC for as long as most of us can remember, and it's part of why I am so out of sorts about my intended move to High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  I should be excited, and I am, but I am going to miss being a part of the amazing family at MHSSC! .  The staff of High Cascade just bought the camp back from Vans recently, so it's an exciting time to be getting involved with the camp, giving someone ambitious and eager and yet very inexperienced like myself a chance to learn and grow and definitely
feel a sense of ownership for the direction and success of the camp in the future.  I'll still be a part of the Mt. Hood family, and I definitely plan to visit and be an integral part of further developing a positive mutual relationship between HCSC and MHSSC, so you will be seeing a lot of me in the future!   Thanks to everyone at MHSSC for welcoming me and making me feel needed and good luck to all of you now and forever!  I'll see you all on the hill!!  Have a great Spring and Summer!!
Brandon Sequoia Rothauge
From Paige Heller:
I hate to rub it in but we've had close to 450" at the Arizona Snowbowl this year. I am the proud owner of several first decents in the AZ backcountry - not because I'm cool or anything, just because lines have filled in like few have seen before.... I've attached a couple photos - one of me skiing from the summit of Humphreys Peak and another I took while skiing a crazy narrow lava flow remnant that felt like a slot canyon... Never would have dreamed places like this existed in Arizona (with snow anyway).  School is going great - just six more weeks of classes, then a year of internships and I will be a physical therapist! (provided I pass the board exam...) thanks for all your effort keeping in touch, and sorry that AZ has taken all the snow that usually belongs to the NW!
From Britta Sorensen:
Skiing lots (lots of snow) and running a ton.  I am training for my 3rd marathon (San Diego on June 5th) and I will also start training for my first triathlon within a few weeks.
My last camp e-mail update had a movie quote trivia quiz.  The winner goes to Craig Bowden:  He answered 10 out of 10!   Rogan and Baldwin tied for 2nd place with 9 correct answers.
Movie quotes, followed by the correct answers:
1.  "Don't cross the streams...........it would be bad" - Ghostbusters
2.  "yo Adrian" - Rocky 2
3.  "no wire hangers.......EVER" - Mommy Dearest
4.  "1.21 gigowats" - Back to the Future 1
5.  "you are so money, and you don't even know it" - Swingers
6.  "Luke, I'm your father" - Empire Strikes Back
7.  "Julia Goolia?" - Wedding Singer
8.  "you're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?" - Beverly Hills Cop
9.  "Dad.......bob broke your beer" - Strange Brew
10.  "like that guy that invented the pet rock.......you see, that's what you gotta do" - Office Space
From Jeff Moore:  Jeff helps me with video at MHSSC:
 I enterted a short edit to the Cold Smoke Awards in Bozeman, MT about a month ago and the awards happened
last night (Saturday). Me and my friend Andy went up there because they told us that it would be worth our
while. So there we are, nominated for best powder. Chan-ching. The golden snorkle award is ours, along with a new par of 193 Head Monsters which are 103 under foot. The we get nominated for best huck. One of our friends, Julian Carr, decided to jump off of a 140 foot cliff, and ski away. So we won that too. We also won the Cold Smoke Film of the Year award. We scored $600 and it was presented by the Conrad Anker (spelling?) guy. He's was Alex Lowe's partner for a long time and after Alex died he married his wife. He's hardcore. So now you can say that you have an
award winning filmmaker shooting video for you
From Seth Cronin-Wilton:
finished law school last year.  Clerking for a judge in Denver right now, waiting on bar results...should be out in a month or so.  The clerking is a good time, it is criminal court so there are a lot of interesting folks rolling through.


April 17, 2005 update
Helloooooo Newman.....Camp update:  It's still snowing up there on Palmer.   The pacific storms that started rolling in, on about March 24, haven't stopped.   Most of the snow that falls overnight in Govy melts within a day or two, but it's just getting deeper above Timberline lodge..What's new at camp?  Lodge #2 is getting some attention these days.  Terry McLeod came this past week to work on the foundation footings.........assisting Terry was Mike, Rust, and snowboard coach Luke......The inspector came twice and I think left satisfied with the progress after his 2nd visit.   Those guys had to work in snowy cold muddy conditions, while I was in the warm cozy lodge answering the office phone.   The new cleaning ladies cleaned the kitchen like it's never been cleaned.  They were scrubbing places that probably have never been scrubbed.  When you cooks show up in June for session 1, you won't recognize the place.   Nick Colavito has also returned to MHSSC after his season of competing and coaching down in California, and at Nationals in Colorado.

Staff updates:
From Chelsea Stamer:
I'm moving to Wyoming in early May, to live with my mom. I'll have a home base in Jackson!! Talk about some really awesome winter breaks! Anyway so that's where I will be and I am also transferring out to Montana State University in Bozeman. This should be an adventure for me, but I am excited! Oh and I am really looking forward to coming out to MHSSC for yet another summer. 
From Craig Bowden (Craig wants you guys to send some favorite blue bus memories.  Craig's idea is to put together some of the best Blue Bus stories in a book or post them on the walls of the bus.)  Craig hopes to resurrect the blue bus and drive it to "burning man" in late summer 2005. 

ahhhh, yes, the blue bus... 

i have been pretty busy this winter - ski season has been pretty epic - and i haven't done much of anything with the Blue Bus.  i bought my burning man tickets and scan the JRS for DMV updates, but not much else.  however, i am still committed to bringing the bus to Black Rock City!  i see its trip into the Deschutes river as its baptism and re-birth into the burning man world.  the bus has a lot of history and a spirit that will never die.  (for those of you unfamiliar with this story, shoot me an email.)


soon i'll be hanging up the skis and pulling out my playa-dust covered camping gear.  looking at my summer plans, the earliest i can get to Hood River, OR, for an extended period of time to work on the bus is mid-august.  my timing will be very tight and the work load huge.  hopefully, we can gather the troops and all get this thing together before then.


first, it would be great to get a handful of us to visit with the Blue Bus early on during the summer to get it road-ready.  this may require getting a preliminary budget together.  we’ll need to:

  • make sure it runs and that it is street legal
  • get registration / insurance lined up
  • transfer the title

fortunately, as long as we pull most of the seats out, we will not need any special license to drive this thing.  i don't imagine we will have too many seats in this thing.  i see soft fluffy couches and silly sparkles.  knobby egg crates.  mmmm.


once the blue bus is up and running, we should put together a budget and work on the design.  once we have a design, we can submit an application to the Department of Mutant Vehicles - http://forms.burningman.com/dmvq2k5/.  this is due by July 15.  other info is at http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/dmv_2004.html.


something we may want to consider is driving it down to SF so more people can be involved with the project.  it would require finding a piece of land to park it on and a couple of daring test pilots to give it its first real ride from Hood River to SF.  mid-summer Blue Bus prep parties would be a blast!!!


as long as we get the guts of this thing together, anything is possible...

  • interior lounge/bar
  • 2nd floor stage
  • large shade structure
  • generator(s)
  • sound system
  • lighting

one option i have been considering is adding the element of fire into this project.  a man in Hood River has done several large scale art projects with fire for burning man.  it might be fun to see if this guy would be willing to give our bus some flare, if you know what i am saying.


obviously, if we get a stage together, we would need performers.  it would be awesome to find a handful of performers and artists that could perform and help with the design of the sound system and stage.  bands, djs, fire spinners, etc.


we'll need ideas for the exterior or even a general theme.  cover the thing in glow sticks or stuffed animals or turn it into a giant smurf.  (thanks davey.)  the only guideline that we need to follow is to keep part of the Blue Bus blue.  this is per request of the Mount Hood Summer Ski Camp director and long-time owner of the Blue Bus, Mike Annett.  he has been somewhat of my adventurous mentor.  back in the day, i imagine he was probably on par with Hunter S Thompson.


so, anyways.  let me know if and/or how you would like to help with this thing.  feel free to send this email to anyone you feel would be interested in getting involved with this project.  (or if you are on this mailing list and want off, let me know, you fool.)  some people have already contacted me about donating disco balls and speakers.  much appreciated!!  i like flashy things and music.




cmac2000degreesF (aka aqua man)

