January 1, 2006 update
Hi kids,
Happy New Year from Oregon.   It's been raining like cats and dogs here in the pacific northwest the last couple of weeks, even up on the mountain.....but the temperatures are dropping and snow is in the forecast all week.  MHSSC had two Christmas camps these last couple of weeks.  Tim Feeney was called to coaching duty for the freeskiers that signed up for session 1.   Session 2, Rust brought the 7 campers down to portland for Chinese food and a portland trail blazers game picking me up on the way to the game.  Blazers lost, but it was an entertaining game that went down to the final seconds.    Speaking of blazer games, I also saw Scotty Carlis at the previous game vs his Philadelphia 76ers.  Carlis is an official oregonian now, working at U.S. outdoor store in Portland.  Last week I rented the MHSSC lodge for a party/mockwedding/ski race I put together for the Aloha/Southridge high school ski team alumni.   (see attached photo of the mock wedding).......two of my former racers are getting married for real this coming July and have asked me to officiate their wedding.......and so we decided to surprise them with this mock fake wedding at our little alumni party.  For new years eve, I skipped the usual party and instead did the midnight run in downtown portland.  It's a 3-miler that started at the stroke of midnight.  Many of the runners got dressed up in crazy costumes.  Along the route were many bars with new years' party-goers cheering us on.   It was pretty warm out last night and the rain took a break.   I had nobody to kiss for new years, so this was a good alternative event for myself.   And I managed to get myself on Channel 6 news for a few seconds.......just waving in the background with other rowdy people........no interview or anything, so I can't count it as part of my 15 minutes of fame.  Last week, when I was at the lodge, I had the privilege of playing "extreme ping pong" with Mike and Lynne's grandkids, Simon and Sierra.   They got skilz!   Mike and Lynne are headed to Australia soon for a nice vacation. that's about it.    Happy New Year!


January 12, 2006 update
Hi all, It's rained 24 straight days in Portland, and there's no end in sight as the storms are stacked up in the Pacific all the way to Japan.   Although Govy only has a few feet of snow on the ground, the amount of snow piling up on Palmer these last few weeks is impressive.    Mike & Lynne left for Australia yesterday for a well deserved vacation.   Rust, Feeney, and myself will try to hold the fort down in their absence (mostly Rust)......As I left the MHSSC lodge today, I immediately got my car stuck in the 10 inches of fresh snow in the parking lot........Rust watched me shovel snow around my wheels for about 15 minutes and my several failed attempts to drive away and then he says to me:  "I can get that car moving in two seconds"........I doubted him........but he was a man of his words.  He gets in the drivers seat, and worked his 2 second magic.  I might still be there shoveling if he didn't save me.  So Rust wins the employee of the day award!   Shot in the dark, but anyone out there looking for a vacation rental condo in Whistler/Blackcomb?   It sleeps 4, the dates available are January 27 thru February 4, and the price for the week is $1,000.  Reply back if this is something you or somebody you know could use.  Did you catch the Bode Miller interview on "60-Minutes"?   Good stuff, and some publicity (some of it good, some controversial) for our beloved, mostly ignored sport.   For you old timers, I sold my old Red VW bug last week.   It's been mostly a parking lot ornament the last 5-6 years.  It almost still ran........the guy who bought it managed to get the engine running (temporarily ) in my parking lot when he came to buy it......but he opted to have a tow-truck come and get it fearing it wouldn't keep running all the way to its new home.  I came away with $350 cash plus another guy bought the ski rack for another $50...........this $$ paid for my new snowtires for the other car (re-read paragraph 1 on how my new snow tires worked today)..........Craig Bowden is coaching at the winter olympics!   One of his Rowmark athletes is from Lebanon (the country) and will be competing in Italy next month at the winter games.   Craig says he'll be at the opening ceremonies.   Last week, I became an ordained Reverend.   Oh yeah!   Call me "Reverend Cressy"...........Why, you ask?   Two of my former racers I coached on the Aloha/Southridge  high school ski team are getting married next July and they wanted me to officiate their wedding ceremony.   So in order to legally do this, I had to go to some website, fill out a few things, and minutes later, they e-mailed me my "Reverend" credential certificate!   So I can officially marry people......at least in the state of Oregon.   ok, this is starting to be a long e-mail, so I'll end it here.  
P.S.  If you worked @MHSSC in 2005, we'll be mailing your W2 forms soon so you can do your taxes.

January 30, 2006 update 
Good afternoon......Just a few things to mention plus a photo of mid-way station of palmer (taken by Logan, Timberline staffer)..

Congrats to former MHSSC staffer Brooke Miller......in her words:  My boyfriend Jon and I got engaged on New Year's Eve! We were down in Bend skiing at Bachelor. He almost did it on the hill, but he was too worried he would drop the ring in the feet of powder. The other exciting news is that I'm headed to China tomorrow for 3 weeks. I'm going to visit my sister, who is living there and teaching english. We're taking 3 memory cards for our camera so I should have lots of pics. Only bummer is I'm missing all of this great snow. Oh well, with the way it's coming down, we'll be skiing in May!
Did anyone besides myself and Maja Kvopkova see Tom Sell on OLN yesterday during their broadcast of the Men's slalom in Schladming, Austria?  One of the American skiers just crossed the finish line, and they pointed the cameras at the american coaches standing on the hill:  Tom and some other guy.  Tom was on the screen for a solid 1.7 seconds!   So you can subtract 1.7 seconds from his 15 minutes of fame.  For those of you MHSSC staffers that will be in Torino for the Olympics, I would love to hear your stories about your experience there.  Mt Hood is still getting hammered with snow.  Portland is close to record rainfall for the month of January.  We did have two sunny days a week or so ago, but since then the rain hasn't let up and more is in the forecast.  As you can see in the photo, there's some snow on Palmer and if things continue on the current weather trend, we'll be skiing to the parking lot in late July.   There was a 13 year old ski racer wander outside the ski area boundaries at mt hood ski bowl yesterday afternoon.  Today they found him ALIVE near still creek road.  He said he fell in a creek and was pretty wet, but he huddled by a tree to try and stay warm and get some sleep.....he was suffering from mild hypothermia, but fine otherwise.  http://www.katu.com/stories/82893.html  There's a chance I might be getting my old VW bug back.......I think I mentioned in the last MHSSC update that I sold it to some guy....we'll when I sold it, I forgot to sign the title card when I handed the buyer the title card.....a few days later I was trying to hook up with the buyer guy so I could sign it.......anyway after sending a few e-mail in his direction, I finally get a return message back from his wife that said:  "My husband got deported back to Mexico..........and his brother stole the car" (bad family feud thing).......The wife said if anyone should get that car, it should be me.......there's a little more to the story then that, but that's the gist of it.  We haven't called the police or anything to report the stolen car.....but with me still not signing the title, the car is still in my name......and the wife told me that her husband fixed the car up so it runs again!   So......the saga continues.....If I get the car back, that's fine, but if not, no big deal. Mike & Lynne are still in Australia.......they attended some tennis matches of the Australian Open.  They get back later this week I think.

February 10, 2006
MHSSC staffers! The NBC camera's know to point the camera at the talented Slovenian with MHSSC connections, during opening ceremonies in Torino.   For you MHSSC old timers that don't know Andrej Jerman, he coached at MHSSC for a couple years and is Izi's younger brother.  he'll be competing in the speed events for his home country Slovenija.   Here's a pic from the TV screen. Good luck Andrej!  



February 11, 2006
MHSSC'ers! The NBC camera's also caught a glimpse of Craig Bowden!  Craig is coaching a female ski racer from Lebanon and he marched at the opening ceremonies.   Craig's brother Peter Bowden Tivo'd the opening ceremonies so he was able to point me in the right direction in searching for Craig on my VHS recording from last night's broadcast. Soooooooooo, check out the attachment.   That's our own CRAIG BOWDEN with his famous grin in the upper left hand side of the screen.   NBC didn't quite center up on Craig, but I did my best to get the best frame of Craig during his 1.47 seconds of screen time and make a photo out of it.   

Here's an e-mail Craig sent to me today......
robo - here is a brief update.  cool stuff.  bumped into andrej at dinner tonight.  he is a little dissappointed he is not skiing faster, however, he hopes things come together for the DH tomorrow.  Izi will come and watch tomorrow.  i'd like to meet up with the SLO crew, but i'll be with my one female athlete training DH on the other side of the mountain.  we'll see how it goes.  the opening ceremonies were AWESOME!!!!!  i was blown away.  walikng and waving and hearing a crowd of 35-40,000 people cheering is unreal.  the show was pretty cool.  we are treated like royalty here.  and this place is beautiful.  sunny skies, warm temps, big mountains, and nice people.  good stuff.  today we slid around on the hill for a short bit to check out the women's DH.  we begin training tomorrow.  (bummer that we will be training during the men's DH, but, hey, can't complain too much.)  looking forward to racing.  craig
And this message from Andrej Jerman:
Hi! Well, I can give you updates until next Suterday and that is the last day I'm here. I'm staying in Olympic Village in Sestreire where are also all atheletes who are competing in alpine skiing, nordic skiing and so on. It's one of three Villages in the Olympics. So far I don't have any complains about anything. Maybe is only transporation that is a little in a strugle, but I guess that is the Italyan way.As you could see, I was participating at the opening ceremony and it was realy cool feeling. It was my first, because I didnn't go in Salt Lake. When I was marching around the stadium I really felt that I am one of many atheletes that are competing at the Olympic Games. It is one of a kind feeling. About my skiing in DH training runs. I can expres my selve in one word: I SUCKED! But I hope it was only the trainging runs and that tomorrow everything will work. Today I meet with Craig who is coach for the Lebanon team. It was a nice surprise to see him. Urban is also here as a part of the Canadina tema and yes, Izi is comming tomorrow for the DH race. That's it for today. Take care and cheer for me. Andrej


February 14, 2006
Here's the latest updates from the MHSSC olympic peoples...From Andrej Jerman
I'll be competeing also in SG and COMB. Combined is on Tuesday and SG next Suterday. Today I finisihed as 28th. Compering to training runs, was this the best I coulod expect. I did my best and thererfore i don't have to blame myselve for anything. Before the Olympics were my expectations higher. I have to be satisfied with that. I hope for better resutls in next races.  Andrej
From Craig Bowden:
not too much to report.  you can tell mike that his food is loads better than the food in the olympic village.  the vans and buses here are a little better, though.  when we travel, we are escorted by the police.  it's like you're the president or something.  the police move traffic out of the way, block intersections, and yell at other cars.  when we left the openiong ceremonies, 9 buses were hauling ass through torino.  however, 20 mins later, we discovered that the police were taking us the wrong way.  funny stuff.
And more on Craig's athlete that he's coaching:
chirine njeim is the lebanese skiing machine.  she came to the US 7 yrs ago and has competed with rowmark.  she is a good skier.  check out the article posted on the rowmark website (www.rowmark.org.)  i was just fortunate to be at rowmark when she was heading to the olympics.  the director is also the women's head coach, so he was not able to leave his program duties.  and i got the nod.  good gig. i'm living in the OV at sestriere.  nice place.  it is just like Govy but totally different.  good vibe. the coaches and athletes get hooked up.  we have passes that let us go just about anywhere.  pretty nice.  chirine will be competing in all 5 events (DH, DHK, SG, GS, SL) so we don't have much time to check other events out.  but we hope to.
From Tom Sell:
Robo, Here is my Olympic update: I am not there yet. Greg and I are with the SL /GS guys in Madesimo, which is about 3 hrs from Torino. We are doing a training camp away from the madness. Heres the glamorous part: 120 man hours of hill preparation befor the guys got here. United lost our injection bars so I had to drive to Villach, Austria to borrow 2of them,  It is an 8 hr drive. I talked with the big boss there at 5 pm, and hopped in the van to go pick them up the next morning. Got to Villach at 2:30 am, picked up the bars at 8 am, Hauled ass back to Madesimo and got on the hill at 4 pm to start watering the hill till 9pm. Coaching at the olympics is so glamorous. I get to drive the bars back to Villach on Wednesday. We go to Torino on the 17th, GS on the 20th and SL on the 25th. Don't forget to cheer for Ted tomorrow in the combined!  Tom


February 16, 2006
More updates from "Torino"........or is it really "Turin"?
From Andrej Jerman
: In combined I was 19th. I must say, that it was less that I expected before the race. The only problem to my failure was my downhill race. After DH I was only 21st with more than 2 sec behind. I still don't know exactly what went wrong, but I thing that wind caught me at the start, because I lost more than 4 tenths in only 11 seconds. That fore I was really disappointed after the first event and it was really hard for me to motivate for slalom race, because I knew I can't achieve any decent result anymore, because however downhill supposed to be my the strongest event. With my slalom I have to be very happy, because it was good. Especially my first run was nice and before the second slalom run I was still holding 15th place. Second run was set a little bit to fast for my slalom knowledge, so I will have to come to Mt. Hood this summer to improve it. 
From Tom Sell: (I asked him what an =injection bar" was).
We go to sestriere on the 17th, so I get to spend 8 days at the show. would have been fun to see the ceremonies and the speed events, but we are tech coaches. Hopefully all our grunt work pays off. We have 2 coaches here, along with 2 service guys, a physio and somebody from sports science. Lots of staff for 3 athletes. An injection bar is basically a pipe with nozzles to inject water into the
snow to harden it. You hook it up to the snowmaking hydrants and walk down the hill injecting every foot or so in a zig zag pattern. Takes some time, but the snow comes out great. I may have a day off after the GS. I'd love to go see a hockey game or some speed skating. We'll see. Hope all is well there. psyched to see all the snow at Hood. Tom
Ted Ligety, Olympic Champion!
Yes, Ted was a MHSSC camper about 10 years ago, Mike told me today.   He was training with Scotty Veenis with Coach Marjan Cernoj last August on our lane with a few more elite skiers from the park city ski team.   Ted is the first ever former camper/Olympic Gold Medalist.   ok, which one of you old timers coached Ted at camp?    VanceTomFlorjan?  Rogan?  A: Kevin McDevitt...
Non-olympic stuff:
Bill Whalley made a guest appearance at MHSSC today.  He's in town for an optometry school interview (Pacific University)
Lori (Biddulph) Deisroth is weeks away from becoming a mom!   She's due in March.
Grant Wilson....He just wanted to be mentioned in the update......so there you go Grant!  


