January 4, 2007 update
Happy new year!  former MHSSC counselor Brooke Miller has a friend heading south and looking for connections......here's her message: I have a friend who wants to go down to Chile in June/July and possibly work at a ski resort. Could you forward along a note in the next update to ask if anyone has connections down there they may be willing to share?
Brooke  Brooke's contact info:   brooke_rosalind@yahoo.com

Heidi Gamma: by they way Delphine was designing our new topsheet for the Ghetto Chicken, check it out at Birdos dot calm. so now one of our skis models has
a chick on and the other other one has a chicken.

http://www.birdos.com/puder_luder.php  (parental guidance recommended)

Jon Winslow: happy new years!!! pass the word along in ur next update.

Claudio Calonder: Unfortunately, the snow in the Alps is now as great as it looks in Oregon. Anyway, the forecast looks good and we really pray for some good powder.

Ray Dicius
on what he got for Christmas: Anyway, I did get a nice gift. A free pair of brand new race boots from an old friend still in the ski biz. They fit. Went skiing this morning for the first time in 6 years. Old body parts were flying in formation. Now where's the damn Advil...

Maria Schilling: In response to Uros's working at Buck Hill...."brrrrr."  It has been no colder than about 32 in the past 3 weeks....We had pouring rain the last two days, which finally changed to snow.  It is going to be between 35-41 degrees this week so we will lose that new snow.  We actually had to
cancel practice on the 31st because it was pouring.  We have only had about 4 inches of snow this entire winter thus far....but have man-made snow from some evenings that got cold enough and one week in November that was colder.  Two weeks ago it was in the mid-50's.  Anyway, Minnesota is more like California this year....which is great  as a runner, but unfortunate as ski coaches!! No matter what though, we have gotten a lot of training in on the man-made stuff over the past couple weeks....tons of kids visiting to train from Colorado, New York, Wisconsin, and of all things, California.....maybe the weather here reminds them of home. haha. 

Ridgley Reece:  Lisa has a new baby. 2 months old ... Arianna. She is adorable. Her other daughter is 12 and she danced in the Nutcracker right before Christmas. Then Courtney 12 played the Virgin Mary and the baby played baby Jesus at the local church Christmas pagent.  Being a grandma is pretty special.

And from my world.......I finished in 5th place in "the woody"  Aloha Southridge alumni race (slalom).   And finished a respectable 406th place (out of 951 people) in the new years eve midnight Portland first run.  Robin

p.s. Enjoy this photo of Mike I took today at MHSSC........it snowed about a foot at the lodge last night.   Notice Mike's vintage MHSSC pink baseball cap. 



January 8, 2007 update
Hey,  a few more staff updates and pictures to share:
Spencer Raymond sent me a photo from Mt Hood Meadows:
Here's a sick photo from Meadows on Thursday.   My dad took it of me skiing under shooting star.

update from Evan Mikkelson: (and see his photo) I thought I would just let you know how things are going here in 
Middlebury, VT.  It's very, very warm here.  We have hardly gotten  any snow, and in the past week temperatures have been in the 60s  throughout the state, as they have been elsewhere on the east coast.   The Middlebury snow bowl is really hurting.  I have been up there for  the past 4 days because the Middlebury Ski patrol had it's tryouts  and rookie training this past Thursday through Sunday, so I was up  evaluating new rookies and then skiing with them over the weekend.   There are two and a half runs open ( the half run is one where there  is a mandatory dirt-gap jump to enter).  At this point the only snow  on the mountain is manmade snow, and even that is melting fast.  It's  supposed to get a little but colder in the next few days, which will  at least allow us to make snow. -Evan


from Jon Winslow: im racing full time, right now im out in steamboat colorado right racing a few Nor Ams and next Thursday im heading off to Le Relais is in Quebec. then its back to park city for some more training, then ill be off again for a 6 race trip in Canada...