From Jenn Otten:
update to blog.
send books
From Jamie Hinderliter:
Hello again all! Hope everyone is doing well.  It is getting cold here in Dunedin--I am a bit jealous of those of you who are in the northern hemisphere who are or will soon be enjoying spring, whereas I arrived here at the tail end of summer and am now experiencing a cold fall.  Only one fall/winter after this one before I see spring again! In other news, Shannon and I went on our second field trip for our geology mapping class.  We spent a little time in Fiordlands, but were mostly just to the east in nearby Borland.  We got to stay in sweet chalets and the camp we
were at had a playground, which was awesome.Before I left the US, I had heard that the kiwis are crazy, but to me, they mostly seem normal.  The kiwi geology students are a bit intense, but cool nonetheless.  However, I have met a few particulary bloaky kiwis.  I have now, on multiple occasions asked kiwis to put away their knives inside of moving
vehicles.  On one occassion it went well, on the second, quite a bit worse.  James (large red-headed, beer-drinking, rugby-playing bloak) was playing with his pig-hunting knife in the van on a bumpy road.  Now this van was set up so
that two of the rows faced each other (one of the rows faced towards the rear of the van) and I happened to be sitting so that I faced James.  To make a long story short, I asked James to put away his knife as it made me
uncomfortable, he thought I was being ridiculous as did another one of the kiwi girls and continued playing with it, trying to get a rise out of me.  I ignored them all, got carsick from sitting backwards on a bumpy road sitting across from Shanky McGee and ended up experiencing perhaps the most awkward van ride of my life.  But James (AKA Shanky McGee) apologized a few days later and now Shannon thinks he has a crush on me.  So I've got that going for me. As soon as we returned from our field trip, Shannon and I went with my flatmates to the west coast (AKA the wet coast) for a few days in the bush for Easter break.  We have referred to our trip as "Two Kiwis, Two Irish and Two Americans".  By the time we arrived on the first day it was too late to do the 18km hike in, so we visited the Fox Glacier, which was pretty cool, and then camped at the trailhead.  Keep in mind, my flatmate, Joe, has never tramped before.  Shannon, Emma and myself slept in the tent with him on the first night and he woke us up in the middle of the night flailing all 6'4" of his lanky body, claiming that there was a rat in the tent and that he had been
bitten.  He then changed his story to say that it was a opossum, and considering that his feet were right next to my head, (he can be annoying so the girls were sleeping in a way to be as far away as possible), I told him that was ridiculous, that I would have noticed a opossum next to my face.  He then proceded to shine a headlamp in our eyes for a few minutes, searching frantically and talking very loudly.  Then we were finally allowed to resume our rest.
We expected rain for the three days of our tramp, so we were delighted when the weather cleared up late afternoon of our first day.  From that point on our tramp was pretty nice--minus the sandflies and constant wet feet from
fording stream after stream on the first day.  There were hotpools at the hut which were awesome, but enjoying them during the day was almost impossible because of the ravenous, ankle-biting sandflies.  Have I mentioned the
difference between backpacking in the states vs. NZ?  Fording rivers is a highly common practice--especially on the first and last days of tramps, making it virtually impossible to have dry feet at any point.  I also think most of the trails in NZ are designed for average Kiwi height--which is actually about 5'9", making me pretty much a midget here, so for me, tramping is like climbing a ladder that stretches for kms and kms. Well if you've read this far, congratulations.  I am working on putting more pictures up on the web--they are at
http://community.webshots.com/user/hinderjm in the geology and welcome flats albums.  Hope everyone is doing well, and it's always great hearing from all of you!  To all you cyclists--good luck in the upcoming weeks and keep me
posted!  Jamie


Session 1, 2005 update

Hi all, We had a challenging first week of camp for the beginning of summer 05.   38 campers, 6 1/2 coaches (Brandy was added mid-week), 2 counselors, 3 cooks, 2 videographers, 1 office boy, and 1 camp director were there to experience week #1.   Monday, Thursday and Friday we were above the clouds, had excellent training.  Tuesday and Wednesday were rough weather days.......no lifts running.  Tuesday we trained on the magic mile via 2 snowcats in the wind/fog/rain.......about 2/3 of the kids stuck it out and got in a decent day of training.  Wednesday it snowed about 6 inches of  wet heavy slop on top of the old slop........which made the conditions not safe, especially without access to any salt.........so we bailed and took 2/3 of the kids to the coast for one day surf camp while the other kids went indoor rockclimbing and to a movie.    The low snow year was more than evident on the magic mile.  Day 1 we were carrying our skis up the magic mile...........they did push snow on the top ramp though so we could ski off the lift the rest of the week...........You can still ski down the mile canyon at the end of the day, but it isn't ideal.  It's decent for the first 1/2 mile, then really narrow for a couple hundred yards to where the snow stops (about a 5 minute walk to the parking lot).........just about everybody is choosing the download technique vs skiing down........in an average year, we usually don't start downloading until mid-july or so.   The snow on palmer is pretty good..........there are some rocks sticking out on about lane 10.   How long the snow lasts this summer, only time will tell.   The mountain is pretty much deserted this time of year.  Just our camp and the tichy camp have been on the hill thus far.    Yesterday I heard a rumor from the Tichy lane that Osama Bin Laden was captured.......so I quickly spread that rumor to the rest of the crew via radio........only to learn that it was false.   don't shoot the messenger!   
time for a new paragraph...........because of our screwy wednesday coast trip day, we had picnic on thursday.  The picnic offered a new event:  picnic fight club.  some of the campers went at it.......mostly wrestling stuff, and a few shots to the ribs........nothing too violent.  Nick was referee.  no blood, no foul.    On the picnic basketball court, I was able to make a few bank shots and win the 3 person H-O-R-S-E tournament.  It was $1 per person, winner takes all......like taking candy from a baby.  My opponents (suckers) were Nolan and Scotty.   Later that night, I was able to sink the 8 ball at Charlies on the pool table to win another $1 buck from Scotty.   I have no skill at pool so I have to say it was luck.    We skied until 2:30pm on Thursday (lifts run 8am to 2:30pm this time of year).....I can't remember the last time we skied that late into the day. 
other random things.........Tim Feeney has seen the new star wars movie twice already (including one of those midnight opening night showings a couple weeks ago)..........he said he almost went down to see it a 3rd time.   Jeff Moore got a black eye when his surfboard whacked him.   Nick Colavito had 14 snowboard racers in his group last week......I think that is the camp record for snowboard racers in a given session in camp history.   We captured (and released) 2 chipmunks and a giant squirrel in Brandy's catch-and-release trap..........we spray painted each one different colors so we can determine if we keep catching the same ones........this weeks colors:  one chipmunk is pink, one is green, and the giant squirrel is yellow.  The giant squirrel finished eating the bait after his capture (chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter on it)..........  We only had one female staffer last week:  ChelsiEmily showed up on friday afternoon and was put to work immediately with a hospital run for a girl camper who injured her leg when her younger brother kicked her in the shin (ouch!)    This is Rogan's 18th year at camp.  He's working the first 3 sessions.   This is Bill Whalley's 8th year as a counselor.......we think it's the record number of years for a mhssc counselor.   Darren Owen designed the official camp t-shirt this year......they come in white or navy blue.......logo looks great.  there was other stuff that happened at camp I was gonna write about, but I'm drawing a blank........so I'll end it here. until next week.........
p.s.  former staffer Ryan Zacharia recently found an old MHSSC paycheck that he never cashed.........from the year 2001. hahahaha.   He's wondering if he can still cash it...........He found it while cleaning his room.  


Session 2, 2005 update
Hi kids,2 sessions down, 12 to go..........well 12 more sessions in an ideal world of non-melting palmer snowfield.   What happened session 2?   I offered $1 to Nolan Willard (camp cook) to eat two bites of milk soaked cheerios that were sitting in a bowl in the dining room dishes tub ALL DAY LONG.  He took me up on that offer and came very close to vomit world.   But he got his dollar.   Terrain Park digger staff Thomas O'Rourke dislocated two of his fingers when he landed wrong after hitting one of the big jumps in the terrain park.  He did self cure by pulling his fingers back in place (sounds painful)........Asian tourists mobbed counselor Emily Longfield at the top of the magic mile chair posing with her for many photos.   Palmer chairlift broke down Thursday morning........Timberline brought up 3 snowcats for up-hill transportation until they got the lift running again (around 11am).......They had 2 ride-inside cats, and one cat that had the t-bar like rope/paddles that pulled 10 people at a time up the hill.  Worst case scenario is when a guy up front of the rope, eats crap and takes out the people behind him.........that happened!  Rogan and Rust had to do major spread eagles to avoid serious knee injuries as camper after camper slid thru their legs during the gaper-fest crash.  (me without my camera!).........We had 4 1/2 days of sunshine despite a sketchy weather forecast prediction at the beginning of the week.  Friday the fog rolled in mid-day.   We actually skied 3 inches of new relatively light powder on monday morning........it was sweet!   I teamed up with Tim Feeney in a dart match at Charlies on Wednesday night vs the team of Rogan/Scotty.  Team Rogan/Scotty had a HUGE lead, when I took over the match with 3 straight bulls eyes (I had great coaching by Tim Feeney......he kept saying "hit the bulls eye", so I was just following orders).........the action moved over to the pool table when Rogan won the game with one strike of the ball on the break as he sank the 8-ball.   Lots of staffers showed up the last couple of days:  Greg Curran, Shawna & Fritzy, newbie counselor Jay Panther, Mike Syrovatka......Videographer  Jeff Moore got a phone number from the cute female lift operator.  way to go Jeff!   Bill Whalley had laser eye surgery on Tuesday.  I think his eyes are still in the healing stage, not quite 100% yet.  Speaking of Bill Whalley, he corrected me from the last update.........he's been a camp counselor for only 7 years (not 8, like I had written).........Vance and Eva are headed to Norway this month and then come back for Stefan's wedding.  Yes, Stefan Lemley is getting married!   where does the time go?  I swear he was just 2 and a half years old, in diapers pounding rocks in the dirt at smith rocks with John Mulligan.   Former staffer Britta Sorensen finished her 3rd marathon this past Sunday in San Diego in 3:55:02.  way to go Britta!    John Rust betted me $1 that Reno, Nevada is further west than Los Angeles, CA.  I lost $1.   that's all I got.