February 20, 2006
Good evening MHSSC'ers. Here's what Andrej had to say after his final Olympic event, the Super-G: 
Andrej:Hi Robo! I'm done with the Olympics 2006. My last race was super-g and I was placed as 28th. Not too briliant!! I did my best but I just couldn't get higher. I guess, the hill wasn't made for me allthough that is not a good excuese. When I analyze, I see that I lost most on the flat sections. However, my best position is 19th and from that point of view I improved from last Olympics in Salt Lake. I had a very good time that I spent in the Olypic Village and meeting new and old firends. See you 2010 in Vancuver, BC
Jumping on the Ted Ligety bandwagon here at MHSSC:
Photographer Brian Robb, looked thru his MHSSC photo collection and was able to locate action & group photos of Ted Ligety.  Ligety was in Kevin McDevitt's group in 1994 (see attachment), and then skied in Vance's group in 1995.   These are copyright photos from Brian, so don't be selling them on ebay!   Ted is the little kid 3rd from the left standing in front of Kevin McDevitt.  Former staffer, Debby Russell is in that photo too. 
And this from Greg Timm:   I coached Ted at camp, sort of.  I said, "hey"  and then I said "good recovery".  That counts as coaching, right?  I know...I'm the man!!!  I shot a video piece of him and Scotty, also, training slalom.  That counts as coaching, too, right?  Tell Mike I want a big bonus now!! 
non-olympic update:  I saw k-staffer Sage Dunham at mt hood ski bowl this past weekend.  He was there racing in a slalom event.  It was COLD that day.........east coast cold.   And Tom Wirth won a race at Mt. Bachelor using his old-school straight 1993 skis.  In Tom's words: 
LOL - No one will give me Free Equipment!!!  - Last free shit was in 93, Still works in 2005!!!  Cheaters w/ those new fancy Skis!!!
that's all for now
February 28, 2006
Hi all, Gold Medals for the Americans in alpine skiing go to none other than two MHSSC camper alumni!   Brian Robb was able to find MHSSC photos of Julia Mancuso to go with the Ted Ligety pics.  here's the link on the camp website:   www.mthood.com/ligety_and_rahlves.htm  
Mike and Lynne are leaving for another vacation starting Friday for 10 days or so, so if you need to talk to them before they leave, this is your warning.....I think they are headed to Palm Springs?  And plan to play a lot of tennis........Rust wants to hear from you coaches about your availability for coaching this summer. Snowpack on Mt Hood is 112% of average right now even despite a relatively dry February.   We are back to a wet weather pattern for the next week or so.  Irene Slisky, (adult camper hall of fame) just got married on Valentines Day!  woo hoo!  how romantic!  She said it was a small wedding up there at Squaw Valley.  And old-time staffer Steve Heuer took a trip to Vail recently and was able to track down old-time staffer Brian Flanagan.  Anywho,  Brian is married and is a business partner in a boot fitting business down there.  that's all for now     Robin


March 9, 2006 update
MHSSC'ers! .I've just been informed (via Leo Menard) that Scotty Veenis won the Men's GS at the NCAA championships in Colorado.  Scotty is a freshmen racing for the University of Utah.  Way to go Scotty!  Here's a paragraph I copied and pasted from the ski racing.com website: 

Veenis, on the other hand, didn't think an NCAA title was in his future. “We had a few days of training here, and I wasn't skiing that hot,” the Ute freshman said. “But then it felt good out of the start first run. It just clicked.” Still, he wasn't counting his chickens before second run. “Everyone out here is pretty fast. People can make big moves up. But I just thought I needed a clean run with no mistakes. Everyone has to battle these conditions. The less mistakes you have, you'll be in there.”
Leo Menard finished in 20th, racing for Bates College.  (way to go Leo!)
And here's an update from Darren Owen.......Darren is private coaching an up and coming mogul competitor named Pat Deneen. 
Message #1:  HI FROM RUSSIA,
Darren Owen Message #2:  Junior World Championships in Russia:
Greetings family and friends, Today was one of the best days of my life! I am in Russia coaching At the junior world championships in Russia. Today was the duel mogul event. My boy Pattrick Deneen placed third and an athlete I coached for 8 years Jay Bowmen Karrigan took second. What an excellent day. To see two athletes I care about so much do so well at the world championships makes me so proud. What can I say, a very emotional day. Russia has been so good to me. Now the sight seeing begins we are going to st petersburg tomorrow for three days with all the US mogul skiers. LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  see you soon.  DO
for you semi-old timers: Janet (Lorton) Moran had baby #2.  Welcome Blake Daniel Moran to planet earth on February 28.  7lbs, 7oz.  Congrats Janet!  You rule at being a mom.  For you super ol' timers:  Ray Dicius is sending his step-son to camp this summer.  On the camp application Ray wrote: "I want the key to the cookie room".......(snow bunny thing)........Camp update:  It snowed about 2 feet at the lodge last night.  Luckily Feeney gave me a 37 second lesson in how to use the snow-blower........so I was able to carve a path thru the deep snow and get my car to the highway.  Mike and Lynne are vacationing at Palm Springs.........they said they hit snowbird/alta? on their way down and had dinner with Jon and Kristen O'Brien.   They are watching a tennis tournament as well as playing everyday too.  Rust noticed that everytime Mike and Lynne go on a trip, the snow piles up at mt hood.  There was a rumor yesterday that olympic silver medalist snowboard boardercross Lindsey Jacobellis (sp?) was a MHSSC camper 5 or so years ago, but so far we haven't been able to confirm it......She's the girl that did the "method grab" of her board and crashed before the finish line, thus taking 2nd place.  1984 Gold Medalist (Men's DH) Bill Johnson showed up at the Oregon High School Ski Racing STATE Championships last week at our awards banquet.  He showed off his olympic gold.....let us touch it and everything......He was there signing his new book: "ski to die".........congrats to Ted Ligety......heard he won a world cup GS........guess he's not just a slalom specialist.  that's all folks......


April 1, 2006 update
Hi all, After 20 years at MHSSC, I've decided to move on to a new job..........ok, just kidding.......that was last year's april fools joke.   I considered making up another story for April Fool Day, but couldn't think of anything good.   Timberline is hovering around the 200 inches of snow mark at the moment.  I heard they just opened up Palmer for spring skiing.  There's still a bunch of snow at MHSSC lodge so maybe we'll be sledding down the zip line hill for an afternoon activity for session 1.  Last week, longtime MHSSC adult camper Grant Wilson, broke his Pelvis in two places while skiing at Mammoth.  In his words:  First day (of a ten day ski =rip), third run, skied directly into the aptly named Rock Garden!   Tobaggon rides are WAY over-rated. 
MHSSC Mogul coach Darren Owen update from the U.S. freestyle Nationals: 
I am at the US Nationals In Killilgton, Vermont. Another great day in the life of a ski coach! Patrick skied so well. In the qualifying round Patrick Qualified in 5th place and crushed the field by a full second. In the finals (16 skiers), Patrick placed 5th and again smoked the field including the winners by a full second or more his score may have been a bit low (judged sports). We are =till so pleased with his performance. We focus on performance not results. Another emotional day. For those of you connected to my mt hood family, Jay Panther qualified 10th and finished 12th he skied very well. Jay is one of the athletes I coach in the summer he is from Reno. Today is my birthday Pattricks performance was a great gift. We earned it together. Sunday is the duel mogul event Pattricks best event we are hoping for another great performance. On a personal note coaching fits me I know this is what I should be doing with my life at this point............LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!  Hope you are all well.  DO.
Jamie Hinderliter is in Portland this weekend for a bike race.........the event is happening right across the street from where I live, so I will go cheer for her.........Spring camp session 4 just wrapped up yesterday.  There were 3 snowboard campers.  New snowboard coach John Bulish took the group this week.  that's all I got...........don't forget to adjust your clocks ahead for daylight savings time.......Robin

April 22, 2006 update
MHSSC'ers! Only 5 more weeks until summer #28 gets started. Wow 28 years....and still going strong!   Where were YOU 28 years ago? What's new for summer '06?  Coaches windbreakers......Rust ordered up some jackets for the coaches to wear on the hill......I haven't seen them yet, but I think the camp logo will be on there, and probably "mthood.com".   Remember the hotpink/green/blue coach jackets from the late 80's?  I wish I had an old photo.  Brian Robb?   I bet Vance still has his. We have a new stand-up freezer in the kitchen........pretty exciting news eh?  We've be trying to get somebody to pick up the old dead freezer as it still has scrap metal value.  So far we haven't found any takers.  want metal?  http://portland.craigslist.org/zip/152731500.html
breaking newsBode Miller just switched to Head skis........... As you can see, I'm lacking any real significant material for this update.  Not much to report this time of year.  The snow is melting at the lodge, so my prediction of session 1 tubing at the camp lodge is quickly fading away.   Hey, I saw Geoff the charlies bartender yesterday at the Govy post office.  He says hi.   Oh, and that new lodge thing that was being built across the street from Charlies looks like it's in operation.  I drove by and peeked inside......there's an actual little store with real food.  For the first time in Govy history, you'll be able to buy a piece of fruit within city boundaries.   I wonder if the Village Store will step up it's offerings? Possible Gondola from Govy to Timberline in the future.  Here's the link including pictures:  http://www.collinslakeresort.com/tramway.html  Here's a excellent Salt Lake Tribune internet article about Jon O'Brien and his freestyle program in Utah:  http://www.sltrib.com/search/ci_3728919
Hey, anyone have a somewhat decent computer that you'd want to donate to camp?   That dining room computer for the campers use, is STILL the slowest computer in the world despite being upgraded to windows XP and hooked up to satellite internet. No more video trailers...........Lodge #2, up behind the trampolines, has a basement, and walls, and a roof....and will soon have electricity.......which means we can do video analysis up there for 3-4 groups. ok, I'm done.........nothing to see here......feel free to delete this immediately.  Florjan's sleeping bag is still missing.   If you want to be removed from the MHSSC staff e-mail list, put "remove" in the subject line........... have a nice day


May 20, 2006 update
Good morning MHSSC peoples, One more week until session 1.   Timberline is ready.  The lodge is ready.  The chipmunks are ready.  The big black carpenter ants are ready.  Mike and Lynne are ready. Are YOU ready?   I don't really have much to report about camp........but here's some stuff about former MHSSC staffers: Guess who's getting married?   Former head cook, snowboard extraordinaire Pierce Louis.  He says his wedding will be in Oregon this coming September.  Congrats Pierce!   I have another mhssc wedding announcement, but at this point it's just a rumor..........stay tuned...Kim Jong Yun stopped by last week for a quick visit.  He's still working and living in South Korea.   He's doing great.  Want to be a babysitter?  Josee Lacasse is looking for a Govy babysitter for her two kids this summer:  In her words: 
I need a babysitter the last two weeks of june and the last of July.  From 6:30am till about 2pm.  Approx. $300/week.  If interested, let me know, and I'll pass your contact info to Josee. Michelle Annett is preparing herself for the Lake Chelan Triathlon in July.   swim, bike, run!  you go girl!  Hey it's Mike Langdon's birthday tomorrow!  woo hoo.  He turns 24. 
For a really cool helicopter game:
I think my high score is six hundred and something........which isn't very good.   Robin


Session 1, 2006 update 
1 week down, 13 to go.  Here are a few highlights from session 1.  Day 1:  Sunny weather, icy Timberline road, perfect winter-type snow.  We trained on the magic mile as they were still chipping ice off of Palmer until mid-morning.  5 coaches:  Rust (ski racers), Jon Winslow (snowboard race), Mark Stegall (snowboard freeride), and Darren & Bill shared the mogul/freeski duties this week.   The sun stayed with us thru Wednesday........Thursday, some light rain, some fog, some light wind........Friday, POURING rain.   Can you say "glove juice?".  Oh man was it wet yesterday.   One little kid was so wet and cold, I heard him say "I can't feel my legs, can I go in?" ........see attached pic of John Rust........photo was taken BEFORE we went out.....he got THAT wet between the parking lot and the WyEast Day Lodge. 