from Joe Reis:
Just had a mini MHSSC reunion here at Sunday River.  Both Tom Sell and Scotty Veenis were here for Nor-Ams.  With Mike, Anne, Leo Menard and I already here, it made for a decent size group of alma mater. Mary and the kids had come along with Tom so the Sell's all came over for a dinner and visit at our place.  Had some laughs and some great stories both from Tom's current exploits and MHSSC days.  We went back as far as Sim Thomas days when talking about flex gates and changes in tactics. Mary, Peter and Maria are as beautiful as ever...thank god the kids look like Mary. Mike and Anne are hitting the power curve now with competition season.  Anne has been coaching the I's and II's with Mike in addition to running our Alpine Development program (weekend program).  Now Mike is off to Canada with some athletes and Anne is off to Sugarloaf and the Eastern Cups here at Sunday River.  It was 60 (yes sixty - not sixteen) degrees here today so we are still struggling to get everything open.  Thankfully Sunday River has great snow making capacity so as soon as the temps drop again (Sunday night) they will start cranking out snow again.  Some of the smaller areas however are not able to do that and several races have either been cancelled, postponed or moved to either Sunday River or Sugarloaf.  For those of you with snow - enjoy it!  We are envious. Happy New Year, Joe

Timberline is building a new high speed quad.......it won't affect summer skiing, but it's supposed to open up some new terrain on the lower mountain:  http://www.timberlinelodge.com/current_news/current_news_stillcreekbasin.php
some quick hitters: I ran into Mike Langdon at Timberline this weekend.........he was teaching a snowboard lesson.   John Mulligan was at Mt Hood Meadows this week, coaching his boardercross athlete.  Also ran into Nancy Kastner at Timberline.  She's doing great, living in Hood River, and her daughter races for the Hood River Valley high school ski team.  John Rust did course maintenance at the Christine Cato memorial race.....pro slipper!   I took Bill Whalley to 3 Portland trail blazer games this year........they lost all 3.......he's bad luck!   Anyone else wanna go to a game?  Someone with good luck?  If blazers score 100 points, you win a free chalupa! 

Emily McConnell
just had a baby girl named Evangeline!  Congrats Emily!  (see pic)

Eric Baldwin (actually his wife) is expecting baby #2:  Quick update from my side, Baby # 2 is on the way. Around April 1 he is coming into the world... Looking forward to it. Mason is 2.5 now.. unbelieveable how time flies. He is skiing in the yard, and talks about going to the big hill sometime, so it is just about time to get him a little brain bucket and let him have at it.

Robin's youtube video pick of the week:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqJnYedfAYo


January 15, 2007 update
Hi all, It's cold here in the pacific northwest.  Cold for us anyway. 
From Bill Whalley: (see pics)

I surfed yesterday.  Went to shortsands (Oswald state park) there was snow on the beach!  Pretty cool.  Good waves, sunny, and no wind.  It was a beautiful day, though very cold when we got out of the water. Bill 


Other staff updates:
from Allison White:   I've just opened a show in San Francisco called The circle by W. Somerset Maugham. It's about love and scandal in England, 1921. having a great time. My 'office' is a theater that seats 1000!

from Courtney Vermass:
Just wanted to let you know I got my first magazine article published in the February issue of Powder mag. The article is on roxy (a well-known, all-girls surf company) and their jump into the ski market. It will be in stores soon, so check it out!

from Gregor Druzina:
First I wish happy, happy New Year to all you guys. I went back yo Slovenia in the summer and IT WAS GREAT. I finish my university, apply for master in business and economics back home in Maribor, Slovenia and did some sailing on Adriatic Sea in Croatia (awesome!!!!), skiing in Austria. It was nice to be at home after long time – yes meet all my old friends on the side with good Slovenian vine… Ohh, ehhhh…. So now I’m back coaching in Boise , Idaho . I came back in November. Season is going well right now, we have enough snow to train well, kids are doing great….