Session 3, 2005 update

Helloooo Newman, We dodged some sketchy weather predictions last week to get in all 5 days of training on Palmer.   We had a mix of fog, rain, snow, and even 1 sunny day.   70+ campers last week.........goes to 130 or so this coming week.  With not much snow in the mile canyon, about 95% of the people skiing/snowboarding choose to download the magic mile at the end of each day.  I waited 36 minutes to download the magic mile on Wednesday......longest wait since the days of the old double chair magic mile (pre 1993)........The download line is sure to get worse on some days as it gets really busy on the hill in late June and most of July.   Someone could make some decent money selling concessions while people wait to download......."popcorn, peanuts, crackerjacks"........."snowcones"........."beer"...........The "run with Mike Annett at the camp picnic" event is gaining momentum.   I saw several staffers on the running trail thru the woods at wildwood park including Shawna, Fritzy, Feeney, Emily L., Chelsea, and 12-week Dave.   Dave put me to shame as he lapped me on lap #4.   New coach Phillip "Wink" Maslow performed the first zip-line rescue of the year under the supervision of Terry McLeodWink was a camper for several years and has now graduated to coach status.  We now have a staff wall of fame set of photos in the dining room..........we have pictures of all staff members so kids can learn names of their coaches, counselors and cooks when they arrive at camp.   At least 1/2 the staff members have told me they didn't like their picture......so far nobody has painted mustaches or other facial hair on any of the photos with a sharpie...........its just a matter of time.   We now have high speed satellite internet on that previously dreadfully slow computer in the dining room.   I haven't been on that computer to give it a review yet........also Satellite TV was hooked up in the Rec room in the basement.......speaking of the basement, the chipmunks seems to enjoy the 12-grain bread over the other bread choices offered.   Surf camp is back..........Bill and Nick took about 10 of the camper stay-overs to the oregon coast for 2 days of surf camp.  Barrett Stein says "hi"............he's spending the summer in Australia this year.  He'll be back at Telluride next winter......   www.telluridemtnschool.com Former staffer Bryan Rooney turns 30 this tuesday.......happy birthday Rooney!   the end

Session 4, 2005 update

Hey! On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd rate last week a "7".  We had sunny weather 4 of 5 days.  There was a tornado warning in the cascades on Sunday arrival day.  Because of the large size of camp (130+ campers) we had to do the orientation meeting up at the soccer field as the dark clouds above threatened to do something........but it was all for not.  A few lightning strikes down in the valley, but that was about it.  We had 14 race coaches last week spread over 3 lanes.  7 of the race coaches were brand new to MHSSC.   The lift lines were huge monday/tuesday.  Some kids made only 5-6 runs the entire day.  But the snow is holding up pretty good.  No sign of rocks yet in lanes 5-6.  And you can still ski about 1/2 way down the mile at the end of the day.....it's about a 10-15 minute walk to the parking lot from where the snow ends.  Much quicker than dealing with huge download lift lines at 12:30pm.   The terrain park on lower palmer is holding snow, but starting to look August brown color.  There was a Jon O'Brien sighting on Palmer last week. Jon is coaching a group of Utah athletes up there.  Other former staff news:  Bryan Rooney is getting married to longtime girlfriend Anneliese in Vail, CO in late July.  Congrats Bryan!    Craig Bowden got a new coaching job at Rowmark ski academy in Utah.  Here's a link:  http://rowmark.org/ski.program/staff.bios.php    Jocke Nord says "hi" to everyone.....in his words: "Right now I'm working with this student summer project in statoil, exploring a new group dynamic work method." The camp counselors got an official white water rafting training session on Monday afternoon given by rafting guide/race coach Eva Gonzales.   Eva also went with the campers on Tuesday's raft trip and gave the safety talk to the kids.  Before that safety talk, I thought rafting safety was:  "wear your life jacket".........."hold onto your paddle if you fall out"........and "go feet first if you are going down the river solo"..........good to hear from a professional the right way to do it.  Some staff birthdays coming up:
Former counselor Britta Sorensen has a birthday this coming Wednesday. (33)
And yes, it's my turn to turn 40.  The big four oh. Next Saturday, July 2...send gifts.......I need a new car.  If everybody pitches in..........actually I like my old car even though it left me stranded on highway 26 near Sandy on the way to camp last sunday.........but it was a nice day, I have towing insurance, so it wasn't too much drama.  I followed it up three days later by locking the keys in the car in the timberline parking lot and leaving the lights on, all in one swift motion of shutting the locked car door.   Lesson for you all..........put a hide-a-key on your car..........it can save the day........and also it's good to have jumper cables in your car.......(thanks for the jump Terry!)........and for you MHSSC super old-timers, I still have that red VW bug....and it does run.....barely.  Kingsland, wanna fix it up for me?  We might have 3 counselors named "Emily" starting this week........what are the odds of that?  We'll also have 3 "Mike's" around next week........oops, make that 4:  Mike Annett, Mike Syrovatka, Mike Hay, and Mike Evian.  It's almost time to vote for MHSSC employee of the month for June 2005.  You can vote by replying to this e-mail, or you can vote in person at camp this week.  Rules:  ineligible are Mike, Lynne, and Robin.........and please don't vote for Lenny S.........he isn't even at camp yet.  that's all for this week.


June 26, 2005 email from Terry McLeod
Hello All,
If you read the email below you know that it will be Robins 40th birthday next weekend. Since Robin is the great glue that holds together both the current staff and the alumni of "planet Annett", it seems honorable for us to go the extra mile and give him something special on this occasion.  I'm sure that he was joking when he said "send gifts", but I had the brilliant idea that if we all chipped in we could actually give him $1000 for his gift. I counted about 143 names on this email, so for around $7 each Robin would get $1000. Rather than try to coordinate this through a point man it's probably easiest to just send it straight to him and not worry about someone  taking a "commission" for their organization. Send it in a card or send it in a plain envelope, but don't leave him wondering why only 1 person sent him something marked "my part of your $1000 birthday gift". Don't worry if it's late; he knows that many of us are all over the place and it will just make his birthday last longer. Send it to Robin Cressy, PO Box  317, Government Camp. OR, 97028 or Robin Cressy, 2950 NE 23rd Street apt. 141, Gresham, OR 97030.  Don't delay...write the address on an envelope now while it's still here in front of you. Don't do it for me, do it for Robin.

Session 5, 2005 update
Hi Kids,  
NICK COLAVITO IS GETTING MARRIED ON 4TH OF JULY! Nick told me yesterday on the chairlift that he plans on marrying girlfriend Sabrina in Reno, Nevada on Monday, July 4.  Sabrina has a 2 year old cute-as-can-be-daughter.    Nick said 99% sure this was going to happen.  I'll follow up next weekend with this breaking story. Employee of the month for June 2006 goes to MHSSC cook Elliot Halverson!   Elliot does a great job in the kitchen.  Mike Annett told me this yesterday about Elliot:  "Elliot makes my job easier".............Congrats Elliot.  You win a free trip to Hawaii, $10,000 cash, and you double your salary.........see Mike for details.   Others receiving multiple votes for EOM:  Bill Whalley, John Rust, Jay Panther, Darren Owen, Tim Feeney, Wink Maslow, Jeff Moore, Shawna Riley, and Emily Longfield...........And another 10 staffers received 1 vote.  That means a lot of people must be doing a great job.  Snowboard coach Luke Wendel got his car towed from the Timberline parking lot on monday.  The road crew was repainting the yellow line down the t-line parking lot, set up some cones to discourage people from parking on the yellow line.....In my judgement (and Luke's judgement)  the cones weren't a big enough notice to say "don't park here".....Luke had a $250 fee to get his car back.  ouch!    We had 160+ kids at camp last week.   It was raining sunday night for Orientation, so we couldn't meet on the soccer field for Mike's big camp meeting.......so the snowboarders/freeskiers met in the basement as coach Chris Hargrave did the basement meeting..........and Mike did his usual meeting in the dining room with all the ski racers.  Videographer Jeff Moore was inches away from being hit with an errant ski that went flying thru the air over his head, when one of the racers wrecked hard just above where he was filming.   Should videographers wear helmets?   Bill Whalley video taped one of the best MHSSC wrecks I have ever seen on Friday in the terrain park.  His skier did a crazy cartwheel looking jump landing super awkwardly........he broke his arm in two places.  This kid told me it was the 3rd time he's broken his arm.   The first sign of rocks are showing up near the top of lanes 5-6...........lift lines have been long......monday we had very wet mist going on.....(is there such thing as "dry" mist?)............Tuesday, fog in and out.......the rest of the week was sunny and nice.   I won $6 from a camper in two games of "H-O-R-S-E"..........but then this same kid beat another kid in HORSE for 10.......so he came out ahead $4.  He told me he has a gambling problem.   I made it to age 40 today..........technically I think I was born around 2pm, pacific daylight time, so I'm still 39 and a half for another 4 hours, 36 minutes.    I'm still out of the loop regarding all these $7 b-day gifts many of you have been mailing me (or delivering in person)........what's the deal?  I heard a rumor that Terry McLeod is the ring leader in all this.  I don't know what it all means (yet)......why $7?Some sent even more.   Bill Whalley gave me $6 and a box of chocolates.    I feel like I won the lottery.....and they are paying me in $7 increments.   Any suggestions on what to do with all this money?   (please don't say strip club)..........anyway, thanks so much for all the b-day stuff.  I'm a little embarrassed to be getting all this cash.    I plan on spending my b-day evening at the Portland blues fest down at Portland's Tom McCall waterfront park.  Blues fest is always a good event........If you have nothing going on tonight and are in the area, come on down.........7pm-11pm or so.  My cell: 971-570-3171.   We didn't plan an exact meeting time or place.........but I'll say 8pm by the furthest south end beer stand........if you were facing the river, it would be the furthest beer vendor to the right.  http://www.waterfrontbluesfest.com/  The blues fest website is a little confusing.........some stuff says "sold out"........ignore that........it's $5 to get in.  Good food, good music, good people watching.     Robin


Session 6, 2005 update
I still don't know for sure if Nick Colavito got married on 4th of July in Reno.  So far, I've only talked to his voice mail.  BUT...........someone did for sure get married on July 1:  Heidi Gamma is now off the market.  She married boyfriend Dan.  In Heidi's words:
some more details on our wedding: we got married on the 1st of july in Carlisle near Boston, Dan's home. we are going to live in switzerland, in my hometown Andermatt. Dan is building skis, big freeride skis made by hand. you can check out his homepage: www.birdos.com


Last weekend Darren Owen was traveling in a car with some buddies in Portland.  Their car was rear ended by a drunk driver traveling approximately 80 miles per hour.......Darren's car was going about 45.   From what I heard, this driver had 3 previous DUI convictions........there was a baby in his car........after he hit Darren's car, he sped off, pulled into a random driveway, grabbed the baby out of the car and headed toward his girlfriends house on foot, a few houses away down the street........There happened to be police officers on the side of the street that saw the whole thing.   Darren has been summoned to court as a witness.  Darren suffered some pain in his back and neck but was able to work this past week on the hill. 