We had 16 staffers working session 1.........all of the male species.   Bill Whalley had to double as "girls counselor" for the first 4 1/2 days until Chelsea Stamer showed up.  A little brown frog was seen hopping around the lodge basement.  I thought it was a slow chipmunk until I got a better look.   Since we were the only camp on the hill, the palmer ravens were all focused on our set of backpacks full of delicious lunches.  The ravens have gained the skill of unzipping backpacks, and flying away with sandwiches.  And counselor/cook Dan Tsai had his lunch stolen by Timberline Lodge mascot Bruno, the St. Bernard.   Sage Dunham had 3 top-15 finishes in the golden rose ski classic last weekend.......Sage ate a HUGE 9 scoop banana split last sunday........he also had his wallet stolen from GoodWill store in Sandy (then later found with all the credit cards, but minus the cash).....Sage bought himself a fur coat and a cowboy outfit.........so Sage had an eventful first week.  Mark Stegall is in the process of rebuilding the two skateboard halfpipes.......they moved the smaller one to a different location, so the volleyball court could be used once again.  Bill Whalley, Brett Andrews and Elliot's little bro have taken on the task of buffing out the existing mountain bike trail and extending it to some new destinations.   Terry was busy working on the new lodge this past week.  You can check out lodge #2 at this link:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm  We have a new snowboard videographer, Ryan Anderson, from Schweitzer.  Greg Timm had his ACL surgery this past week.  He's hoping to be off crutches by mid-late June.  Last I heard, Nolan Willard is undefeated in ping pong this summer. 
Even though Emily Longfield doesn't start working at camp until August, we'll continue with the infamous "emily questions".  Here are this weeks' questions:
1.  Would you ski naked in the rain in front of 43 campers for $1,124.94?
2.  Would you rather have a sex change or have your legs chopped off? 
3.  If you were on a deserted island, would you rather have an ice cream machine or an endless supply of healthy vegetables?
The helicopter game is gaining popularity.  Here's the link to the game:  http://www.addictinggames.com/helicopter.html
And here are some high scores that have been achieved:
Bill Whalley:  923 on a fast computer, 1491 on a slow computer
Craig Bowden: i got like 800 pts.  i rule.
Emily Longfieldthat game is seriously addictive. 939 on the 4th try. OKay it was more like the 15th. I...I can't stop. Please helico--helop---HELP me.
Eric Baldwin1481...NEXT 
Jason Hey first try in that helicopter game i got 1216
Jeff Moore First flight of the day... 1102. I'm catching up buddy...
Jocke Nord:  1,368
Robin Cressy:  1,292
Movie recommendations for the week: 
Dave Curran's pick:  "King Kong" (2005)
Elliot Halverson:  "waiting" (2005)
that's all for session 1........

Session 2, 2006 update
  BREAKING NEWS: The male counselor staff are all trying to grow mustaches.   Ok, not exactly breaking news, but I forgot to mention it last week.   Perhaps a photo to come in a few weeks to show their progress. We have an all new female counseling staff this year.......you can see some of  them as well as other new employees on the staff page of the camp website:   http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm  (scroll down to see the counselors section) I have several more staff bios and photos to upload on the website, so that page will be updated sometime soon (I hope)....We had 29 campers for session 2...........I think we have 100 or so coming for session 3, so things are about to get busy real soon.  Last week we had 3 sunny days, and 2 COLD wintery type days.........no snow falling from the sky, just a bit cold, some fog, some wind.......nothing too major.  Just about the entire camp made a run (or two) out on the zig zag glacier.  Feeney, Rust, and Darren lead us out there for a couple runs on the silky smooth snow, off the cornice and traverse back to the chairlift.    The camp picnic was at Hood River down at the Marina.  Feeney showed off some of his kite-boarding skilz. Terry road his bike from Govy to Hood River.  Dan Tsai took a knee to his thigh in a picnic football game and could barely walk the next day.   I came ever so close to hitting a deer on the way home on highway 35, post-picnic.  ..

Session 2 Emily Questions
1.  If you had to pick the age you would die, what age would you pick?   (funniest answer we had at camp from Mark Stegall:  "I already passed it")
2.  If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to?
3. Would you accept $10,000 to shave your head and continue your normal activities sans hat or wig without ever explaining the reason for your haircut?
Josee Lacasse (former MHSSC coach who now runs her own camp) is looking for a babysitter for her two young children during the weeks of her ski camp.......
June 17 - July 1, and then again July 9 - July 30.  Location:  Mt Hood Inn.......mornings/afternoon time period.  Pay approx $300 a week?.......But don't quote me on this......here's Josee's contact info if you or know somebody who might be interested and to get more information about the gig:  josee.lacasse@att.net 
For you wine lovers........this from Emily Longfield, who is currently living in wine country:  If you know of any wine enthusiasts, or perhaps pass this on, I can get all labels in the Foster's portfolio half off, (Beringer, Penfolds, Lindemans, Rosemount, Stags' Leap, Little Penguin, see  http://www.fosters.com.au/enjoy/wine.htm for more) So if anyone that is around in August that wants a case of good wine, let me know.
An update from last weeks' camp update:  Jon Winslow did indeed beat Nolan Willard in a game of ping pong.......so Nolan is no longer undefeated.  And Jocke Nord couldn't stand to be in 2nd place in the helicopter game, as he took high honors with an amazing score of  1520.  Here's the link one last time:  http://www.hurtwood.demon.co.uk/Fun/copter.swf  that's all folks.......


Session 3, 2006 update
Good afternoon MHSSC'ers, First of all, welcome the following people to the MHSSC staff e-mail newsletter list:  Liz Edmunds, AJ Crocker,  Mallory Hale, Evan Mikkelson, Ryan Anderson, Dan Tsai, Carter Casner, Emily Sampson, Tommy O'Rourke, Louise Robertson, Lyndsay Strange, Alexandra Andrews, Dave Stearns, Lauren Levanovich, Greg Curran, John Mulligan, Sean Mailey......If you don't know who these people are, you can see some of them here:  http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm  Rain, wind, fog, sunshine, mist, thunderstorms........we had all those things last week.  I don't remember a moment in Govy last week when there wasn't moisture in the air.  Govy rain forest!   The campers still had a productive week despite the conditions.......we only lost 1 complete day of training........as you can see from the attached photo, snowboard coach Mark Stegall took advantage of the weather stand-by to do some creative dryland with his group, just outside the Wy'east day lodge.   The did an all-camp bowling trip to Hood River for the afternoon activity on monday......too wet and cold to do anything outdoors......and yesterday during the rain-out no-ski day, the kids had options of movies/mall, indoor rockclimbing, and paintball.......Bill Whalley and Jeff Moore took some of the camper stayovers to the oregon coast for surf camp today.  Fritzy narrowly missed hitting a deer in one of the camp vans......I didn't get the complete story, but the van ended up in the ditch....no damage done to the van or the deer......or the driver.   New cook Bryan Calcaterra ate a carpenter ant in the kitchen.  The ant was crawling around near the kitchen phone........I was trying to corner it.....when I jokingly said "you should eat it"......so he grabbed it, put it in his mouth.....the ant bit his tongue, and he proceeded to chew it up.....One of the campers broke his arm in two places when he crashed hard on the skateboard ramp.   Another camper took a knee (his own knee) to his chin over on the trampoline.....lots of blood, two chipped teeth, and a trip to the clinic.   One of the girl campers had a crush on cook/coach Nolan WillardAJ Crocker's snowboard race group created their own t-shirts with these colored pens....and one of those girls wrote:  "I LOVE NOLAN" on her t-shirt.  I don't think she got the nerve up to actually go up and talk to him all week though.   New ski race coaches Carter Casner and Polly Hopkins both celebrated their 22nd birthday last week.  Camp session blog page:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm (you can see the staff group photo there from the picnic) Camp sweatshirts can be seen here:  http://mthood.com/clothing.htm 
Session 3 "Emily Questions"
1.  Would you live in a treefort by yourself for 3 months if you would then receive free food (all you can eat) for a year?  While in the treefort, you'd have no TV/computer.....but you'd have all the necessary things to live but you'd be without human contact.
2.  Would you sacrifice your life to keep all the pets alive in the United States?  If you say no, all pets in USA die immediately. 
3.  Would you prefer a $5000 gift card at a ski/snowboard shop or at an ice cream shop?
4.  If you were on a deserted island for the rest of your life and could take two MHSSC employees with you, who would you take with you?
5.  If you had to marry someone on the MHSSC staff, who would you marry?  
that's all for this week..........


Session 4, 2006 update
Hi all, Session 4: 140 campers, 52 staff......How many french toast can 192 people eat? .....and Session 5 is when camp gets BIG.  
It was a tough week to be a MHSSC staff member........4 injured staff
1.  Elliot Halverson:  broken collar bone.....ski jump victim
2.  Lauren Levanovich:  broken fibula (lower leg).......ski wreck
3.  Tim Feeney:  lower leg stuff as a result of a kiteboarding mishap:  still limping around, but ditched the crutches after a day
4.  Luke Wendel:  knee injury:  just happened yesterday, so hasn't been officially diagnosed yet.
Campers didn't escape injury either.......one concussion, legs injuries, illness........home sickness........is there a pill for that?
We did have 5 beautiful sunny days on the mountain......it was even t-shirt weather on friday.  Hawaiian shirt day for coach Mike Hay.  Bill Whalley was dunking a red school ball at the picnic on Wednesday......I think he even surprised himself.  After several close misses, he dunked in 3 in a row.  Counselor Evan Mikkelson was 5-10 minutes late for his Oregon Commercial drivers license test, and was denied from taking the test......After a 13 year break, former MHSSC staffer Eric Price has returned to camp as a coach for team Franconia.  Eric is now thirty-something, married, 2 kids, doing well.  There was a territorial dispute down in our MHSSC terrain park between our guys and Windell's camp.....nothing like a little friction between camps to keep things exciting.   Speaking of our terrain park, 3 of our campers when boat shopping at the Chevron food-mart.   An inflatable small raft to be more precise......to be used where?  In the river?......No.......these guys thought it would be a good idea to take it to the terrain park, and hit the big jump.....loaded with all 3 of them.....see attached pic.   Of course, there is video.......funniest home videos anyone?   Former MHSSC moguls coach Jon O'Brien was on the mountain this week......he had a group of his home program athletes ripping it up in the moguls out on Bean's lane.   We had a partial power outage at the lodge this week........which affected the cooks the most.......no bacon making abilities (oven)......and they had to relocate the waffle irons to some outlets that still had power.    There was a pan-handler in the t-line parking lot, attempting to wash peoples windshields for cash, to try and raise enough money for a lift ticket.......giant black flying ants have invaded camp......run for your life!  have a great week.........