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!     Robin


January 18, 2007 update
Hi all, It snowed in Portland this week.  2-5 inches depending on what part of town..........what's the significance?  To people who ski or snowboard and are used to dealing with it and driving in it, there is very little significance.  But to the other 93% of the population, it's cause for panic. Bill Whalley sent me this youtube link that took place in Portland near the MAC club/PGE Park (where the Portland Beaver baseball team plays):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  It's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera angle.  Enjoy the misery! 

Debbie Russell
is engaged! After almost 8 years of dating and enough years of living together to quality as common law we're finally ready.
Jon Winslow
report: It was -19 here in park city last night brrrrrrrrrr and it didnt get above the teens in the day
Maria Schilling
report from Minnesota: YES---it is finally cold here. It finally snowed last night...3 inches.  Since it is cold, the snow is light and dry...which is rare here.  It was 3 degrees on Sat but I did not have to coach so I ran 13 miles with my running team...it was fine except into the wind....
John Rust
Request:  Rust is headed to Squaw Valley on January 26.......he's wondering if anyone has the inside scoop on discount lift tickets there?  Anyone have some connections? 
Dan Tsai
has his 22nd birthday tomorrow!  happy birthday Dan..........*note.....nothing new happens at age 22.....it's all about age 18 or 21.........or the social security check collecting age............or the age when your auto insurance goes down. 
Camp news
: The new lodge will be ready to house campers by 3rd or 4th session this summer (this according to my sources).......check out these pics I took yesterday.  We need a name for the new lodge.........anyone have any suggestions?   But then again, does the first lodge even have an official name?  The property is known as "The lodges at Salmon River Meadows"........so do all the lodges fall into this category?  As you can see, I'm just filling in space at the bottom of the email........nothing to see here..........go on to your next email. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 



Robin        cressyvideo dot calm



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 

January 26, 2007 update
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Hi mhssc'ers!  I got some good suggestions from you guys on naming the new MHSSC lodge:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  1.  Bill Whalley The lodges should be named based on color, kinda like the vans.  I think aquamaroon would be a cool name.  Not exactly sure what color that is, but I like the name.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Jamie Hinderliter: I think it needs a ninja name...
Janet Lorton:  maybe the buildings should each be named a fish, maybe a type of salmon. or a name of one of the glaciers on the mountain. or snow bunny 1 and 2.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 
4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Spencer Raymond: Name: Keeys Lodge or something?  Whatya think?  I donno...If we do name them we need like a ribbon cutting ceremony or something and crack a bottle of champagne on the doorknob.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Staff updates for your reading pleasure:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Britta Sorensen update: I am running a 1/2 marathon in Maui on February 10th and I am training for another marathon in June.  I'm not sure which one I will run yet, but it will likely be San Diego again.
Jay Balenger
update: (see pic of him jibbing the urban rail)  right now im in SLC hitting lots of urban rails, i go home back to tahoe on the 23rd.... back to northstar to chill with Rick, luke , the bird, ryan
kid..... its a mount hood crew all over again.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!    

Jon Winslow update: I just hat my best NOR-AM finish last weekend in Quebec i made to the first round finals. I was up against U.S. Snowboard team member Ryan McDonald and was knocked out in the the second run by the full differential but i still took 15TH PLACE :) im stoked

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 
from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Ryan Zacharia: Those in the East will appreciate this shoutout amongst all the talk of the West... was in Sugarloaf with my brother--it snowed about 17 inches on Tuesday.  On Wednesday it was a cool -10 at the base and -30 at the summit (measured atop Spillway lift).  Almost all of the lifts were closed, but the Bateau T-bar was opened so we took it and hiked up near the Snowfields to get some freshies.  Despite the near frostbite and a broken rib (due to collision with rock), it was totally worth it.  Eastern skiing rocks (my sense of humor sucks, pun intended).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 
from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Scott Carlis in response to the youtube video car crash on slick portland roads from the last mhssc update: I am still living in portland and taking classes at Portland State.  I actually live up near where all the crashes were happening by PGE Park.  I could hear some of them that morning.  So I decided the only way for me to get to work, which is just off of the intersection of West Burnside and Braodway,  was to strap on some old rental skis and ski down the middle of Burnside from NW 23rd Ave.  I got some good hard pack turns and had to skate the flats and then dropped into a tuck just past powells book store.  It was a good time and I definitely got some looks at some of the stop lights.  Here's David Letterman's take of that same video:  here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 
Request from
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  Shawna Riley: I saw John Rust's request so I thought I'd throw mine out too.  I'll be at
Big Mountain, MT Feb. 17-24.  Does anyone have connections for discounts etc?
  Shawna's contact info: Shawna Riley (work)  sriley@maynard.k12.ma.us