On Thursday as we sat at the staff table after skiing, Emily Fitzgerald said "hey, there's a cow out on the highway".....yeah, some random big cow was strolling down highway 26 outside the lodge.  About a 1/2 dozen staff members ran out and chased it down the highway.  On Tuesday, some camper stood on the challenge course "leap of faith" for 45 minutes before finally jumping.  45 freakin' minutes!  It's hard to just stand on that thing for 10 seconds........I heard counselor Dave tried every possible coaxing skills to get this kid to jump.......Shawna Riley ate a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich for lunch.   On the 4th of July counselor Fritzy did his own firework show for the campers up on the soccer field.........We had 2 rain days this past session.  2 days of not even riding the lift up........I can't remember the last time we lost 2 days in a 5 day session.   On Wednesday's rain day, they took kids surfing at the oregon coast with Bill Whalley/Brian Seim, movies at the mall, smith rocks climbing with Rust/Florjan, and Terry took a van load to the sports club in Tigard.  Friday's rain day seemed to take forever.  We waited until 10am at t-line lodge before the Timberline officials finally told us to go home.......Then we gave the kids the option of paintball in Molalla Oregon, or movies.  There was a Chrissy Haas sighting at Charlies bar and grill on 4th of July.  Several staffers joined me at the blues fest to ring in my 40th b-day last weekend.  It was good clean fun.  (Satori)  .....and thank you all for all the b-day gifts!!   I'm thinking I should invest the b-day funds to a ski trip to Utah this winter.  Former mhssc cook Jeff Tait has made a MHSSC comeback!  Jeff is back at MHSSC coaching his team from Windham.  Jeff is back after a 9 year hiatis.  It was Kees Nederhand's birthday on Thursday.  If you didn't know, Kees Nederhand was a camper in 2002 who skied into the rocks on lower palmer and was killed.  Kees would have been 16 years old (I think) There is a memorial site near tower 8 on Palmer.  Brandy and some of the campers brought fresh flowers to the site.  Jamie Hinderliter is back in good ol' USA.  In her words:  Just wanted to let you all know that I have arrived back in America, safe and  sound (minus the small incovenience of being jobless).  I've finished putting up most of my pictures on the web:
http://community.webshots.com/user/hinderjm2   Vance Lemley is back from his trip to Norway.  In Vance's words: Just back from Norway.  What an awesome trip.  We went all the way to Russia.  We saw reindeer in the streets of some small villages and spent three days above the artic circle and 24hour daylight. Tom Sell is now coaching the US ski team.  In Tom's words:  I took a job with the men's world cup Sl/ GS squad. I started on the 1st.  The opportunity to work at the World Cup level is one I can't pass up.

Some former MHSSC staffers have birthdays coming up.
Tom Sell:  July something.........not sure.  the 9th?  anyway, happy birthday Tom
Trumbull Barrett:  July 10
Shannon White:  July 11.........Shannon will be 29. Happy birthday all! If you haven't done this already, please click on the link below and enter your birthday for me. Don't worry it is quick, and you don't have to enter your year of birth:-).   http://www.BirthdayAlarm.com/dob/6561296a5227229b408  Welcome new MHSSC staffers to the staff e-mail list:  Jeff Tait, Tommy Eckfeldt, Zeke Davisson, Leo Menard, Brien Seim.........and Tom Silva re-instated! 



Session 7, 2005 update
We are half way thru summer........at least on paper.   Will the snow last thru Sept. 3?  nobody knows for sure.  We had 150 or so campers last week........It drops to around 80 campers next week...........Then 40 the week after that..........and so on.....Our intention, as of now, is to continue camps till the bitter end.    High Cascade snowboard camp and Windells camps also are scheduled into the latter weeks of August, so that should motivate the people at Timberline to push snow where it's needed to keep the lift running.   Right now, skiing is great.  There are rocks in the usual places, but it's still excellent training, and we can still easily ski all the way to the bottom of Palmer.
  ..........Here's a few highlights from last week:  Jamie Hinderliter returned to camp to work for a couple of sessions.  She made a spectacular off-balance catch in right field at the picnic softball game.....Bill Whalley broke the 2 year old record distance basketball shot at the lodge this past week........he made a spectacular shot from the 3rd post on the catwalk,  breaking my old record from the 2nd post.........Jeff Tait was determined to break the record from the 4th post with about a hundred attempts, but was only to hit the rim a couple of times.   Counselor Jay Panther got a wicked bad bloody nose on the hill on friday.........so much blood = dripping from his nostril, that he was almost able to write his name in blood on the snow.  (all caught on video).......Nick Colavito did indeed get married on July 4.   Congrats Nick It's not nice to kick someone =hen they are down........but..........here's a story from last week. (Keep in mind, I only heard this stuff 2nd hand, so the accuracy of the story might not be completely true) We had a terrain park digger, age 17) on our staff that continued to get in all kinds of trouble during his 3-4 week era at MHSSC ( i.e. smoking pot, drinking alcohol, being rude, etc.)......anyway, Mike wanted him out of =amp in a timely manner.........the kid refused to leave campus......So Mike came to the staff dinner table and asked Sage and 12-week Dave to:  "I need you guys to help remove Bob (not his real name) from the property"..........so Mike's newly appointed body guards went outside to help with the situation........."Bob" ran up to the soccer field..........Mike confronted him by saying "Bob, you've been in trouble since you got here........you were caught drinking and smoking pot last week"......and Bob's response was "no, I did not get caught drinking"..........anyway, Mike called his parents and soon thereafter he was escorted to the portland airport. And Scotty told me this story about white water rafting last week...........On their way back from rafting, one of the kids decided to toss his bologna sandwich out the bus window at a car traveling in the opposite direction.  This kid had good sandwich tossing skills as the sandwich almost hit the driver in the side of the head........the angry driver turned his car around and chased the bus down..........Scotty, the bus driver, was unaware of anything that happened and couldn't figure out why this guy was tailgating the bus.........anyway, Scotty finally pulls the bus over and the kid was busted...........I think they made him do camp dishes as part of his punishment. former mhssc staff updates:

From John Rusten (not to be confused with John Rust):  I just graduated from Middlebury College (finally) and have taken a job in the financial branch of New York Life Insurance company...the idea of punching numbers into a calculator all day sounds awesome I know.  Other than that I'm just trying to get myself situated in the city...which means adjusting to a life with no real physical activity.
Tory Amorello
says "hi" to everyone.  She misses camp and is recovering from a bout with mono and hopes to maybe come back to camp next summer.
The tough part of summer is over.........we had 4 HUGE sessions in a row (140-170 campers per week).............as Mike said "we can do 80 campers in our sleep"............the staff is getting smaller starting this week............ former staffer (late 80's) Kathy Penney (Bonner) celebrates her 33rd birthday on July 21.  Happy birthday Bonner!  thats all for this week. Robin
p.s.  somebody broke Bill Whalley's blender in the camp kitchen.........anyone wanna confess?  I'll pitch in $5 for a replacement....oh yeah, wait!...........there's more:  the infamous "Emily Questions" return............what are Emily questions?  Random thought provoking questions to ponder that challenge your morals, beliefs, etc..........feel free to reply back with your answers or keep them to yourselves.  Some of these are pretty gross.......so consider this part of the newsletter as "Rated R"
Emily Questions:
1.   For $497.80, would you shit off the chairlift on a busy saturday at beaver creek?
2.  Would you have sex in a gondola @ Silver mountain for free?
3.  Would you date an 18 year old camper if you thought you were destined to be together forever?
4.  Would you drink 12 shots of Tequila then drive down Timberline road (by yourself) at 12:45pm (when's it's most busy) for $1,964.00?
5.  Would you fill all the napkin holders at camp 7 days a week for a $30 per week raise?
6.  Would you experience being paralyzed (from the neck down) for 1 week just for the experience?
7.  Would you let Tommy Eckfeldt t-bag you for $400?
8.  If you had to go rafting 3 days a week for 14 sessions, would you continue to work at MHSSC?
9.  Would you rather be blind for 3 years or deaf for 5 years?

Session 8, 2005 update
Timberline closed for the year yesterday.........NOT.  But the rumors of Timberline's closing date are running rampant.  I'm jumping on Mike's statement:  "we'll have camp thru Sept. 3".......Actually Timberline did close yesterday........but just for the day.  There were significant lightning storms putting on a pretty good show Friday morning on the mountain.   So we immediately went to rain day plan "C"......which is Movies in Portland, paintball, and surf trip to the coast with Bill Whalley.   Lightning struck the magic mile chair torching some fuses and causing repairs to be necessary (bad English?)  It was very hot mid week.........Even to the point of me stripping down to shorts thursday morning at 9am up on the glacier.  More warm weather is in the forecast this coming week.
Bill Whalley's
basketball distance record shot accomplished last week was SHATTERED on Thursday by stud of the week Jay Panther.  Bill set the record last week with a swish from the 3rd post on the lodge catwalk.  About a 1/2 dozen staffers were making multiple attempts at the record from the 4th post...........when Jay decides to chuck one up from the 7th post.......SWISH!   For those of you that don't know Jay, he's a newbie staff member this year......counselor/freestyle coach.  He finished 10th at nationals in moguls last winter.......and this week he decided to try ski racing for a couple of days.  He was shinning slalom gates in his first attempt.   I'm pretty sure he's already faster than me thru a slalom course after one day of training.   Video man #2 Jeff Moore put together an awesome resume video for Jay to help attract sponsors.  The following staffers graciously contributed to the "replace Bill Whalley's broken blender" fund: Sage, Emily L., Greg Curran, Tim Silver, Brett Andrews, Jason Hey, and 12-week Dave.  Mark Stegall, snowboard coach, is scheduled to make his MHSSC comeback this coming session.  Chris Hargrave is taking a snowboard trip south of the equator for a couple weeks, so Mark will help fill the void.  12-week Dave spooned last session.  Whom did he spoon with?  I don't know.  Jeff Moore got a significant hair cut last week.  And Fritzy shaved his face........I don't recognize him anymore.  Jeff Moore squirted me with a squirt gun on monday........and 10 seconds later I destroyed his toy gun.   So if any of you decide to squirt me with a squirt gun, expect similar results.   Scotty Veenis trained all week with his Park City teammates, including world cup slalom fastest 2nd run @ Kitzbuehel Ted Ligety.  Both those guys ski wicked fast.    