Session 5, 2006 update
Greetings and Salutations,
Former MHSSC coach Izi Jerman, is getting married........TODAY!   Izi  made a guest appearance at the camp picnic on Wednesday........he's now  in Tahoe to get married to his long-time girlfriend, who's name I cannot  remember......best man is his brother Andrej.   Congrats Izidor! last week was a blur..........180 campers, but a big chunk of the people  were teams that did their own camp within our camp, so it didn't really  seem like 180 people running around.  Maybe the MHSSC cooks felt the most  stress because all 180 people plus 40-50 staff showed up for meals on a  daily basis.   Stratton mogul team, Killington ski team, Team Franconia  (including Franconia coach, old timer Eric Price making his MHSSC  comeback after 13 years away)...all had teams here.  It was REALLY HOT  here early in the week.......over 100 degrees in portland for a couple of  days straight, so we had pretty soft snow....lots of salt thrown on the  hill.   Still enough snow to be skiing all the way to the parking lot,  which is nice. Random thing #1: Been following the Duke men's Lacrosse team sexual crime  allegations case?   One of my MHSSC sources has told me that one of the accused Duke players is a former MHSSC camper.........how random (and mostly insignificant) is that? Random thing #2:  if you drive your car to the camp picnic each week, you can buy a Wildwood Park yearly parking pass for $10....or pay $3 per visit.....you do the math. Random thing #3: New Mike/Lynne rule:  staffers cannot eat food in the lodge dining room that campers don't have access to........things like cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, nacho's etc........MHSSC Counselor Evan Mikkelson is 0 for 2 on trying to take the Bus driving test (CDL:  commercial drivers license).......1st attempt, he was a few minutes late and they didn't let him do the test.........this week, they got there plenty early, but the bus HORN did not work.........Evan said the horn was working BEFORE the test, and then again AFTER the  test.........but during the bus inspection, the horn failed........so NO TEST. It's time to vote for MHSSC employee of the month for JUNE 2006:  Here are the rules:  you can vote on-line by replying to this e-mail (votes must be cast before next weekend).........or I'll be taking your vote in person early this coming week.  Who can vote?  Anyone who worked at camp during June.  You cannot vote for the following people:  Mike or Lynne Annett, Robin Cressy, or John Rust......also ineligible are the part-time diggers and camper-staff.   Go here if you need some help in remembering  who worked:  http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm   I'll announce the winner in next week's update.   What does the employee of the month get?  Recognition by all, a pat on the back, and a certificate on the wall for all to see........and perhaps a free blizzard milkshake at dairy queen.
Emily Questions for this week:
1.  On an airplane you are talking pleasantly to a stranger of average appearance.   Unexpectedly, the person offers you $10,000 for one night of sex.  Knowing that there is no danger (no diseases) and that payment is certain, would you accept the offer?
2. Would you prefer to be blind or deaf?
3.  for $1,000,000 would you be willing to never again see or talk to your best friend? (no e-mail or instant message either)
Have a great week......Robin


Session 6, 2006 update

Hello MHSSC staffers, past and present!  6 weeks down, 8 to to.    Still skiing all the way to the parking lot as of yesterday afternoon....but it's getting a bit thin near the bottom of the canyon......short lift lines all week except yesterday.....kids were getting in a ton of runs. MORE STAFF INJURIES: Counselor/coach Louise (Lou) Robertson took a bad fall off the mogul lane table-top jump yesterday and likely broke her collar bone.  Speaking of broken collar bones, MHSSC cook Elliot Halverson had surgery on his collar bone yesterday.   And since we are on the topic of injuries, Tim Feeney reaggravated his ankle injury in a physical game of "jenga" (yeah, true story)........Counselor Fritzy put on a firework presentation for the campers on the 4th of July up on the camp soccer field.  And there was plenty of firework related explosions going on in govy all week..........Terry suggested I try some earplugs to get some sleep.  Counselor Evan Mikkelson ate a live inchworm at the camp picnic for $2.65.  He said it was chewy, but not a lot of taste.   I hustled 3 campers plus staffer Mike Evian for $1 apiece on the basketball court (H-O-R-S-E)  Some of the staffers did an evening jumping session/photo-video shoot in the MHSSC terrain park on Wednesday night.  I heard people went BIG!  (including Terry McLeod doing helicopters off the big jump)........Employee of the month for June 2006 went to Mark Stegall.  Congrats Mark!   Mark received 17 votes (out of a possible 45 people that voted).....2nd place went to Chelsea Stamer.......and tied for the bronze medal was Brett Andrews, Tim Feeney, and Emily Sampson.  Honorable mention goes to: Bill Whalley, Lou Robertson, Elliot Halverson, Nolan Willard, Dan Tsai, Lenny iimpossible last name), Evan Mikkelson, Leo Menard, and Bryan Calcaterra.   Great job everybody!  Former MHSSC head coach Tom Sell was on the mountain this week............coaching the U.S. development guys over on the west side of the chair.   Speaking of past staffers......here are a few updates and "hello's" from people:
Scott Bell:  I just finished my masters degree in Accounting last month from the University of Denver and am studying for the CPA exam at my families place in Northern Michigan.  I have a job starting with Ernst & Young in September in Denver and am looking forward to progressing my career.  Other then that I have been skiing, biking, and traveling a lot over the last two years.  I would really like to visit Mt Hood sometime soon because it has been way to long.  Tell everyone at Hood hello and I wish them well.
Bridgette Shipley:  Bear attacks Bridgette!  In her words:  I was on top of a ladder and a bear ran underneath it and due to the fact he was fatter than he thought, the ladder knocked over and I fell on me elbow, shoulder and knee.  Bruised a bit and broke and dislocated my elbow...bear ran away (he felt bad).
Barrett Stein:
I do miss the mhssc family so please say hi for me!
Steve Heuer:Well, I finally finished all my work on "Superbikes" on the East Coast. Did Florida twice, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Was my first time to New York City. Totally cool, but darn glad I don't live there. I do look forward to going back sometime. While in Pennsylvania, we had some time to kill, no pun intended....ha, ha, and found this shooting range out in the middle of nowhere. I got to shoot an Uzi, M1 Carbine, AR-15 sniper rifle, and an old military .45 hand gun. They had all kinds of cool and interesting weapons there. Was a total blast. The targets were approx. 30 yards away and I was quite a good shot :-)  Next up, it looks like a travel show in Boyne Highlands, Michigan and I leave for my India journey July 24th.  Hope all is well. Hi to all.
Lots of "Emily Questions" this week:
1.  Choose your method of death from these choices:  car wreck, drowning, falling out of the sky, hanging, electric chair, killer bees, eaten by alligator.
2. Would you resort of cannibalism to stay alive? (bodies already dead, like in the movie "Alive")
3.  Would you snort cocaine 5 days in a row to avoid getting robbed at gunpoint? 
4.  Would you give a 10 year old camper a bottle of vodka for double your MHSSC pay with no chance of getting in trouble?
5.  Would you make out with your brother or sister for 3 minutes for 13 months of free gas?
6.  Would you rather give up driving a car for life or give up TV/Internet?
7.  Would you hitchhike naked from the camp lodge to Govy for $11,928.43?  (Feeney said he'd do it for $100)
8.  Would you rather spend 1 hour in the MHSSC trash trailer or have to eat 7 salmon fish eyeballs?
Remember the Emily question a couple weeks ago about which 2 MHSSC staffers you'd want to be on a deserted island with?  Many of you picked Mike Annett as one of your two fellow castaways.........Mike is like the professor on Gilligan's island.....could probably make a radio out of a coconut.......
A mt hood poem by coach Bob Robicsek:

Summer Snow

You can see the pure whiteness of it
Visible from miles away in all direction
Rising above the brown and green
Majestically…spiraling upward toward the heavens
So lonely against the bright blue sky
Glistening under the hot glow of the summer sun
Defying the seasons and the verdant lushness at its base
And every summer day a thousand red and blue sticks
Arise upon its brilliant slopes like so many birthday candles
Celebrating its whiteness and its defiance of summer….
As hundreds of faithful worshipers in bright colored suits
Glide down its steep inclines, carving neat parallel lines
With each turn celebrating the endless winter that is Hood...
R. Robicsek July 7, 2006
Attached is a photo of Izi's wedding from last week at beautiful Lake Tahoe (and brother and best man Andrej)
Have a wonderful weekend


Session 7, 2006 update

Good evening, sorry for the lateness of this update........couldn't get on my computer until just now.......We had an eventful session 7.  The end of session 7 means we are half way thru summer.   Thursday of last week was the last day there was enough snow to ski all the way to the parking lot......although I heard that Darren Owen and Rogan Connell skied over a few select rocks on Friday to make it all the way to the bottom an extra day.  (no, they weren't using demo skis)
BREAKING NEWS:  (ok, it's sort of old news now, as this happened 7 days ago) Somebody STOLE the MHSSC two-tone van........yeah, I'm not joking.  It was stolen right out of the MHSSC lodge parking lot in the middle of the night.  We called the police and everything........BUT........Scotty Veenis happened to be in Gresham, doing a little car shopping (his last car was totaled on his trip out here in a multi-car accident.......no injuries)....anyway, Scotty did not know that the van had been stolen, but he remembered seeing it parked at a Gresham Restaurant near one of the car dealers during car shopping...........We called the restaurant and sure enough it was still there.  Bill Whalley went down to pick it up.......No damage done.......Keys still in it!   Last camp vehicle to be stolen was the infamous blue bus in 1986......somebody was pretty sure it was those evil Idaho boys) took it for a joy ride and then parked it in a different spot in Govy in the middle of the night......anyway, there's your camp flashback for the day.  

Former staffer Cara Rudio is coming for a visit this Thursday.......she plans a trip to the glacier and maybe to Charlies too.  We had a scary trampoline accident on friday night.  Girl took a bad fall.............there was fear a possible broken back......she rode an ambulance, then life flight helicopter......but it turned out she just had a wicked bad bruise.   She walked out of the hospital later that night. (3am actually)  Expensive bruise! 
Myself and fellow camp videographer Jeff Moore were both involved with two separate weddings this past weekend, both of us playing the role of "officiate".   Jeff (a prophet) married off two of his friends down in California.  He said he wasn't given the wedding vows until two hours before the actual wedding, but he winged it pretty good without much prep time.  I was more fortunate.  I (Reverend Cressy) had a full week to practice the vows.........and as you can see from the attached photos, I did some practicing at the camp picnic, marrying off Chelsea and Sage, followed by a quickie wedding for Alexandra and Spencer.   Sage has already mentioned "divorce" so he can claim half of Chelsea's paycheck (she's been racking up the hours of late)  (*picnic wedding photographer, Rogan Connell)  And friday night at Charlies, I did some more wedding practice by marrying off a half dozen more couples........beer makes people do things they might not normally do!   Coach Emily Sampson was married two different times (to two different men)........one of which, was all excited for "the kiss"......too excited, actually.   Tim Feeney was also married twice on friday night.   Congrats everybody, I sent in the paperwork for you guys.    The real wedding I performed was at Timberline Lodge........two former skiers that I coached on the Aloha-Southridge high school ski team fell in love, and tied the knot...........Mike's famous MHSSC pizza was the main dish at the wedding reception.  anyway, that's all for now.........Robin

Session 8, 2006 update

Hey! It was HOT this week, especially on friday.   t-shirt on Palmer hot.  Darren Owen and Scotty Veenis both said they had never remembered it being that hot in Govy EVER.    100+ in portland.  Former MHSSC coaches Jack Suierveld that's Jack in the attached photo) and Alex Mitchell made an appearance at camp last week.   Jack was here coaching one of his adult athletes at the annual summer masters race.......and I think Alex was here with his kids campers) although I only got to chat with him for about 14 seconds so I didn't get the whole scoop.   Former staffers Brandy Powell and Cara Rudio also made guest appearances.  Olympic gold medalist and former MHSSC camper Ted Ligety stopped by the lodge too.  He played a little tennis with Scotty and some others on Mike and Lynne's clay court.   Counselor Dave Curran was bleeding all over the glacier on monday.  He was skiing a slalom course when the gate got wrapped around his leg, when whipped up and hit him square in the chin.......he kept saying "ow".......along with some other choice words.   blood was pouring from his chin.......deep cut.  He needed 10 or so stitches to patch him up.
There was a small flood at the Creel condo (staff condo)........I didn't get the whole story, but apparently a pipe burst and water went everywhere........peoples bedrooms were soaked.   There was also some theft issues at Creel early in the week (some snowboards and other stuff were taken)...........not the ideal place to be last week!    You can see some Bill Whalley surf camp photos here:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm   the end    Robin