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery! 
And from none other than http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPE8vL5hlFA  =t's a hilly section of portland, although it's hard to tell from that high-up camera =angle.  Enjoy the misery!  me: If you have nothing better to do this Sunday night, then tune to CBS from 9pm - 11pm for the movie "The Valley of Light".  I'm an "extra" in this movie.  My one scene takes place in a church.  I'm sitting on the back of the church during a Sunday church service......I'd be on the left side of the screen.........chances of actually picking me out of the crowd and saying "hey, there's Robin", is probably less than 5%.......My scene was filmed in the fall of 2005, in the remote town of Scott Mills, Oregon.  I was paid a whopping $50, plus a free lunch.   What's this movie about?   Main character (Chris Klein from the "American Pie" movies) comes back home after serving in World War II to find that everything at home has changed.  (or something like that) Anyway, there's my shameless self promotion.  I was going to be in another scene......a street scene........but I was having a wardrobe malfunction (my pants zipper broke, so they went with someone else)  Robin     cressyvideo dot calm


February 9, 2007 update
Hello MHSSC'ers! According to my sources, it's Mike Annett's 64th birthday on Saturday (February 10)
Happy birthday uncle Mike!

Izi Jerman
is a father!  Izi's words: On the 9th of February at 16:10 (GMT) was born EVA Jerman. She weights 3,15 Kg and is 51 cm tall. She is doing just fine so does her mother...father is ok, but bunch of friends are coming over to celebrate the miracle.  cheers, izi
Chelsea Stamer
is making a spring break trip to MHSSC to ski and help out during spring camps in March.  She's also planning a trip to France in early summer. 
Jack Suierveld
update: Snow's thin but highly skiable in Tahoe. Presently, I am in Salt Lake City for the 16th Winter Deaflympic Games with Nicole Brill who attended the masters camp last June. All is going quite well with speed training runs through Saturday the 4th. She will be skiing in the downhill on Sunday. Following this, comes the super-g and the combined. Next week will be finalized by the gs and the slalom. John Rust should be proud as Nicole looks to be placing in the top 5 in each event barring the unforeseeable. For Now,  Jack     P.S. I have been enjoying a great beer brewed right here in SLC. It's called "Polygamy Porter".
Here are 2 updates from mogul coach 
Darren Owen.  Darren is coaching Patrick Deneen and Jay Panther on the NorAm mogul circuit. (see attached pics)
January 26, 2007:
Today was a great day to be a coach. We are in Quebec Canada at a very high level event a( nor am). For those of you not familar with competive skiing these are the best skiers in north America and several Japanese skiers. My boy Patrick took second place. He is such a great kid! We have worked so hard for results like this! We have three more stops on this tour one in Canada, next week and two in the western united states. Then off to Vermont for the US nationals. Days like today are so emotional. I am so proud of Patrick, I wanted to share it with the people care about. Check out the pictures they will make you happy too.