Former staffer news:
Maja Kvopkova
had a baby girl on July 15!  Congrats Maja!!!!!!  In her words: I graduated from SNC in May 2002, got married to Valerian Gornyitzki in May 2003 (he is also from Slovakia, he works here in Carson City, so we live in
Tahoe area still). The biggest news: We had our first baby girl last Friday! Yes, Anna Valeria Gornyitzka was born 15th of July at 11:07am; 19 inches; 7lb 5oz....She is doing well, so do I. Say hi to everybody in Govy and spread my great
news, that I am happy :-)

Jenn Otten is in China......in her words: hey...im in china...word! its wierd. 

The MHSSC picnic was in Hood River last session.  I played hooky..........I heard former staffer Holly Kasun showed up for a visit.  Sorry I missed you Holly!   And Vance Lemley is in town too visiting mom.  Florjan and Rust took him rockclimbing at area 51.....(alien's landed there?) Bryan Rooney's wedding is this coming Saturday in Vail, CO.   Hopefully he sends me a wedding photo that I can pass on.  From Barrett Stein in Australia: I skied a foot of powder today and will play golf tomorrow. The courses here suck, but they only cost 10$ australian dollars, about 7.50 US.  

p.s.  thanks again for all the birthday $$.......it's still rollin in 3 weeks after the fact..........


Session 9, 2005 update
Good evening, First of all, congrats to former staffer Bryan Rooney.  He got married today!   Send me a wedding pic Bryan.   Speaking of weddings, another former staffer, Troy Grace, also got married.  Troy worked at camp in the early 90's.  Ff you know Troy and want to see the wedding photo he sent me, reply back.  Troy is living in Southern Cal. We had 53 campers last week.........and 35 staffers!   I think we have 30 or so campers these next 2 weeks........and the number of staff goes way down starting tomorrow.   Mark Stegall made his MHSSC return this past week.   Mike Evian ate a piece of moldy bread for $2.  He said it tasted like bread......no big deal.   Some little kid spilled his waffle & bacon off his plate to the floor on thursday morning at breakfast.  He picked it back up, put it on his plate (syrup dripping everywhere), and I told him it's ok to throw that out and get another waffle......he said "5 second rule" and continued on with his breakfast.  Snowboard racer Jon Winslow was climbing around on the fireplace inside the shelter at the camp picnic on Wednesday.....he went to set his cell phone and keys on top, but there was a hole up there.......his keys and cell phone fell down the tiny hole....about 8 feet down.   After an hour or two, Bill Whalley was able to rescue the cell phone via a long stick, with two forks bent funny duct taped to the end of the long stick......he managed to stick the cell phone cover and pull the phone to safety.  The keys are still in the hole.  We might try using a magnet next week.   Counselor Brett Andrews attempted a 360 off the jump at the bottom of the mogul lane.....he landed 3/4 the way round, and did this spectacular crash off the side of the landing hill.........unfortunately the camera wasn't rolling.   I witnessed John Rust throw 10 bags of salt in a matter of minutes on Friday.   I wish I timed it.  You couldn't hand him bags fast enough.  We measured Jay Panther's basketball record shot at the lodge........His camp record shot was approximately 88 feet from the basket.   An NBA and NCAA regulation b-ball court is 94 feet long.........High School hoops gyms are 84 feet long.  I dusted off the hot dog machine that had been wasting away in the depths of the basement since the lodge was built (1997?)......and we served hot dogs as part of Thursday leftovers night dinner.   They were quite popular......you can only do 9 hot dogs at a time on this machine, and the first 9 were gone in under 8 minutes.    The snow finally melted at the very bottom of Palmer.  The snow ends about 50 yards short of the bottom loading ramp as of Friday afternoon.   Some of the girls from the U.S. ski team trained slalom on lane 1 last week.   Nolan tried eat a 12 egg omelet friday afternoon......it was too much food.  I beat Marjan in a couple games of "H-O-R-S-E" on Thursday...for $1 per game.  I ended up taking my $2 winnings to the kitchen when I dared Mike Evian to eat the moldy bread, as mentioned above.  So I broke even for the afternoon. Chris Hargrave is in Las Lenas right now on a snowboard trip.  In his words:

Las Lenas is amazing so far this has been a refreshing experience that I greatly needed.  There is plenty of snow and lots of terrain to ride in and out of bounds.  Even the park is fun.  On my way up to the mountian we stopped in a little town and ate the scariest food I have ever seen.  I managed to get it down but the dead pig carcasas hanging over my table made it real tough.  Former staffer Scotty Bell (a.k.a. "jr.") sent me this update last week:
I have been travelling through Australia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia for the last 3 1/2 months and have had an unreal experience.  I can't believe I am heading home in a couple weeks and have to go to school again.  You heard it back to school to get my masters in business at Denver University. I am excited to get a little direction in my life, but it is going to be hard to study again after having the most ridiculous year of my life.  Hopefully next summer I can make an appearance at Hood.  It has been a long time since I have been there and lets hope we get a little more snow next year.  thanks for the update and please say hi to everyone for me from Southeast Asia. 
9 sessions down, 5 to go.  It aint over till it's over. Robin

Session 10, 2005 update 
Good afternoon, 10 weeks down, 4 to go.  I still haven't seen Star Wars yet.  Session 10 was mellow.  3 race coaches (plus Tatsu), 1 mogul coach, 1 snowboard race coach, and 2 snowboard freeride coaches on staff last week.  The chairlifts open at 8am these days, so we added an hour of sleep to the schedule, which is nice.  The cook staff has shrunk to 1 person as of yesterday.  Nolan, the only cook left, is holding down the fort in the kitchen while Elliot is out of town for a week.  John Rust is headed to Smith Rocks for session 11 for Smith Rocks rockclimbing camp.  3 girls from Hood River signed up for smith rocks.  Rust is taking counselor Dave Curran with him for the week, leaving the counselor staff down to 3 next week.  Speaking of John Rust, he's the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH  for the month of July 2005!  Congrats John!   The voting was very close this past month......Bill Whalley took the Silver medal with Sage Dunham and Brett Andrews tying for 3rd place in the voting.  Feeney, Jay Panther, Darren Owen, Dave Curran, and Ryan Enfield all received multiple votes too.   Great job everybody!    Terry McLeod won a bike race last week against "the top group".  Terry races bikes 1-2 times a week in Portland.   Emily Longfield is good at ping pong.  She beat me.  dammit.  Actually we split 2 games, so no money exchanged hands.   Craig Bowden is currently in his car driving west.  He has a new job coaching at Rowmark ski academy in Utah.  He says that once he gets there, he immediately jumps on a plane to Chile for training with Rowmark.  Craig says "hi" to everybody.   I just learned that Lynne Annett retired from teaching this past spring!  Congrats Lynne!  I think I was the last person to know..........Lynne (and Mike) plan to travel a lot in her retirement........hang with the grandkids too.   I think she mentioned Hawaii and Brazil as trips to be had in the coming months.   Somebody put orange peel in Terry's backpack, and he didn't remember eating an orange for lunch.   Some of the coaches are beginning to download the Palmer chair at the end of the day.....It's about a 5 minute walk from the end of the snow on lower palmer to the top of the magic mile.   I've been to approximately 240 camp picnics, but I saw something new last week.  About a 1/2 dozen campers dressed up like nature (ferns and tree branches), and did weird stuff.......including chasing a deer across the softball field.

Video guy Jeff Moore just got back from Costa Rica......here's his story:
Hello! What a sweet trip. The six hour flight was a pain in my neck-back-ass... Then we had a two day jaunt down the coast (2 days because we kept stopping to surf and such) which ended on the Osa Peninsula in Southern Costa Rica at a very small beach called Matapalo. The surf was small the whole trip... it never got over chest high... but the waves were something out of a cartoon. The water was twice as warm as Hawaii, not refreshing at all. I was sweating in the ocean. A new experience for me. It was their wet season, but supposidly it was very dry... raining every day and such. There were hermit crabs all over the place. They act as the garbage disposal for the house. All the leftover food items are tossed over the snake barrier and munched on by the little devils. Very amusing. Have you ever seen a chicken carcass dissapear in 5 minuets? I hadn't until last week. Lots of beans and rice... lots of sleeping (I am very good at that) and lots of small surf. This morning we stopped in a small town on the central coast called Jaco (pronounced haco) and caught some medium sized surf. Out of the blue a perfect a-frame wave came right to me: I drop in, make my bottom turn and pull up the face into my cleanest tube ride in half a decade. And I came out of the tube too. I was glowing. No one but my sister and dad for miles... no other surfers, no one on the beach, and tons of butterflys migrating across the ocean surface. Perfect end to a sweet trip.
that's all for this week.  