Session 9, 2006 update

Good afternoon, 9 sessions down, 5 to go..........stage 1 of "burnout" is denial.........stage 2 is acceptance.  Stage 3 is skipping the picnic to sleep......then going to Charlies till 1:34AM.  A few weeks ago, former staffer Eric Price returned to work at MHSSC after a 13 year break......well that record was shattered this past week, when 1982 coach Ken Kronberg, came back to coach this past session.  A 24 year break between MHSSC shifts!   I actually remember Ken from back in the day.......1982 was my one and only year as a camper.  Some facts about MHSSC 1982......the name of the camp back then was "Eastern Downhill Camps".  Head coach was Sim Thomas.  Also coaching with Ken Kronberg that year were Vance Lemley, Karen Lemley, Fred Loesberg and a few others.  Tom Sell was a camp cook.  Jennifer Annett was about 13 years old, Michelle Annett age 10?   Mike Annett often drank multiple cans of the softdrink "tab" and he was the on-hill videographer (in addition to being camp director).   Another former coach (early 90's) Alex Mitchell (nickname "skippy") came back as a camper this past week.  He joins Paul Richardson as the only two former MHSSC coaches to return to camp as campers.  Alex was here with his two kids.  Also happy birthday Alex! yesterday) ok, enough of the flashback.........here's what happened last week:  MHSSC cook Jay Belanger and myself saw a black bear running across the highway right near the bottom of timberline road.  Former camper Ted Ligety skied on our lane 5 slalom course on Tuesday.....course set by Eva Gonzalez.  Ted blew out of the course at gate 17.   There was a transient sleeping in the Govy post office on Wednesday morning (4:49am).....he was all rolled up in the post office floor carpet.  Next time I'll take a picture.  He was snoring away.  Rainer Hertrick is a local guy who just passed the 1000 ski days in a row.........yeah, he has skied 1000 days in a row!  Actually it's up to 1002 as of today.  I don't know his whole story, but I've heard a few things:  he's a groomer at Timberline.  If Timberline is closed due to bad weather, he will ride his motorcycle up the gravel road, hike up a bit and ski a short run.  And when Timberline closes after Labor Day weekend, he'll be grooming at 12:01am, he'll get out of the snowcat, take his one run, then head to the portland airport and fly to South America to ski the following day.......so with this plan he has about 47 hours, and 59 minutes to get back on snow.  I heard that he had to attend a family reunion one time (nowhere near snow), so he bought a bunch of cubed ice from the local 7-11 store, and spread it out and skied on it at some park.  I have no proof that this story is true or not.  Bad week for injuries this week........broken bones, concussion, sprained ankles.........Counselor Dave Curran (the guy who was bleeding all over the glacier last update) broke two bones in his arm in a slalom wreck.   July is quickly winding down, and that means it's time to vote for MHSSC employee of the month for JULY, 2006.  Who can vote?  Anyone who worked at camp during July '06.  Who can you vote for?  Anyone that worked at camp in July 2006 (ineligible to receive votes:  Mike and Lynne Annett, Robin Cressy, and John Rust).........you can vote by replying to this e-mail if you've gone home already, or I'll be gathering your ballots on Sunday/Monday of this week.  
Emily Questions:
1.  One a HOT summer day, you get off the palmer glacier, walk thru the Timberline parking lot, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car.  What would you do?
2.  If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living?
3.  How many times during the day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
4.  If you could prevent either an earthquake in Peru that would kill 40,000 people, a crash at your local airport that would kill 200 people, or an automobile accident that would kill a friend of yours, which would you choose?
Counselor Brett Andrews was looking business sharp on the hill yesterday.........and check out the mystery insect.  Jeff Moore and Emily Sampson do their best Napoleon Dynamite impressions.  And check out the close-up of one of those annoying fly-bee insects that buzz in your ear up on Palmer.  Can anyone identify this bug?  It hovers like a hummingbird, they don't sting or bite, and they are pretty annoying.   That's Jay Panther upside down off the mogul lane table-top jump.   Robin      cressyvideo dot calm


Session 10, 2006 update

Hi, The MHSSC staff continues their injury streak.  Add Nolan Willard to the list of broken collar bones.  On Thursday morning, Nolan caught an edge in the public lane and went down HARD on his shoulder.   A week ago Friday, CIT (counselor in training) Lindsay Ratliff broke a bone and tore a ligament in her foot/ankle.  Terrain Park digger Sara injured her knee in the park on Thursday afternoon.  Andrej Jerman, who went back to Slovenija a few weeks ago, broke his wrist in a mountain bike wreck.  Andrej needed surgery (check out the attached photo Rogan sent me of Andrej in his cute little hospital pajamas).  Rogan is currently visiting Izi and Andrej in Slovenija.  Rogan told me that Izi and is wife are expecting a child in February.  Yeah, Izi is going to be somebody's father.  Counselor Dave Curran, who broke his arm session 9, told me that his arm does NOT require surgery, but he is done for the summer.....not coming back, but he wishes everyone well.   Besides injuries and people having babies, here's what happened at camp last week:  Carter Casner was driving the van back from activities when he hit a bird (a grouse?).  This now dead grouse was stuck in the van grill.....ewwwww!  I heard a rumor that another coach took this poor little dead grouse and was grossing out campers with it.......a gross grouse.  Adult camper Grant Wilson (guitar and vocals) and coach Terry McLeod (on bass guitar)  put on a free concert at the camp picnic..........mostly Beatles and beach boys tunes.  John Rust took a group of coaches caving at Mt. Adams.  Mike Annett finally purchased a Charlies Pin.  What is a charlies pin?  At the charlies bar in Govy, you can buy a pin for $100, which gets you a free drink buy one, get one free, once per every 24 hours) for the next 5 years.   Mike resisted the charlie pin opportunity for 5 plus years, but on tuesday night when he left the bar, he found $75 cash sitting right next to his truck.....SCORE!   $75 was more than enough for the down payment on his new pin!  He went in the next night to make it official.   Chelsea Stamer was the winner of the MHSSC employee of the month for July 2006!  Congrats ChelseaChelsea ran away with the voting.....it was a landslide win.  Taking the Silver medal was Jay Balinger (sp?), and earning the bronze was Nolan Willard iinjury boy).......Lots of people received votes, which means a lot of people are doing good work.   Mike offered up $75 congratulations money for each of the last 4 winners of the MHSSC employee of the months (dating back to July 05). Still plenty of snow up on Palmer for this time of year.  There's still a public halfpipe on the upper magic mile.  There's still gate training on lower west Palmer...........And we can still ski down the mile canyon to within a couple hundred yards of the parking lot.  I'd guesstimate that about 80% of the people on the hill are skiing/snowboarding down at the end of the day, 20% downloading.........The mogul lane has rocks in a few places, but they may move the moguls further west where there's more snow.   Lift lines have been short for the most part. 
Emily Questions:
1.  Would you accept $1,000,000.00 to leave the United States (or your own country, depending on where you are from) to never set foot in it again?
2.  Do you think the world will be a better or worse place 100 years from now?
3.  You are given the power to kill people simply by thinking of their deaths and twice repeating the word "good-bye".  People would die a natural death and no one would suspect you.  Are there any situations (Bin Laden?) in which you would use this power?
4.  If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?
5.  Would you like to be famous?  In what way?
The attached photo of the guy with the skis on the back of his motorcycle is Rainer Hertrick, the guy who has skied over 1000 days in a row. 
Next week (session 11) is the 2nd annual NICE camp.  It's that time of the year when people are a little grumpy, burned out, ready to go home, etc.  NICE camp is all about being nice to each other.........complaints kept to a minimum.  Treating everybody well, helping each other out, going the extra mile.....for a whole week!    that's all folks.     Robin


Session 11, 2006 update

Mt Hood is on fire!  Run for your lives!  Ok, the actual mountain is not on fire.........but there are a series of forest fires on the east side of the mountain.  http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_081206_news_hood_f=res.5a8faa.html
Highway 35 is closed because of the fire danger (between Mt Hood and Hood River)........so we can't go to our usual spot for cliff jumping (afternoon activity).......yesterday the wind shifted a bit and we got some smoke/fog condition up on Palmer, but other than that, we aren't really feeling the affects.  You can see a photo I took of the smoke from palmer on Thursday morning here:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm  You can also see a photo of Mike about to hit the softball at wednesday's picnic if you scroll down that same page a bit.   There was a rumor on the hill that actor Ben Affleck (sp?) was skiing on Tuesday.  FALSE rumor.  But I heard the guy on the chairlift looked like Ben Affleck.   Bill Whalley climbed up frenchies dome in flip flops on Thursday, winning a $1 bet with Jeff Moore.  I continued my unbeaten streak in H-O-R-S-E (haven't lost a game since 2003) by hustling 3 more suckers on the lodge b-ball hoop.   $1 a game......anyone want in?   John Rust was coaching rockclimbing all week at smith rocks climbing camp.  I heard he had 4 campers for the week......Terry McLeod filled in as head coach on the hill.........we did dual GS on friday to end the session on a fun note.  Counselor Liz Edmunds passed her Commercial drivers License test this week!  great job Liz!  At the camp picnic, I noticed Liz and Evan Mikkelson UNDERNEATH the camp bus, studying for the test.....Liz wanted a close-up view of the brakes.......I guess you need to know some of that stuff for the test.   3 more weeks of camp left..........the staff is starting to dwindle........the number of campers is starting to dwindle........but there's still a 12 month supply of bologna in the walk-in fridge. 
Emily questions for session 11:
1.  If you were at a friend's house for thanksgiving dinner and you found a dead cockroach in your salad, what would you do?
2.  If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to?
3.  If you were able to wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, would you do so?  Whom would you pick?
4.  If you went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming?  Would you swim nude?
Robin     cressyvideo dot calm

Session 12, 2006 update 

Hi mhssc people's, Butterflies have taken over the glacier!.........run for your life.   Millions and Millions of butterflies are flying around the mountain.......where did they come from?  Where are they going?  What is their purpose? Besides the flying insect invasion, here are a few session 12 nuggets:  Jeff Moore did his first trampoline back flip ever......with the help of coach Tim Feeney and the harness.  After Wednesday's picnic, a few of us went to "the shack" in Welches for some Kareoke (sp?).......brave enough to get up there to sing a song were Tim Feeney, Carter Casner, and Emily Longfield.   We had a somewhat injured camper (stubbed toe?) trying to "slide" down the public lane down to the magic mile.......Lenny (k-staff) volunteered his services to piggy-back this injured kid down the hill.  I heard it was a sight to behold.  Speaking of Lenny........he tried to hustle me on the basketball court.  He was shooting baskets with this camper girl after dinner one night..... she couldn't miss a shot.  Lenny offered to put up the $1 for me to play her in a game of H-O-R-S-E.........Of course I did not know she was a "ringer"........so I took on the challenge.......taking a line from the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher",  "you can't hustle the hustler"........yes, this girl could shoot the ball from the outside, but she can't make a bank shot..........no contest, easy money.  NEXT!  At the session 12 sunday night coaches meeting.......we'll I can't say everything that was said, but Tim Feeney said it best: "following this coaches meeting, we all need to attend the sexual harassment training seminar".........that's all I can say about that.  Former staffers Peter and Craig Bowden made a guest appearance last week.  Peter was here on vacation, and brother Craig is here coaching with Rowmark, along with Pete Deisroth and Dave Kerwynn.  Jason Kim, former k-staff, made a return to MHSSC after a 6 year break, and coached last week too.   We were short a mogul coach last week, so they dragged Tim Feeney out of the office for a week of mogul coaching.  Feeney can still rip it up in the bumps.  After hearing rumors that there was going to be a "Rocky 6" movie, (rumors that I thought were sure to be false......I mean Sylvester Stallone is about 60 years old, isn't he?), sure enough there is going to be another Rocky movie......titled "Rocky Balboa".  The trailer looked good......supposed to hit theaters around Christmas time.  Here's a link to the trailer  http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1445131&sdm=web&qtw=640&qth=400
1 more session of kids left.......followed by adult camp (bring your own beer)..........the mt hood forest fires are still burning.........600 acres and growing........20% contained, last I heard.  Highway 35 is open again with a few restrictions

so anyway...........the other day when I e-mailed you guys those 3 photos of the mt hood butterflies, I decided to also e-mail them to Portland local TV news station KGW...........I mentioned in my e-mail to them that it wasn't breaking news or anything, but thought they might show one of the photos on the air as they sometimes do during "weather" segments.   Didn't really expect anything......until I get a text message on my cell phone from my sister saying she just saw my photos on the 11pm news (they said my name! woo hoo)........then the next day, I get this call from the KGW reporter saying they want to do a full-on story on this migrating butterfly.........they sent a satellite truck up to timberline and did 2 live reports.....and re-used my photos in their story.........the link to the 5pm version is below.........not sure how long the link will work, so check it out NOW! 
Next thing I know, Brian Robb (photographer) tells me that the Oregonian (main newspaper in Oregon) ran a story on the butterfly on the front page of Thursday paper.........let me know if anyone sees the mt hood butterflies on CNN or MSNBC.......I'm going national baby!  Anyway, I'm milking this butterfly thing for all it's worth.....I'll send out a real camp session 13 update tomorrow.......Robin