February 5, 2007: Good morning friends and family, Yesterday was another great day for Focus
Freestyle!!!!!!!! One of my boys Jay Panther riped up his Qualifying run but just missed the finals by a few skiers. We are very pleased by his performance! Patrick Qualified first by a full point. This is a large margin. We were so excited. Patrick ended up third after a large controversy and judging mistake in the round of six. Patrick stayed composed and dueled for third place, Taking out one of the top US team
skiers by a large margin. Another great day to be a coach. I hope you are all enjoying the updates and photos. We have had a great time in Canada and are looking forward to the next two stops in Idaho and Montana. I'm sure the boys and i will kick some more ^#*



February 10, 2007 update
Izi's baby pics attached:

  There ya go.  These were taken when she was on this world for about 10 minutes. the rest of them that I took came out a bit to fuzzy (it ain't that easy to keep your hands steady)  izi




February 13, 2007 update
More MHSSC updates: Vance Lemley: Eva and I  are doing great.  Life is good, but very busy here.  I am teaching my private dudes and training instructors in the ski school. Summers are going to be mostly building here to pay the bills.  It is possible that we could bring the kids out for a session sometime in the not too distant future.  They are turning into really good skiers.  Christopher is now seven and totally arcing.  Look out.    I had some sad news today.  Do you remember a long time ago camper named Chris Bove?  He was in my group for several years, and probably staff.  He has been teaching skiing at Snowmass for about six or seven years off and on.  Anyway, he hit a tree and was killed yesterday.  Big open blue run, probably going fast and slid into a tree.  Died after seven hours of surgery of internal injuries.  http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20070211/NEWS/102110038

Darren Owen: Today was the most successful day ever for Focus Freestyle! Jay Panther scored his best score ever and placed 9Th. At this level and on this tour a top ten is a great accomplishment . Patrick Deneen also scored his best ever and won the event .........1St place............ The event was on fog hold for two hours with only the last quarter of the field left to run. I don't know how my boys skied so well after standing in the cold for two hours.  This could be the proudest moment of my coaching carrier. Today was one of those days I will never forget. We have to be the hardest working group in freestyle. The work is paying off in a big way! I hope you enjoy the photos. Best regards,


Kristen O'Brien: Jon is in Tamarack, ID and just phoned me to say his athlete won the NorAm today, Bryan Wilson.  After Idaho is an event in Montana, then JR Worlds in Switzerland.  The last one I couldn't let Jon go without me...so anyone who has skied in Switzerland in March please let me know were we can be tourists before Jon starts working in Ticino.
Matjaz Stare
: Right now World Champ in Are (Swe) is  on the go. You can also see Andrej  who is the best skier in Slovenia National Team in winter 2007.  Good job Andrej!   Matjaz
Ridgley Reece:
Ann E Reece spent the weekend with me down in Newcastle. Not much snow in Tahoe. she is living in my house in Gardnerville, she skiis and boards at Kirkwood these days. Northstar also. she will be 30 in July.  Boy does time fly, especially when Ann E Reece is almost 30.


February 23, 2007 update
BREAKING NEWS:Andrej Jerman won the Garmisch world cup downhill today!  woo hoo! (thank you craig bowden, mike annett, brian robb, & john rust for the heads up)



And another great update from Darren Owen: Hi Friends and family, We just returned from Montana Today washington the nor am duel mogul championships. Great head to head action. My boy Jay scored well and qualified for the duel event. In the first round Jay "took out" a good friend who is a new member of the US ski team. In the second round Patrick and Jay dueled. It was one of the tightest heats of the day Patrick eked out Jay to go on to take .......2ed place........ This finish clinched the grand prix win for Patrick.......PATRICK IS BACK ON THE US FREESTYLE SKI TEAM!!!!!!! We are stoked!!

update from Juke Nord:  I'm still studying physics and I'm in the middle of my 4th year of  five here in Trondheim. It's a very nice city, big enough but not too  big. I think we're about 30000 students out of a 160000 population.  I'm coaching kids in the club here and probably spend more time on the  mountain than in school.. But hey, you've got to enjoy life when you  can, right? The last two summers I got these summer job offers at  Statoil which I just couldn't say no to, so MHSSC unfortunatly just  had to be put on hold. I've met a seriously fantastic girl who also  study here, but right now she's in San Fransico for six months. I'm  going over to her on march 23rd for 2 1/2 weeks. Thought about skiing 
in Lake Tahoe and making a trip to las Vegas and LA. Does anyone have  an idea about some must-see on that trip? I remember the day when the blue bus broke loose. Fritzy and I were  loading the rafts when the blue monster full of kids suddenly decided  to make a run for the river. Scotty made an awesome job getting those  kids out before it was completly submerged after less then 2 minutes. During that whole thing in the  following days, I doubt that Mike's pulse ever went over 65..Well, life is great to me......Hope you all prosper in happiness and whealth, Jocke, your swedish ambassador