Session 11, 2005 update
Here's your session 11, 2005 update: Yellow Jacket bees have taken over the camp.......yes, bees are running the camp.......they even go white water rafting.  Ok, they haven't really taken over, but there is a significant yellow jacket hive near the office trailer.   We called last week "nice camp".....everybody was "nice" to each other up on the hill, putting burnout on the back burner for a week.    Nolan was the only cook on staff last week..........he's been working 12-14 hour days, putting food on the table for 30+ people every meal.   Elliot comes back from his weeklong trip to the east coast, so perhaps Nolan can get a break this coming week.  We only have 3-4 campers signed up for session 12.........3 racers and a snowboarder.  Timberline closes the lifts on August 18, which gets us thru Thursday of this session.  Friday, we are hoping they will run snowcats for us.  More on that in next week's update.  Michelle Annett made a guest appearance at camp last week, as she and a friend joined camp for white water rafting day.   Emily Longfield did double duty last week, as she coached a group of newbie racers......John Rust took the week away from the slopes and traded it in for Smith Rocks rockclimbing camp.  Rust took 12-week Dave with a group of 3 camper girls to Smith rocks.......Rust varied up the trip........they met the MHSSC rafting crew on Tuesday for a trip down the Deschutes River........then he took the 3 girls to Frenchies Dome for climbing on Thursday, and finished up camping and climbing at Buleau (sp?) on friday.......... We took on a new female counselor this past week.....Caitlin Laman from Portland filled in for counselor Dave.   A raven hit Darren in the head as he was riding the palmer chair last week.   Tatsu's van grazed Emily's car up in the timberline parking lot.  Damage was minimal (I think).....With only 3-4 campers signed up this coming week, Mike took advantage of the empty lodge by renting some rooms to a high school x-country running team.  They are here to train on the surrounding trails.   I crashed the Martin Tichy wedding up at Timberline lodge this evening.  I wore a name tag that said "wedding crasher", which got some good laughs.  It was a beautiful wedding on the back deck of Timberline Lodge hotel with the sun shining on the mountain.  I didn't stick around for the reception as I didn't want to push my luck.   About 40-50 guests.  They have a fancy dinner going on now, and Feeney is wondering if the party will make it's way to Charlies later tonight. anyway, that's all I got for now. until next week........bu-bye


Session 12, 2005 update
Hi all, Robin Cressy here, from Mike's computer.  
Reminder:  I still can't send big group e-mails from my home computer because my internet provider SUCKS!  Here's your session 12 update:

Camp is over for summer 2005.  Yes, it's true.  For the first time in camp history, we shut down early.   The attached photo shows the palmer snowfield as it looked on Friday, the last ski day.  Actually the lifts closed on Thursday, but we hired Timberline to run a snowcat for our group of 3 racers, 1 snowboarder, coaches John Rust, Luke Wendel, Darren Owen, 2 camper-staffers and 1 video man (me)..........The snow is still good for training on the first couple of lanes.........they probably could have kept the lifts open if it was financially feasible, but there wasn't enough business up there to pay the bills.   A high school x-country running team rented the lodge last week as we had lots of extra room to spare.   They took advantage of all the trails in the area and got the benefits of running at altitude.   They even hired me ($5) to do some video of their athletes for video analysis purposes.   Another first at camp (I think it's a first anyway)  Mike wasn't at camp for over a 24 hour period.  In my 2 decades, I don't recall Mike ever missing a whole day, where he wasn't at camp for at least part of a day........until last week.  Mike traveled to Sunriver Oregon to watch Lynn, Jennifer and Michelle compete in a tennis tournament.   In fact, I think he was gone for a full 2 days!   A dog pissed on John Rust's backpack on the top of Palmer on thursday.....bad dog!  (sorry John, it was too funny not to mention).......Bill Whalley ate a tablespoon of cinnamon/sugar combo for a $2 payoff.   I also lost a $1 to Tim Feeney.  He bet me that I couldn't make 11 shots in a row on the broken b-ball bent hoop.......I blew it on shot #5.   But I got my $3 back with a game of HORSE with 2 campers and Bill Whalley.....to keep my undefeated streak of HORSE intact for the summer.   A european ski clothing company came to the top of palmer for a few days to do a photo shoot of their new clothing line.  They spotted our very own Emily Longfield at the top of palmer and asked her if she would be interested in some modeling work.  So she took advantage and got in a couple days work.......$50 per hour I think is what they paid her.  And no, she doesn't plan on making this a career choice.  Just about everybody on the staff has gone home.......Elliot left on Saturday.  Bill Whalley left on Sunday.  Feeney left today.  Fritzy is getting his car ready for a drive across the country......he's taking Nolan and Tommy with him......I think they are leaving tomorrow (tuesday) if he gets his car in order.   That leaves myself and Darren holding down the fort.  Terry is coming back to work on the new lodge next week........


Since camp ended early, you can now vote for the employee of the month for August.   To be eliglble to vote, you must have worked at camp during August 2005.  To vote, send me an e-mail on my home computer:   Don't reply to this message to vote because I'm writing this from Mike's office computer.   Ineligible to receive votes:  Mike, Lynne, Robin, John Rust.   If you have some favorite camp memories from this past summer that you'd like to share with everybody, send them to me at home: and I'll put them in the next newsletter.  Also, if you have suggestions on how you think we could improve camp, send them my way as well.   I think there are a lot of great ideas out there, so we need to hear from YOU.  
Session 13, 2005 update *note, there wasn't actually a session 13
Good evening. Here's what happened last week at camp.  As you read from last week's update, camp officially ended after session 12.   So what happens at ski camp when there is no ski camp?  NOTHING..........the end..........see ya next year.....bye. ok, some stuff happened.........I adopted hwy 26.........you know, the adopt a highway thing?...........when people or organizations pick up litter on a 2 mile section of highway in exchange for getting your name/company name on a highway sign, so people that drive by see how cool you are that you adopted a highway.........anyway, the MHSSC section of highway was long overdue for a cleaning, so I got out there and filled up 17 bags of garbage.......people chuck way more stuff  out their car window than I ever imagined.   17 bags of trash in 2 miles.........think about it!   Beer cans, big gulp cups, McDonalds wrappers, Doritos bags, cigarette cartons.........I found nothing of value.......no lost wallets or expensive jewelry...........so yeah.....adopt a highway was the highlight of my week of camp clean-up.  Darren stuck around too to help work on lodge #2.  He shoveled his ass off all week making the basement flat, readying it for the next step in the process (whatever that is?).........Fritzy was planning on leaving for home on Tuesday, but he had multiple car issues which delayed the start of his trip until Saturday........Fritzy had 3 passengers in his car for the cross country trip home: his dog Sara, Nolan and Tommy......so while they waited for Fritzy's car to get repaired, they spent the week perfecting their TV watching skilz, ping pong skilz, and hanging out and doing nothing skilz.   Fritzy's dog Sara spent some of her time last week terrorizing the local squirrels.   Mike and Lynne have been burning up the tennis courts with various local tournaments......they've made a couple trips to Sunriver, Oregon for some regional tennis matches. Lynne said they finished 2nd, so they didn't make it to Nationals that are to be held in Hawaii.   That's about it..........pretty quiet around here these days.  Terry came back this week to work on lodge #2 with Darren.   Government Camp is pretty much a ghost town.   The Hood to Coast running relay race was last friday, so the population of Govy grew by 10-fold for about 5 hours.   One more thing.........if you worked in the month of August, please vote for employee of the month for August.  Send your vote via e-mail to my home e-mail:  So far only 3 people have voted, so get busy and vote!  

Session 14, 2005 update
Hi kids, Hey check out the attached photo of Palmer Snowfield taken September 6.  Jeff Moore took this snapshot from the t-line parking lot.  Hard to believe we were skiing there just 17 days before this pic was taken.   I've only seen Palmer with less snow one time....and that was in the month of October  a couple years ago during another dry year.