Session 13, 2006 update

good afternoon MHSSC'ers, Here's what happened last week..........add TWO more staffers to the injured list.  K-staff Michelle Schmitt partially tore her Achilles Tendon on her last ski day of the summer.  She actually skied down at the end of the day, downloaded the magic mile, walked over to a seat to take her boots off, when the injury occurred.  Yeah, taking her boot off!  She goes home to get an MRI to see what her next step is.  Snowboard video guy Ryan Anderson injured his lower leg (possible fracture below the knee) in a freak snowboard wreck on Tuesday.  I guess if you are going to get injured, it's better to do it at the end of the summer.  Feeney grabbed the mic a handful of times.  Even I broke my "will never will do kareoke" claim and sang the theme song to Gilligan's Island.  Some girls at the bar were singing "girls just wanna have fun" when all of a sudden Mike Annett started singing along too!  He won't win a grammy or anything, but it was entertaining nonetheless.  He said he has that Cindy Lauper CD in his truck (I'm not lying).........Counselor Allison Higgenbotham celebrated her 23rd birthday on friday.   Courtney Vermass ran in the Hood to Coast relay race yesterday/today.  From what I know about this event, teams of 12 people take turns running three different 5-7 mile chunks of the course from Timberline Lodge to the Oregon coast.  168 miles total (give or take)....Tim Feeney celebrated his 28th birthday on Wednesday.  We returned to "the shack" for some Kareoke (sp?).   Hey, August is winding down and the staff is dwindling down to about a dozen people (4-5 coaches, 3 cooks, 2 counselors, 1 video man, 1 new lodge construction guy, a camp director, and his wife........and it's time to vote for Employee of the month for August.   If you worked in August and have already left camp, then reply to this e-mail with your vote.  Who do you think did an outstanding job in August.  If you can't think of who to vote for, this link might help you pick a person:  http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm  Remember that you had to have worked in the month of August to be eligible to cast a vote, and you must vote for somebody who worked IN august, 2006, so stop voting for random people who worked 3 years ago or their pets......Ineligible to receive votes are:  Mike and Lynne, Robin Cressy, and John Rust. Mike Annett missed a couple days of camp this week...........I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the first time in camp history (only counting the summer camps), that Mike was physically gone from camp for more than 24 hours.  He's in Bend, Oregon playing in a tennis tournament with family members.  He would have missed some days at camp last summer, but Timberline closed on August 19 last year, and he kept the streak intact.  Anyway, it's good to see that Mike can leave MHSSC and the building won't burn down or anything crazy.  1 more week of camp left.  It's adult camp..........I think we have about 25 adults signed up, lots of new people of those 25.  Still a ton of snow left.......some people are still skiing down at the end of the day.  Heard it's about 1/4 mile walk to the parking lot.  The fires are still burning on the east slopes of mt hood.........they expect full containment in early September.  No structures have burned and none are in immediate danger.  correction from last weeks update:  It was Bill Whalley that helped Jeff Moore do a backflip on the trampoline, not Tim Feeney as I had written.    Bill Whalley is now living in Forest Grove, Oregon getting ready for Optometry school.  He's officially a local now.  (forest grove is about 20 miles west of portland).....that's all for this week. If you want to be deleted from this mhssc staff newsletter, let me know.   I won't be offended in the least. p.s.  don't forget to vote for employee of the month........do it NOW NOW NOW! 


Session 14, 2006 update
GAME OVER! Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps'  summer season #28 has come to an end.   Last week was adult camp.  We had 21 adults, mostly newbies that had never been here before.  We had a small snowstorm mid-week that closed the lifts on Wednesday.   But instead of heading to the mall, we rented a snowcat and did some training in the mile canyon for a couple hours.......yeah, still enough snow on the mile for a 30 gate slalom course, and a decent sized jump for the mogulers and snowboarders.  I shot a couple photos and sent them to KGW news and they aired them on their 5pm newscast.  Here's the written story at this =ink along with photos of Rust/Terry slipping the course, plus one of the adults hitting a jump:

Unfortunately one final staff injury to report:  Allison Higginbotham injured her wrist early in the week while snowboarding off of a box/rail.  Her arm was in a cast as she drove home on friday to get further x-rays/MRI.  There was a crazy sequence of events at the camp lodge on Sunday afternoon (camp arrival day)........there was a propane explosion in the kitchen that singed the hair off of Nolan Willard's arm.   Apparently the pilot light had gone out, so propane gas was filling the kitchen.......anyway, there was a pretty big flame that engulfed Nolan and lucky he only burned some arm hair.......and it let off a significant "BOOM" sound......Literally 15-20 seconds later another "BOOM" went off.......an automobile accident happened just outside the lodge on Hwy 26.  A car heading west hit a truck that was pulling out of the chevron gas station.........both vehicles were totaled, but nobody was hurt.   It was a crazy 20 seconds with double unrelated "booms"...........Jon O'Brien made a guest visit this week.........he brought 3 of his Wasatch (sp?) mogul athletes with him for a week of training.  Wednesday's camp picnic was the smallest in my 21 years at MHSSC.  Out of the 21 adult campers, only 3 showed up at the Wildwood picnic for burgers/beer.......the majority of the people went on a wine tasting tour in the Columbia Gorge or golfing in Hood River that same afternoon/evening.   Actually the picnic was attended by about 5 staffers, plus the Jon O'Brien's crew, so we did do some damage to the brownie tray. MHSSC employee of the month for August sent to Jay Balanger!  Congrats JayJay won in a landslide.  There was a tie for the Silver Medal:  Stu Halverson and Rick Millett tied for 2nd in the voting. 
BREAKING NEWS:  Go check out the latest edition of SKI RACING magazine.  (Sept 13 issue).  There's an article on mt hood summer training and photographer Brian Robb supplied several MHSSC photographs for the article: 
Page 4:  table of contents page:  Jason Hey GS pic
Page 6: Jay Panther coaching a little girl
Page 18: former MHSSC coach (now with Timberline) Ben Roberts tossing salt
Page 19: Sage Dunham ripping a GS turn (the red/white blob underneath Sage's left ski is Robin Cressy!)
Page 19:  John Rust group photo which includes Alex Andrews and Greg Curran
Page 20: another Rust group photo, including former MHSSC coach Alex Mitchell
Page 20: Patrick Deneen (sp?) getting crazy air
Page 35:  Andrej Jerman GS turn
Although summer '06 is over, there's a small crew staying behind to help Mike continue work on lodge #2.  Jon Winslow, Mark Stegall, Rick Millett, Tommy O'Rourke, Nolan Willard, Jay Balenger, and Stu Halverson are staying to do lodge construction. 
Fall camps start September 21.........when Palmer re-opens for the fall season.  If I get my act together, I'll send some session 14 photos in a future e-mail, hopefully sometime soon.  If any of you want to share your favorite memories from summer 2006, please reply back and I'll pass them to the group in a future staff newsletter.......Robin


September 10, 2006 update
Good evening, Just a few things to pass along..........I've been sorting thru all the digital photos I took this summer and if I have any photos of YOU, I'll be e-mailing them to YOU and YOU only.......some of these same photos I might have already e-mailed to you individually during mid-summer, so some are repeats.....keep in mind, about 1/2 of the photos were taken using the 1998 panasonic vhs-c camcorder (super low quality), but if you have adobe photoshop on your computer, then you can probably make them look decent by adding some contrast and perhaps tweaking the brightness and color. 
Favorite 2006 camp memories from Chelsea Stamer:
oh and i dont know if i can narrow down all of my favorite camp memories to just one...but the one where spencer fell out of his raft at oak springs and proceeded to leave his boat of screaming girls while it floated down the rapid and run up the bank of the river, into the road and then back down the side of the back to his boat of screaming girls..HAHA
Here's a Bill Whalley surfing story from about a week ago:
Surfed with Mark Sat afternoon/evening, and saw a shark fin.  It was about 50yards away and based on the fin the shark was pretty good size 8-12 ft maybe. I quickly turned around and paddled towards shore, I was definitely a bit freaked out.  Especially since I was out by myself (mark was somewhere down the shore, and it was super foggy so I couldn’t see him).  Later   Bill
Update from Chris Hargrave:
I had an amazing summer working =ith High Cascade.  I found that I fit very well with their team and enjoy =he freedom of coaching more than I thought I would.  While I miss =hssc life has taken me in a direction that I am truly enjoying.  I would like =o say thanks to everyone at camp for being a part of my life and career and I =m very appreciative and thankful for all the fun times and opportunities =here.  My consulting is starting to grow and I have added some very talented =iders to the list that I will be coaching for the next few seasons.  I am =oing to be based out of a small resort called dodge ridge this season if anyone =ants to come slide on some interesting terrain stop by.  The best part =bout what I am doing right now is all the travel, this season I won't be anywhere =or longer than three weeks, unsettling but exciting.  I just got back from =as Lenas Argentina and had an amazing trip.  Three days out of 16 were epic =now days with short hikes to amazing snow and pitch that put the fear in me again.  If there is anyone who is considering south america as a destination for a summer, stop thinkning and start acting you will have =he time of your life.  I hope that evryone had a great summer and I look =orward to bumping into people at charlies or on the hill again next summer.
According to Sage Dunham, the mt hood butterfly story made it to NPR: I also heard about the butterflies on NPR, so you really got the ball rolling!
Courtney Vermass and her teammates had a successful Hood to Coast event.  She maintained 8-minute mile pace on her 3 legs for her team.
Sean Mailey celebrated his 28th birthday last Tuesday.  Hey check out attached picture..........this was the lane assignment board at the top of Palmer on August 29.....pretty creative eh? 

that's all for this week...........would love to get more of your camp 06 memories.........Robin
p.s.  I can't remember when exactly I started sending out these MHSSC staff update e-mail newsletters (1999 perhaps?).  But I'm sort of hoping that somebody out there on the list of names has been saving all my camp updates on their computer (or perhaps piling up in their deleted items folder since 1999)........Bill Whalley sent me all that he had on his computer (2004-05)......If any of you have my old MHSSC updates from 1999 to 2003, let me know.......Maybe I'll write a book? 
September 19, 2006 update
Greetings from the pacific northwest.........Here is what's new at camp...........I've only been back to camp briefly since camp ended Labor Day weekend, so I don't know too much.  But I've heard that progress is being made up there in a few areas...........the 2nd lodge is getting framed this week........I think I heard that the 2nd floor is "up" now.  Or is that the main floor?.......it's the floor above the basement.  Next time I'm up there, I'll take a photo.  The two skateboard ramps have dome-type covers on them now.........you can see a glimpse here:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm 
Fall ski camps start up soon.  Mt hood has received a series of small snow storms in the last week or so.  The mountain looks white from my house.
Got a call from long lost MHSSC staffer Matt Murphy.   Matt was the only MHSSC coach in camp history (to my knowledge) that coached ski racing, moguls, AND snowboarding at MHSSC.  Multi-talented. Matt told me that he's married now and has a son named "Finn". He no longer works in the ski industry, and has some other business opportunities going these days.  Here are his websites: 
And from Steve Heuer.........(late 80's staffer):
I'm having another show/sale of my still photos coming up. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm showing/selling my Vietnam, India, and Nepal photos on the 22nd & 24th. I'll have 20 images from last years Vietnam trip and 22 from the recent India/Nepal trip. All 11x14 in size. The location is at the south east corner of Venice Blvd. & Abbot Kinney. The flyer is enclosed. Please feel free to pass it on. Friday I'll be inside showing on a wall in the gallery and Sunday I'll have a tent outside. Sunday we are going to be mooching off the big crowds that will be around for the annual Abbot Kinney street Fair

Today, I tossed out the first camcorder I ever owned....(see photo attachment)....I think I paid $1,200 for this full size VHS =anasonic gem in 1988.   I plugged it in today, put a tape in and tried =o record........wasn't happening!    Do you have =nything in YOUR closet that should be sent to the land fill?  
Well, I'm out of stuff to write...............(could you tell?)...............Robin


September 20, 2006 update
I had a couple errors in my last e-mail.The CORRECT Matt Murphy website address:  www.11visual.com  
And Chris Hargrave was another MHSSC coach that coached all 3 disciplines:  ski racing, moguls, snowboard.......I sent some MHSSC crash video clips to "whacked out sports"..........it's a new TV show on NBC..........at my house, it airs on Sunday nights 9:30pm, NBC...........I sent them about 3 minutes of the best crashes ever captured on the palmer snowfield.........I'll let you know if they plan to use any of my clips.   In the past I've been rejected by "America's funniest home videos" so I'm not holding my breath on this one. Long lost MHSSC staffer Sean Sullivan (late 80's, early 90's?) sent me a message the other day......here's a Sean Sullivan update:
I have skied less than 10 times since leaving Mt. Hood way back when.  Graduated from San Diego State in '94 with a degree in Exercise science.  Was coaching volleyball and tried to get into college but eventually gave that up and love to managing sports events.  Moved to Dallas in '98 to work for a company that did sport tours.  The one that you might know is "Hoop It Up" and did that for 3 years.  Meet my now wife in Dallas during my time there and then move to DC and went back to school for IT.  My wife got transferred to UYC and we moved to Hoboken, NJ (just over the river from NYC) in late 2001.  Got married and bought a house in 2003 and now live in Stamford, CT.  Had our first son in March and his name is Drew. I try to read each email and relive the easy years of my life when the only worry was if you could grab more the 4 cookies and not get caught. Please say HI to the Annett's and all the others from my time.  
Craig Bowden celebrated his 30th birthday on Monday........oh yeah!  he's in his 30's! Also, a week or so ago, I asked if anyone could send me back some of the old e-mail newsletters that I've sent since 1999, and a handful of you responded!  thanks!  