March 5, 2007 update
More Andrej video, including his winning run: This one is his winning run clip

podium shot:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRbLXtBWhfk
and this one is almost 10 minute clip of his hometown reception (no english language included...subtitles don't exist)

And Rust wanted me to pass on this youtube clip about the dog with skilz:
update from
Spencer Raymond: It's started to get a little warmer here.  It gets above 30 sometimes now.  Ski team is over and it was great.  Varsity is leaving for Nationals in Colorado on Monday.  Both the Men's and woman's teams won our division and region.  In all my JV races I never finished outside the top three.  I even beat a varsity guy the last race of the season.  I've been real busy working at WAER, Syracuse's NPR station, and at CitrusTV, the student TV station.  I even landed an anchor spot.  That means I anchor the news once a week.  You can find one of the shows here or here (Feb 27th). I also work as a reporter if I have time.  WAER is keeping me busy.  I'm working on a few projects there right now.  I found an internship for this summer.  Some of you will remember when a huge TV truck came to LOHS to cover a boys basketball game against Oregon City.  I'll be working with the production company that put that game on.  They are basically a middle man between networks and on-site sports production.  For example, ESPN says "we want this game on our network" then the company I'll be interning for hires all the crew, talent, production truck and coordinates all the logistics and operations related to the venue.  It's in Seattle so I'll be living there for a while this summer.  I'm going back to Oregon for spring break.  A little west coast skiing is in order. That's all from the Salt City. 

In case you didn't hear, Andrej Jerman followed up his 1st place finish with a 2nd place finish the very next day.  He's now in 3rd place in the world cup downhill standings. 


March 16, 2007 update

Eric Baldwin is a father........AGAIN!  Check out the attached photos.  In Eric's words: Last Wednesday at 3:47 am Oscar Eric Baldwin came into the world 4 weeks early. He weighed 7lbs, 3oz, and was 19.75 inches. Mom and Baby are doing well!

other mhssc updates:

Brandy Powell: Saturday i raised money for the American Cancer Society.  there was an event at Stevens Pass called the Vertical Challenge.  24 hrs of Stevens Pass to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  2 chairlifts were open from 10 am sat the 3rd until 10 pm, then one chair until 10 am sun the 4th. i rode until 330 am.  the snow was crap so i passed out in the ski school locker room until someone came in at 7am. went back to work until 945 and then took a run to close out the event.  i didnt keep track of my vertical feet or number of runs.  they are supposed to email that stuff to us.  i did raise $269.  my goal was $250. other than that i'll be working at stevens for the next month or so.  they  have made me a supervisor.  the snow has been great.  lots of pow days and some spring slush park jibbin days.  sat nights we get silly and go snowskate and get hurt.  its way too much fun. 

From Christian Fritz: this May I will have officially finished my first year (in a year and a half) of grad school from beautiful Clark University for a masters in education.  It was a lot of work but totally worth it, I'm halfway done! Finally getting out of this A-Hole that is Massachusetts and moving out West.  I have been talking to people this winter about a ski instructor job at Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, and Vail. Yaaay!  Nothing certain yet, except that I certainly wont be in New England next winter.  Double Yaaaay! As you may or may not know, I have been considering re-enlisting in the military.  I have been talking to a recruiter here in Worcester.  The Marines rejected me because of my age, they anly accept recruits under age 30, even those with previous service.  The Army however, was interested and had some great opportunities for a college educated guy in his 30s.  They will even let me start as a seargent, which was my rank in the corps.  I am going to Fort Benning in Georgia in May for two days to take a bunch of tests.  If I qualify for service, then I talk to a recruiting officer about an MOS (job), work out an enlistment contract, and set a date to report for training.  Needless to say, if this works out, I won't be working in Vail this winter, but I think this is an awesome opportunity for me. 
Jon Winslow: im doing well i have had some really good training days out here in Park City. only bad news is i broke my hand in a few places & tore some ligamesnts a few weeks ago at a slalom race up in Alberta, Canada. it was a big crash but i got up and still ended up 21st. Im in a cast for a few more weeks the the doc will take a look to see if i still need surgery. hope i don't! other then that i can still ride; it just takes a little while to get a glove on.
5 days later Jon wrote me another update
:  well here the funny part i just broke my other hand yesterday no now i  have 2 broken hands. 
How does one function without the use of both hands? poor guy! 