A few housecleaning items to clear up before getting into the meat and  potatoes of the newsletter.  I know some of you have not received a MHSSC staff newsletter from me since session 9 or so.  At that time, my internet service provider changed their e-mail policy that restricted the maximum  number of people in a group e-mail was reduced to 25 people because of SPAM issues.  I now have 166 staffers from past and present on my current list, so when I tried to send  my camp updates to you 166 people, I'd get the
reject message:  "too many recipients"........Soooooooooooooo, for a few weeks, I tried sending updates from Mike's computer at the camp lodge. That worked for about 75% of you, but for some reason, the other 25% weren't getting the updates.  So here it is a month or so later, and my new strategy is to break up the 166 people into groups of 20, under the new max rule.......So instead of me sending this to one big group in one simple e-mail, I gotta send the e-mail to 9 different smaller groups..........get it?   If you didn't receive updates from sessions 10-13 and still want to read them, reply back and I'll resend them to you directly. Here's what happened session 14.  Ok, it wasn't really session 14, as there was no actual camp. (see attached photo to see why there was no camp)  But there were a few of us helping Mike and Lynne shut down for the summer. Terry came back to work with Darren up at lodge #2.  I don't think we've named the new lodge yet.  Or does it even get a name?  The entire campus is called "the Lodges at Salmon River Meadows".........So is it just "lodge #2"?  Should we have a "name the lodge" contest?  I think Windells snowboard camp has a building called "Bob".   Anyway, the new lodge is shaping up. They were doing work on the foundation, getting ready to do the cement floor I think.   Speaking of construction, I ran into former MHSSC coach Mike Byrne the other day.  He was doing masonry rock work in Govy.  Mike B. has left his imprint on several Govy buildings including MHSSC lodge #1.   Pierce Louis made a surprise visit during the last week of camp.  Pierce was there to pick up Craig Bowden's bicycle stashed away in the lodge.  Speaking of stashing stuff in the lodge, how many of you have ski gear or related stashed at the lodge.  Perhaps we should keep some kind of inventory list of what's there so we don't end up selling your gear at the ski swap or giving it to GOODWILL like we do with unclaimed items from the lost and found boxes.  Let me know if you have stuff at the lodge, and approximately where in the lodge it is.  For you snowboard era people, remember that coin change machine we had set up there?  Well it's one of the stashed items that's been collecting dust in the lodge basement since day 1, and I asked Mike if we should just chuck it?  He said "no", let's try to sell it..........It's so old, I know it wouldnt' know what to do with the new school dollar bills. Anyway, I got to thinking: hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder if anybody emptied the money from this thing 17 years ago, when it was last used"..........So I found the key, opened it up and money poured out!  Seriously!   $30.75 worth of quarters were in there.  The paper money tray was empty, but we had all those quarters.   We (Me, Terry, Darren) took the money and invested in a nice dinner with Mike and Lynne at Mt Hood Brewery. Charlies Pin update:  For you MHSSC super old timers, you probably didn't know that Charlies Bar in Govy offered a deal 5 years ago, where you can purchase a Charlies Pin for $50, and with that pin, everytime you come into Charlies, you get your 2nd drink for free.......one free drink per night. These pins expire on December 31, 2005......BUT.......those with existing pins can renew for another 5 years for the low low price of $75.  They are saying that if you wanted to renew and want to keep the same pin number, then you must tell Charlies your intentions before Nov. 1.  And for the newbie pin wannabe's, the price is $100. Former staffer Eric Baldwin says "WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN".   Eric recently had some skin cancer removed from his arm.  Eric says they got it all, and it's no big deal...... Employee of the month for AUGUST........Because several of you didn't get to vote because of my internet issues mentioned in paragraph #1, this is your last chance to vote.  If you worked at camp in the month of August, please vote for who you think deserves to win the award for August.   So far, the only people that have voted so far are:  Myself, Elliot, Jon Winslow, Nolan, Terry, Bill Whalley, and Darren.  If you voted but don't see your name there, then vote again......I probably accidently deleted your vote from my inbox.   Ineligible to receive votes:  Robin, John Rust, Mike & Lynne, so don't vote for them.   I'll accept votes until Tuesday Sept. 13.  so vote NOW!   Reply to this message to vote.  It's that easy. John Rust is now in Saas Fee Switzerland for Europe MHSSC camp.  John took two adult campers with him this year.   I'm hoping John sends me an update from Switzerland so I can keep you guys up to date. Last week, Darren and I went to watch Terry bike race in the Portland area Velodrome.   Cool thing to see in person.  The walls of that thing are WAY steep, so you gotta know what you are doing or you will eat shit!  And the bikes for this event have no gears or brakes.  So no coasting and no braking.   Terry was in the lead for a middle portion of the race.......he ended up finishing 4th that night. Jeff Moore made a short guest appearance last week.  He flew into P-town to pick up his new car and immediately drove to Mt Hood to take that photo
before heading to Utah.  Long day for Jeff.......went from Los Angeles to Portland to Timberline Lodge to Salt Lake City in one day. Craig Bowden is headed to Austria for training with Rowmark ski academy. Craig started his new coaching job just a few weeks ago, but has already travelled to Chile and now to Europe.  He's looking for housing in Salt Lake City in case any of you have connections. I wrote WAY too much. One last thing:  If you want to be removed from getting these camp update e-mails from me, let me know, and I'll nuke ya.  You aren't hurting my feelings if you want to be removed.

September 23, 2005 update
HEY! I haven't been at camp since Sept. 3, so I don't really have much actual MHSSC material to write about.  But here are a few nuggets of random stuff: If you live in Texas or Louisiana, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!  Another hurricane is about to hit you!  Don't you watch TV?   Big ass storm about to whoop your ass.   Were any of you on this MHSSC staff list affected directly by Hurricane Katrina?   If you have any Katrina stories or yet to be determined, Hurricane Rita stories that you'd like to share with the reading audience, send them my way.........Brad "Tex" Hatfield?  are you in a safe place?   Anyone pay $5 for a gallon of gas yet?  John Rust is back from the MHSSC Saas Fee ski camp in Switzerland.   John had 2 adult campers with him this year.  He said they had mostly good weather, losing 1 day of training due to inclement weather.   Rust said they trained mostly slalom, and they shared training with a group from Sun Valley for some of the time.  They also rented bikes for a couple days too.   Rust said former MHSSC legend John Mulligan was there.......he's the ski tech for Kristina Koznick (sp?)........MHSSC Employee of the month for August 2005 went to Bill Whalley!  Congrats Bill!   Bill will be receiving $50.  Taking 2nd place in the voting was Darren Owen, and Nolan Willard took the bronze!   Great job everybody!   5 other people received votes.  A few staff updates:  there was a Jack Suireveld sighting recently!  Janet Lorton, saw Jack in the Tahoe area, and said he's doing "the pilot thing".   Maria Schilling is running in the twin-cities 10 mile race this weekend.  Run Maria Run!
From Jeff MooreCheck out the October issue if Skiing (Gear guide '06) for the WaHsatch Powder Productions article. It's on page 95 and the information about me is totally wrong. It's a great article about Little Cottonwood Canyon called Canyon Critters. I either work or film with everyone in the article, so it's pretty sweet.
Have a nice day


October 11, 2005 update
Good evening MHSSC'ers past and present
On September 24, 2005 Former MHSSC mogul coach Will Wasson had another baby! (well his wife had the baby) The baby's name is Sophie Rose Wasson.  Congratulations Will!   If any of you guys want me to forward a baby photo that Will sent me, let me know. Chelsea Stamer is attending college in Montana and told me that she gets to play keeper for the women's club soccer team.  She also said they got a bunch of snow recently. For you MHSSC old timers, Tom Davenport has been located.  He's living in Australia.  That's all I know so far.  He says he misses doing the infamous MHSSC  "special projects" (i.e. tree stump removal, burning tires, and watching Mike on the back hoe, etc.)  Update from recently married former MHSSC staffer Bryan Rooney:  I wanted to be the first to tell you that there is a Cressy picture out there on the internet that was blatantly stolen and published without your permission.  How do I know...well, it is on my companies website - courtesy of me.  Check it out at www.gohighline.com  go to the "About Us" section, then click on "Management" and then onto my name...Enjoy.  It is my favorite of ALL time - no joke! Update from former staffer Pierce Louis:  I'm living in England now. I moved over here to go to school for a year. I just got here about three weeks ago. It's really fun, although there's no snow and not much outdoor activity.  Kim Jong Yun called me from South Korea last week.  He's working for the U.S. military at some kind of restaurant and bingo parlor.  Paul Richardson update: We are building a new chalet. I have 25 acres of bush too, very close to Georgian bay, which is where I keep my boat and 5.5 km's from my ski club.  Paul is considering bringing his son Jimmy to camp next summer.   Nick Colavito:  He's currently living in the bay area and surfing a lot.  Rogan's Yankees lost last night......who should he root for now?  I say the Chicago White Sox, another one of those cursed teams  that haven't won the world series in a billion years.  (shoeless Joe Jackson scandal....go watch field of dreams") After a very dry September here in the pacific northwest, heavy rain hit the area causing the white river canyon to overflow, dumping rock, mud and debris across Highway 35 (the highway between Government Camp and Hood River).......anyway, it closed the highway for about a week causing Mike and John Rust to drive an hour-long detour to get to and from work each day.   No significant snow on Mt Hood yet.   That's all folks.
p.s.  Robin's movie picks of the month:  "Sideways"............."the Terminal"..........these are at your local video store.   Both probably in the comedy section. 


October 24, 2005 update
Greetings from Oregon, Here's another wonderful MHSSC staff newsletter for your reading pleasure. There's no real sign of winter here yet.  We've had some rainy days this fall, but too warm for any significant snow on mt hood (see attached pic).   Mike and Lynne are vacationing in Brazil right now.   John Rust is holding down the fort at the lodge.
Bill Whalley is selling Kayak tours in Hawaii. 
From Jay Panther: Hey Hey, school is great.  I am double majoring in finance and information systems with a minor in math.  I am so bummed, there is no snow here yet, last year we were preparing for our first days, this year no snow.
From Ryan Zacharia: I was at the gym today and Seal's "Crazy" started playing on my iPod.  Immediately I thought of the MHSSC promo video circa early  90's.  For all the new technology and affects out today, I still find  that video most effective (and it always gets me giddy about the 
season).  Just wanted to let you know that. And, for an update on the Zacharia family.  I am a senior at Cornell 
University and will be working at Citigroup in investment banking  next year.  My brother is a third year at Columbia University School  of Physicians & Surgeons, where he is going for a residency in neurosurgery. 
From Tom Sell (coaching U.S. team nowadays) Well, I survived my first World Cup race today, and I have to say it was A LOT of fun! We had 2 in the top 10, with Bode and and Ted Ligety 8th. Bode won the first run and Ted won the 2nd. Bode was a victim of bad light for his run and ended up 2nd to Herman Maier. Rainer Schoenfelder was 3rd and Benjamin Raich was 4th.  I haven't had the jitters at a race in a long time, but watching Ted move from 64th to 8th, and waiting for Bode did the trick. The crowd was pretty good, around 20,000. It was incredibly loud, even halfway up the hill where I was standing. The KMS boys were there, unfortunately I didn't get to see them, but they did get to hang out with Mary, Peter and Maria.  For the MHSSC crowd, I also had a Florian sighting, he was there taking a break from training with the Park City crowd.
From Zvi: Here's what I've been up to.  attending the University of Vermont, majoring in History, while simultaneously trying to take care of the prerequisites for physical therapy grad school.... waiting for winter, hopefully VT has a good snow year.  Hoping to chase storms for a month from late Dec. - late January in the west/Rockies.  Not much else to report.  Zvi
From Will Wasson: the other big news is that after 21 years coaching with the Telluride freestyle team it is time for a change. This season i will be working in Whistler as a private ski instructor. Its an exciting opportunity and much closer to my family 200 miles from Seattle. All the best Will
Some "Emily Questions" to ponder:  (stolen directly from "the book of questions" author: Gregory Stock, PH.D.
1.  For $20,000 would you go for three months without washing, showering, brushing your teeth or using deodorant?  Assume you could not explain your reasons to anyone, and that there would be no long-term effect on your career. 
2.  If you were to discover that your closest friend was a heroin dealer, what would you do?
3.  Would you like to be famous?  In what way?
4.  How do you picture your funeral? 
5.  Does the fact that you have never done something before increase or decrease its appeal to you?