September 23, 2006 update
Good evening, Here are a few more updates from MHSSC staffers from past and present including another staff broken collar bone (that's 3 this year):
From Andrej Jerman: 
Good to hear that jet another summer is vver and that business was good. I'm letting you know, that I was already skiing =nd that my wrist is curently doing realy good. I still have same problems with =ovment and stranght is not jet as at was, but still I'm realy happy that thinks =ent that well. Like I said, I'll be ready for the season.
Holly Kasun:  She recently moved to Amsterdam to begin her new job with Nike as an eCommerce marketing manager. 
From Joe Reis: Taylor and I just got back from the Rolling Stones "Bigger Bang" opener at Gillette Stadium (home of those awesome Pats, who are looking forward to Denver this weekend!).  As this is the start of their North America tour, I would recommend going to see them for any of your Stones fans out there.  Great setlist with some older gems that don't get airplay.  First ever concert for 13 year old Taylor - any concert he sees from here on will pale by comparison.  Check it out if you are so inclined.
From Lyndsay Strange:   i have a news update for you... i broke my collar bone!!! haha i cant believe it, especially since i dodged that bullet all summer. But i was longboarding and got down really low to turn, went over some lose gravel and ate it, hard. I guess you could say the concrete won. But luckily it wasnt as bad as lou and elliot's. I chiped the bone where it attatches to the sternam in the middle and separated my shoulder and sprained my wrist. look at these left hand typing skillzzz. I'm getting alot better though. it happend monday, so hopefully by next week no more sling. just wanted to let you know since i thought it was ironic i did it outside of camp. Im just glad its the fall and not middle of winter!! Also i think one of my favorite memories from camp is when i first learned how to snowboard, i was going through the park and managed to take out not only myself but run into jon winslow and rick between 2 jumps. hilarious.
Injury update From Michelle Schmitt:  I did, in fact, partially tear my achilles tendon. I don't have to have surgery and I am finally off crutches, but it won't be completly healed for another two months. I am now in Corvallis getting ready for school to start.
Ridgley Reece's daughter Lisa had baby #2: From Ridgley:   Lisa Deann Reece Deleon, had her second daughter at 3:45 PM Monday,
September 18, 2006 at South Lake Tahoe. Besides her husband Christian, her12 year old daughter Courtney was there, the first to see her new little sister, then of course Grandma Ridgie and auntie AnnE.
Scotty Veenis is taking "swing dancing" at school. 
From Shannon White, bragging about her sister Allison White, the actress: Speaking of former MHSSC'rs...just saw my little sis in the Geary mainstage production of Tom Stoppard's play "Travesties" last night!!! This is San Francisco's Broadway!!! Allison was asked by ACT (The American Conservatory Theater) to join their core company for the 2006/2007 40th Anniversary season - very cool!!!  I'm very proud of her...she is truly amazing to watch...a multi-talented lady: from her humble beginnings on the stage' @ Charlie's!!!.......was it a Guns and Roses cover Al?

October 13, 2006 update

Hi all, Lyndsay Strange sent me a few pics from summer........see attachments.........
Here are a few staff updates...........Barrett Stein:  I am selling real estate for the Telluride Real Estate Corp. TREC) and we are listing some of the coolest houses I have ever seen, www.sunnysideranch.com . Our group is also involved with a brand new Greg Norman golf course www.cornerstonecolorado.com  . From the property you can see 14,000 foot peaks and the desert in one swoop.
Chelsea Stamer i went to yoga last night and it was amazing
Jerry OhI'm in medical school now in my old age at the Univ of Illinois Chicago.
Jack Suierveld: I am quite busy with flight lessons and now have 7 students working on their private pilot certificate, and others that are using, (abusing?), me for mountain flight work, recurrency training, biennial flight reveiws, tailwheel aircraft endorsements, and emergency maneuver training. All this along with some part time work doing finish carpentry and cabinets to fill in the gaps.
Julie Janus have been trying my hand at training for Okinawan full contact fighting.  I take karate out of my brother's garage, but his school has links into a traditional Okinawan school.  We have a tournament in November so I've been training (i.e. letting the 17 year olds kick the crap out of me every week since they've been doing this for half their lives).  It's something new, though, so it's been pretty fun.  And all the stretching and leg strengthening has actually really helped my knees for running.  Have a half marathon the end of next month and really haven't noticed much knee pain. 
Mark Stegall, who's been working at the camp lodge since camp ended......he finally left town this week.....
Hey I fell off a wall today about 6' onto rocks. I bounced but it wasn't fun, I'm already feeling it all over. It could have been a broken arm easily. Drink lots of milk, it does a body good.
Spencer Raymond freshman at Syracuse University)
I made my Syracuse radio debut today.  I gave a weather update on WAER during a break in All Things Considered. I'll be working the board once a week during ATC and Fresh Air giving weather, stock and other updates. It's started to get a bit colder here.  Nothing near the supposed sub-zero temps that I guess will happen soon, but 55 degrees is freaking out the Puerto Rican on my floor. I'm working at CitrusTV(.net) (the student TV station) almost everynight.  I've be doing the audio board mostly.  I made it into the news department, in addition to working in the control room for Sports. I'm now a general assignment reporter for the Friday newscast. I spent last weekend at West Point playing in a water polo tournament. We lost all our games, but it was still good times.  I played OK. I'm currently leading the team in scoring with 20 goals in 8 games. OK, enough bragging.  school is good, sorta tough but not really.  I'm getting by. My bike got stolen.  Apparently there's a big ring of mobsters who go around and steal bikes.  I replaced it though, with a sweet, red road bike wth a generator that flips onto the back wheel to power the lights. It still baffles me to see all these people going to school here. Looking across the quad and seeing hundreds of people walking around or hanging out really places me in college.  It's great.  Now I should say something like, It really makes me want to learn and expand my mind.  OK, it does that a little. I have seen some great speakers so far.  I'm really impressed by the caliber of speakers SU is able to bring in.  So rar I've seen Al Gore, a researcher from a media consulting company, the Miami Bureau chief for Newsweek, and a senior VP for programming from ESPN that was a cool talk).  Gonna be in NYC this month?  Well then come by Colombia University Oct. 28 and 29 to see the NY championship water polo tournament. We'll be playing in it. That's all from Syracuse for now.  I'm gonna go do some laundry.  Peace,   Spencer
Steve Heuer: He just had artarthroscopic surgery on his knee.  He got a piece of his medial meniscus trimmed that was slightly torn.
And this from Will Wasson: big news. After years of research google has enlightend me. Ted Nugent is on the tshirt of the guy in Dazed and Confused.
Happy birthday to Michelle Annett.......Oct. 14
I just went and saw the movie  "Jackass number II"..........I give it a "B-"........pretty funny........kinda gross.........not a must see.  Not worth a full price $8.50 theater ticket..........wait for DVD release. 
Bill Whalley is bowling for free on Thursday nights..........free for Pacific University students. 
My new high score for the helicopter game is 1330.  http://www.addictinggames.com/helicopter.html
have the best weekend EVER...........Robin Cressy

October 17, 2006 update
Hi kids, In today's newsletter:
**camp update
**Some more staff updates for your reading pleasure
**the helicopter game
**Bill Whalley's new penguin game 
**and my first attempt at youtube.com 
Camp update:  I went up to the lodge yesterday and took a couple photos of the new lodge under construction.  You can check them out here:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm
Fall camps have been happening each weekend............mostly ski racers (Rust coaching), but there has also been at least 1 freeskier (coached by Feeney), and snowboarders (Stegall coaching).........and heard a rumor that Brandy Powell will come down to coach some fall camp snowboarders that signed up.  Mike has been focusing his attention on the new lodge.  Luke just showed up to do some painting.  Feeney is filling in the gaps.  So things are happening up there.  Lynne told me that daughter Jennifer Annett Bard won Nationals in Tennis in Hawaii.  you go girl! 
Andrew Lynn update: Figured I would send you an update too...I am still working in the youth media scene in NYC - working with teens and younger kids to become media literate and make videos.  I work at the public access TV station here.  http://www.mnn.org.  My department is http://www.youthchannel.org. I develop curriculum. You can see all the other audio/video/animation stuff ive been doing on the personsal tip at http://www.breathingplanet.net and http://www.stillweridethemovie.com  I ride my bike about 20 miles each day... Bout 9 miles to and from work.  My board riding in the past couple years has been limited to hiking smugglers notch a couple times for a fix of pow pow.
From Chris Cota: Yes, I would like to make a Mt Hood comeback. On the Pro Leisure Tour, of course. But I do miss it.............still in shape; had a full summer of Mtn bike/motocross racing, surfing (yes, you CAN surf in Northern Michigan!)  But I'm probably too old to ski at camp. speaking of old........had dinner with Tom North last year. It was fun catching up with him. And as for Joe Reis.............we speak every couple of Sundays while making breakfast for the kids. I have a music studio here on the farm. My kid Josh is one of the most talented young drummers I've heard in a long time. He plays with me in the studio.........works out the drum parts, then teaches my drummer how it's supposed to sound. Joe Reis' son Taylor is a rock guitar prodigy.......so we're trying to work out a meeting here on the farm for a recording session sometime this year.  That will be great!!!!  Say hi to all the usual suspects.
From Emily Sampson: School is busy,and hard.  I try to see Rogan on a  weekly basis and eat many meals with Carter. We like to take walks  down memory lane, all the good times at MMHSC. There is a freshman  here who's brother and sister went to camp.  Apparently they know me,  I don't remember them...oops.  Field hockey is going okay.  We're a  very unlucky team.  We play better than our record shows which is a  huge bummer.  I was Bobcat of the Week one week for a game against  Amherst. That was pretty exciting.  Hope all is well!  Can't wait for the snow to start flying...in another month and a half...
from Mallory Hale: Got the last update and i thought i should tell everyone a little update about me...I am at school at the University of Vermont. A girl went missing last weekend and was found today- October 13th which is really scary. She was found dead about 20 minutes from campus today, which was really sad. The story has been all over the news here and i guess in the rest of the U.S. as well. On a better note, school is going really well. I cant wait to start ski season, all though i'm a little afraid of east coast skiing, seeing as i've only skiied in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. I've been keeping really busy with school and rugby. Yes rugby I am offically on the Vermont women's rugby team playing as a flanker...if anyone knows what position that is. We are tied for first for womens club rugby in the east. We play Norwich University tomorrow, the team we are tied with, so hopefully we will come out on top! Well thats all i have to say. Time for bed before the big game.      
from Paul Richardson: Not much new here, still a stockbroker, it's been 15 years plus now. I am playing tennis and loving every minute of it. I bought a new road bike last year and became additcted to the riding. I am taking my pilot's license now, this is just a hobby though, no plans of making work out of it. The rest of the summer we spend at our cottage and go boating all around georgian bay.I have never lost a propellor yet, and that bay is notorious for hazards. My kids are 9 and 12. I took my son out to Calgary where we rented an RV and travelled around the rockies for four days. That was all fun, beef jerky, and apples was pretty much all we ate. The thing was a dutch oven on wheels.
helicopter game........Bill Whalley's new high score is 1597.  Emily Sampson claims her college roommate scored a 1228. 
Speaking of wasting valuable time, Bill Whalley pointed me to this penguin game.......http://www.logan.ws/games/penguin.asp
My high score is 319.8.......beat THAT!   Be sure to have the volume up for this one......really annoying penguin sound.
Are you guys into youtube.com?  I really didn't know what it was until recently.......so today I made my first attempts at uploading some video.  This first one is of Terry McLeod doing some 360's in the park.
And this 2nd video is some of the best crashes in camp history including the infamous Ryohei (Yohay!) back flip gone wrong and Janet Lorton's 1992 GS slide into the camera person (not me).  Warning, Warning Warning:  one kid said the "F" word after his wreck.  ok, you've been warned. 
Do any of you guys have stuff on youtube?  If you type in "mt hood" in the search box, you'll find over 100 videos to look at.  Some even have ties to mhssc.   Robin


October 25, 2006 update
Good evening,
thanks for making my youtube palmer crash video the most viewed video in youtube.com history (I just made that up, but 251 people have watched it in less than a weeks time)  http://www.=irthdayalarm.com/dob/6561296a5227229b363 
A few MHSSC staff =pdates........
Jennifer Annett =ard (she was in Hawaii for her tennis tournament and during the big earthquake):
It =as something like this....