October 31, 2005 update
Happy Halloween from Oregon, Here are a couple of Halloween links for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy... 
Lori & Pete Deisroth are going to have a baby!   In Lori's words:  We are due March 2.  We are going to wait until it is born to find out if it is a girl or a boy.  We had the first ultrasound yesterday.  It was so cool.   
Nick Colavito has baby news to announce too........plus his Hurricane Wilma Florida story....in Nick's words: guess where i was for the south florida  hurricane  whilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa     in my house watching roofs blow off    we just moved into our new home  a 1500 sq ft 5 bedroom house on the water   we are in  boyton beach  palm beach county  near boca raton  it was insane  Our  porch blew off  like a piece of paper.  we now have no power and water  and the pizza place is just being put back together  today   we went to disney after the storm  with just enough gas to get out   well im sick of freakin mickey  and buffets  so we bought a bbq and a generator and are heading back  well you no that my wife has been thrue in her life  this was a joke to her  thank god  she really stepped up and made ths survivel trip quite easy  ok up date  im having a baby  well she is  due april  20   also have a dog lassu apsu   
Kari Johnson update......in her words:  I am working for Mission Ridge as the "administrative assistant", so far it is going well and I am really happy to be there.   They are just finishing putting in a high-speed quad, and they put in snow-making to top of the mountain over the summer.  It is all really exciting for the mountain and I'm just excited to be back in the ski world, but working in a different capacity.  
John Rust avoids speeding ticket on Hwy 35.......(* note: John always gives me crap for how slow I drive!)  In his words:  I was more than half asleep heading up the hill this morning - totally mesmerized by a segment on NPR about torture (having to move the handcuffs up higher on the arms of an already dead body so it could be tortured more).  When out of the corner of my eye I noticed a blue state patrol car go by at 7:30 in the morning (I haven't seen a police car on 35 in the morning before 9am in over 10 years - my heart instantly dropped as one eye caught the odometer and the other his brake lights.  I was definitely speeding and pulled over before he had a chance to turn on his lights.  He asked for DL (I handed him my Visa by accident), he then asked for my registration and proof of insurance (might you I was still more than half asleep and since I was totally caught off guard I hadn't rehearsed the practiced thing I planned to tell an officer if I was caught in this scenario.  On top of it my hands were a little fidgety because I was nervous because I didn't practice).  As I leaned over to get the proof of insurance and registration I let my foot off the brake - to my and I'm sure the officers surprise my car was out of gear and started to roll back towards his car.  Lucky I reacted quick enough to avoid running over him and his car.  I think he was getting a bit worried about me and his own safety at this point and said you were going 72, did you realize there is a construction zone back there - I said yes but its quite a few miles back now.  He asked where I was headed - I said to our lodge and that I drive this road every way - he said  I'm only going to give you a warning but you need to slow down.  I guess he felt really sorry for me - whew. 
From Steve Heuer:  I was shooting out in Durango/Silverton/Telluride area filming a Jeep club called the Creeper Jeepers Gang for a new show called "Truck Stop", premiering on ESPN2 November 5th at 10pm.
It's raining like cats and dogs here in the pacific northwest.   Freezing levels are supposed to drop later in the week, so hopefully that equals some snow in the mountains.   Trick-or-treaters are likely to get wet tonight.   I usually get less than a dozen kids at my door each halloween........I look forward to eating the leftover candy....I live for Reeses peanut butter cup.   I was an "extra" in a movie a couple days ago.  The movie "the valley of light" is to air on CBS next fall.  I play the role of a guy sitting in the back of the church during Sunday church service.  It stars Chris Klein “American Pie” and “We Were Soldiers”).....Klein was in the scene I was in.  He's the Lacrosse player/guy who dated the choir chick from the American Pie movies (Oz?).........http:/=www.eastvalleynews.com/appeal/article.cfm?i=6346
Happy halloween.  congrats to the chicago white sox....another broken curse............now it's up to the cubs.
Robin  p.s.  Eric Baldwin says "hi" to everyone.........and he told me that Nicole Duea is expecting baby #2.........


December 12, 2005 update
Hi all, Richard Pryor has left the building.  He was great.   If you've never seen the movie "Silver Streak", I recommend it.  I also liked him in the movie "the toy".   But anyway......here's a MHSSC update.   Lots of snow here in the pacific northwest.  The TV news just said mt hood's snowpack is at 119% of normal.  There's even significant snow in Govy.   Govy not only has the new streetlights and sidewalks, but now has a new big lodge-type building right next to Hucks.  I heard there will be different stores in this lodge including a produce store........Yes, you'll be able to buy an apple in Govy.  First time ever!   If you have a charlies pin, it's time to renew.  For you old timers that remember Charlies bar, 5 years ago, they created a "pin" that is good for a free 2nd drink every time you visit Charlies.  Buy one drink, get a 2nd one free.........but you can only do that once a day.....the 3rd, 4th, 5th drink (etc) are not free.  The cost was $50 for 5 year pin.......they all expire this year and the new pin is $75 to renew and $100 for a brand new pin holder.  Now you know everything about the charlies pin.   here are some staff updates and staff hello's:
**Check out the annual photo edition of Powder magazine.  You'll see a picture of Bill Whalley's hand.........yes his hand!!  And his name next to it to prove it's actually Bill's hand.   
**from: Claudio Calonder  I am working now for more than three years for State Street Bank in Zürich, Switzerland. We are a young team, and it makes a lot of fun to work in such an working environment town Zürich. Otherwise, we got quite a bit of snow in the previous days, and I am looking forward to go skiing this coming weekend.  Say hi to everyone I know, and especially to Mike. Who knows, maybe I am going to show up some day. 
**from Jocke Nordsay hi to everyone you'd think I would like to say hi to. 
**from Kim JongYun: I've recently got a new job here in Korea. I'm currently working for US Army Contracting Command in Osan Air Force Base as an office automation clerk.  I heard that you guys already began winter ski season with enough snow. I was very happy to hear that. Several ski areas including YongPyong just opened with man maid snow. I'm not sure that I already mentioned that I'm a member of us ski patrol. There is US National Ski Patrol Asia division here in Korea. http://usskipatrol.com/  I joined this group and passed Outdoor Emergency care education course last year. I'm supposed to have a class for CPR next month. So, I'm one step away to become an alpine patroller. Once I become an alpine ski patroller, I might be able to patrol at YongPyong FIS World Cup on the first weekend of March next year. I'm so excited. Is anybody from MHSSC supposed to come to YongPyong for World Cup?  
**from Mark Stegall: I arrived in Tahoe sat am pretty much still dripping from the surf of lovely San Diego. I just drove straight in to the pass office and headed to work. Welcome back. I think my boots shrank over the summer.  We have a good group of kids so far and will grow till new years.  I'm glad that the NW has some snow this year, now we need some. At least our snowmaking rocks.  I'm going to Alyeska in mid jan to hold a coaches clinic, I'll get to stay 2 or 3 days extra to ride, maybe one heli day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Lynne Annett's birthday is December 24.    Mike and Lynne are headed to Australia later this winter and plan on hooking up with Tom Davenport.  Yeah, THAT Tom Davenport........alive and well in Australia!  (he worked at camp in the late 80's/early 90's?) 
Tom Sell is coaching the U.S. ski team to the podium!   In Tom's words:  Ok, this World Cup stuff is really fun. We had an incredible day yesterday with Daron winning the downhill,  and Bode 2nd. Lots of screaming fans, and our hotel was packed intil 1 am. Press conferences for those guys, lots of happy people. Who would have guessed that we would top it today with Bode winning, Daron 2nd and Erik 4th! Shlopes missed the podium by 1/100th of a second. Pretty awesome considering he broke his hand on the first run, then Bode touched his hand down and almost went out right in front of me. We were sure that he was going to drop back a lot, but that guy is incredible!  The Course crew worked through the night as we got over a foot of snow.  They did an incredible job getting the hill ready.  Hopefully tomorrow goes as well.  Mary, peter and Maria are turning into quite the World Cup followers, with cowbells ringing for all of our guys!
Tim Feeney is officially an Oregonian now!  Tim moved to Hood River and is working at a ski shop there tuning skis.  
For you surfing fans, I just got back from a world class big wave tow-in surf contest off the oregon coast.   My job was to run around with a camera and interview the surfers on the beach before they competed and again after they got back to the beach when they finished.   it was fun, and all the surfers were nice and not camera shy.    I guess these guys are famous, but I know nothing about surfing.    Yeah surfing in December!  who knew?  that's all for now.........Christmas MHSSC camp is happening soon.   Robin