4.5 National Championship Big Island Hawaii- =op teams from the US and Carribean

We finished first in our pool and =ualified for the semi final match scheduled to take
place on Sunday at =:30 am. We rolled out of the van at 7:05am and the 6.6
earthquake hit at =:07 while we were still in the tennis court parking lot. It was a =BR>pretty safe place to be.   A lot of jarring, rocking and jolting =or about 30 seconds,
but no major damage.  The 5.8 aftershock hit  about 15 minutes later, I was inside
the pro shop and =ade a quick dash for the door to get outside. We were about 10
miles =rom the epicenter of the quakes.   We had to move from one resort =o
another to play our matches. The semifinal match finally started =round 10am.  Our
team had won the first set in all 5 matches when = somebody in the crowd started
yelling "5 MINUTE TSUNAMI =ARNING".  We have no idea where this came from,
but everyone panicked, =ropped their racquets and fled the area to higher ground.

 We =till don't know where the false alarm started, but it was pretty =nnerving to say
Violet Anderson (ok, she's really not a MHSSC staffer, but a long time adult camper)
I just got back from BMW camp in South Carolina.  Wow.  We got professional coaching and got to drive 7 different high performance Beamers in all different conditions (track, off-road, racing on wet highly-polished concrete).  I think they underestimated my competitiveness cause they joked about me (a woman, hah) being fast then I got second place in the Motor Cross competing with a bunch of men.  They have this totally rugged 4-wheel drive course where you can drive over a huge teeter-totter.  I'll let you know if I find any other interesting camps. One other comment if you send this on...  I introduced the coaches to the stivot turn concept.  I tried it in a head to head race on a wet oval track. I lost.  I learned that skidding a car sideways into a turn is really slow so don't try it at home.  And yea, we could drive as fast as we wanted, all day long.  Violet
Leo Menard: here are a few highlights of my 4 months thus far in NZ.  I skied 18 days during their "winter".  It was pretty sweet for a while, but the snow melts really fast here.  It rained at Mt. Hutt next to the Austrian all event skiers.  Benni Raich, Herman Maier, and Michael Walchofer were the stars.  Also made the paper here.  They mistakingly thought I was on the U.S Ski Team and printed an article with my picture on the cover of the Sports section.  ht=p://www.scene.co.nz/cms/top_stories/2006/08/art1000179.php I have been playing golf everyday(really cheap here) =ince and getting in shape for ski season.  I found someone here who =orked for Windell's.  She actually spotted my snazzy jacket that I got =his year.   Leo Menard
ht=p://www.scene.co.nz/cms/top_stories/2006/08/art1000179.php I have been playing golf everyday(really cheap here) =ince and getting in shape for ski season.  I found someone here who =orked for Windell's.  She actually spotted my snazzy jacket that I got =his year.  
which will lead you to this link of "hot jocks" =ncluding Andrej:
Feeney and Luke Wendel went to the Portland Trail Blazers preseason game with me last week........we upgraded from my endzone super-nosebleed 5 rows from the top seats to 2nd row from the top sideline seats (upgrade?)...........Luke got his game ticket free with my mad ticket scalping skilz.   Blazers were down 24 to 5 in the first quarter.......Feeney says to me "it's gonna be a long season for your blazers".........but they battled back and ended up losing in overtime 114 - 110.  Fans get a free taco bell chalupa when they score more than 100.....CHALUPA!!  (even when they lose the game)     Robin

November 8, 2006 update

Troy Grace is somebody's father!  (see attached pic). 
Troy's words:  Born August 12 06  Elle Sahalie Grace  Best thing i have ever done.

Michelle Annett is somebody's wife!  I don't have a photo (yet), but Michelle got married to her new hubby Travis on Saturday.  It was a short and sweet wedding ceremony on top of Beacon Rock in the Columbia Gorge.   Friends and family joined in at Michelle's house in Vancouver for the reception.  Honeymoon in Italy. 
Not breaking news:
Bill Whalley found a random video clip of himself eating a camp meal on youtube........a mhssc camper posted this.  it's nothing too exciting, but if you have nothing better to do for 8 seconds, here's the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTRxHRnzDO0
from Tory Amorello: I'm teaching freshman English...it's pretty weird to be in the front of the classroom. Sometimes I catch myself doing teacher-ish things like shushing people or demanding better focus and wonder what has happened to me. I suppose I'm learning a lot, but I will be relieved then I can start skiing -- coaching is a lot more comfortable for me than classroom teaching is. It's been snowy around here and the word is that Aspen/Snowmass plans to open the weekend before Thanksgiving maybe. I'm looking for some tele gear to get in the backcountry but I'm on a heinous budget and it's a struggle. If anyone's giving anything away, I'm shamelessly begging for it!
Jennifer Otten blog:   http://travelpalooza.blogspot.com/
Heavy rainfall has been pounding the pacific northwest.  Enough rain to close highway 35 between Hood River and Mt Hood.  I heard on the news that water was pushing debris onto the highway at white river canyon.  Mike, Rust, and Feeney all told me they were amazed at the high river level of Hood River (the river, not the city)........freezing levels have been too high for snow, but that is supposed to change. 
Mike and Lynne are off to south america today for a well deserved vacation. I think they are spending the majority of their time in Argentina.    Robin


November 18, 2006 update
Good evening, The temperatures have dropped and Mt Hood is looking white again.  Timberline is scheduled to open tomorrow with a 38 inch base.    It even snowed a few inches at camp.
Thanksgiving camp starts this weekend.   Michelle Schmitt & Joe Sulpizio are scheduled to come work/ski and help Rust out.  And Feeney and myself will help fill in the gaps while Mike and Lynne are still south of the Equator.  Terry McLeod is coming for a PSIA clinic.  Brandy Powell is coaching too.........so we have all kinds of mhssc'ers showing up soon.  I put up a new snowboard freeride promo video on the website.   It shows off the new box and rail features of the park from last summer.  Go here, then click on the "snowboard freeride video clip" button.  It's a Windows Media Player video, so you MAC users might have issues.  Bill Whalley randomly found this mustache video on myspace.com that includes footage of former MHSSC staffer Pierce Louis...here's the link:  http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vi=s.individual&videoid=1275170444
This from Kristen O"Brien: Jon just took a dozen of his top athletes to Copper in CO to get on snow.  http://www.goodsearch.com/
=EM>Kristen O'Brien
And this from Steve Heuer: In case there's any MHSSCers in the L.A. area on Dec. 1st, here’s the 411 for the next showing/sale of my still photography. If you go to the phresh/art site, you can see a sampling of the images I’ll be showing. http:=/www.phreshartdaily.com/showprofile.php?uid=93 I also highly recommend coming and seeing/hearing my friend Michele Moreno perform. She’s got a truly fantastic voice.


that's all folks.........RJC..............p.s.  has anyone seen the movie Borat?"  worth seeing?


December 1, 2006 update
BREAKING NEWS: (via Brian Robb/Rogan Connell)
MHSSC's own Andrej Jerman finished in 12th place in today's Men's World Cup Downhill at Beaver Creek, CO!  Andrej came from back of the pack wearing bib #44. 
Bode Miller won the event, and 3 other American's finished in the top 10......USA! 
Mt Hood is off to a nice start to the 2007 ski season.......currently a 83 inch base at Timberline Lodge.  Highway 35 to Mt Hood Meadows is still under construction.  They hope to open the highway by Dec. 15 so they can open the ski area.  Great pics of the highway 35 devastation here:  http://skihoo=.com/cs/blogs/daveriley/default.aspx  you'll have to scroll down a bit to see the highway pics.    Robin


December 12, 2006 update
Hi all, You may have seen the story about the 3 lost climbers on Mt Hood on the news.  2 from Dallas, Texas, and 1 guy from Brooklyn.  They've been up there since Thursday.  You can read more here: 
The weather has been pretty brutal, so rescue workers are dealing with a huge challenge. Highway 35 (between Govy and Hood River) was finally repaired and re-opened last weekend, so Mt Hood Meadows was able to turn on the lifts and greet happy skiers and snowboarders.   MHSSC Winter session 1 starts up next week.  Ever wondered what it's like to be a "camper-staff" at MHSSC?  Click this link, (exciting stuff, including toilet plunging and a cameo by Mike on how to make a bed)  Narration by Spencer Raymond
The first one Darren Owen sent me of his athlete Patrick Deneen getting big air on Thanksgiving day. 
In Darren's words: This is a D spin two rotations off axis. location Vail pass notice I 70 in the back
ground. This kid rips!! Happy Hollidays! DO.


The second photo is of Emily Longfield holding the book:  "The money book for the young, fabulous and broke".  In Emily's words:  It's definitely a great book that I will refer to for the rest of my financial future, most likely.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about their financial life.  The intended audience of this book is for people in their 20's and 30's, but I got a ton of great info out of it and I'm forty-something........you can find it for about $16 on overstock.com or amazon.com.  To read book reviews click this link.

The 3rd photo was of the world class tow-in surfing contest off the Oregon Coast held on Friday.  I was on the video crew for this event........they are hoping to put a 90 minute documentary together and get it on HBO.......I'll let you know if and when it airs.    that's all folks      Robin 


December 13, 2006 update
Hi again, some quick hitters from former MHSSC staffers:
From Brooke Miller:
Report from Mt Hood Meadows: We hit the mountain Sunday--there's plenty of snow, all of lower Heather Canyon was open, and even Showoff which usually takes another month to get adequate coverage. I was able to ski for almost 4 hours despite still recovering from a dislocated ankle back in August which put me in a cast for 6 weeks (soccer injury!)  Happy Holidays!
From Julie Janus:
My brother just released his first fiction book (has 2 published non-fiction books already on technical stuff).  Can you plug it in your next MHSSC update?  Figured people may not appreciate me replying to all, but an update from Robin, why - who wouldn't want that? The book is a humor/sci-fi book (along the lines of Douglas Adams who wrote hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).  It's available online at Amazon (Trick Lever Hens by Scott Janus).  I haven't read the final draft (get it today) but the manuscript was really good.  Makes an excellent Christmas gifts for any MHSSC staffers out there trying to finish up their shopping.
From Paul Richardson: Well I have lost the battle.  My kds will not be on the world cup. My son is really good at running and my daughter is on the basketball and volleyball team. I have resigned from my private ski club, but keep the kids in lessons at our local hill.
From Grant Wilson:


December 30, 2006 update
Hi mhssc'ers!
Andrej Jerman had a 4th place finish in the Men's downhill in Bormio, Italy on thursday (only =.43 of a second from 1st!), then followed it up with a 9th place finish yesterday only ..83 of a second from 1st!).  He's had 3 top 10 finishes in world cup downhills.
Emily Sampson picked this week's youtube video of the week.......titled "cat falling"......go get a good laugh here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g811Eo7K8U&NR  (poor little cat!)
Uros Pavlovcic is working for the Buck Hill ski team in Minnesota this winter.  brrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Kaylee Porter: I am ski racing this year for the University of Montana team.
photo from Scotty Bell......in Denver
I thought you would appreciate some pictures from the biggest snowstorm I have every seen.  Enjoy the New Year!

Happy new year........anyone have any new years resolutions?   Anyone get anything good for xmas?  I got rockem sockem robots.......seriously!  (action toy from the 70's that is making a comeback).