And here's a 2 minute shorty on the Southridge ski team's trip to STATE this year: 
I know some of you guys coached our Aloha/Southridge kids at camp the last couple of summers.  Our girls kicked butt at STATE, finishing 5th in GS and slalom.........and as you can see in the video, the boys crashed and burned, finishing 13th.  The kid who crashed into the fence and then got up and nose dived thru the finish line, is mhssc camper-staff Tim Campbell.  They counted his time......the rule says you can finish the last 2 gates with one ski..........but I think the ski is supposed to be attached to the ski boot.......

Camp update
: Spring camps are now in progress.  We had one adult this past week.  A freeskier from Philadelphia.  Laurent coached him all week.  And Chelsea Stamer spent some of her spring break visiting mhssc, and helping cook some meals for the one camper dude........and she joined me for a Portland Trail Blazer game too.  (blazers got killed by detroit)..........one of the spring sessions has more than a dozen campers, so that should keep things a little more busy up there.  The camp blog page has been updated:  Read up about Andrej and see some current pics of the Palmer chairlift. http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm


April 14, 2007 update
Hi MHSSC'ers,Have you done your taxes yet?  the clock is ticking!  I finished mine 6 days early!  woo hoo!  MHSSC just finished up spring session 5 with about 18-20 campers in attendance.  Rust coached the ski racers, Laurent coached the ski better's, and Mark Stegall coached the snowboarders.......they spent the week skiing/riding at Mt Hood Meadows, where they experienced a variety of weather and snow conditions.  The new 2nd lodge is coming along nicely.  I don't have any new pictures, and haven't actually walked up there to take a look, but I know the plumbing and electrical is going in and the expected lodge opening will be mid-June.  And if you are on facebook, you might have already read the following:  this is not official, but the name of the main MHSSC lodge will be "Chinook".........and the new lodge that is under construction right now will be called "Coho". The MHSSC property is called "the lodges at Salmon River Meadows", so that's why we went with salmon species for lodge names. The idea to name the lodges after Salmon species came from former MHSSC staffer Janet Lorton Moran.   And speaking of facebook.com, the MHSSC staff group membership is up to 46 members.  Why haven't YOU joined the revolution?  What the hell is facebook, you ask?  I don't have a good answer.  I'm getting the impression that it's mostly a high school/college age thing........but it's a website where people network, share comments, share photos, and flirt with each other.  I need more of you old school mhssc staffers to sign up, so I don't feel so old.  www.facebook.com 
The MHSSC staff group link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2261481583 I think you have to sign yourself up before you can actually see the group pages.  And if you search around, you'll also find a "Andrej Jerman downhill king" group, and a "Government Camp bar team" group, and many others.   Here's another MHSSC group page with 223 members: 
ok, enough facebook.   here is a staff update:

From Darren Owen: Hi, Friends and Family, It has been a great season! The boys trained and competed well. We all worked hard and had allot of fun. The boys accomplished there goals. Jay had great results all year. At the US selection event he Qualified for finals bolth days with top ten finishes. After a successful run at the Nor Am Tour Jay qualified 5th at US nationals And finished top ten both days, 5th on sunday. Jay secured a spot on the US development team! Patrick really shined on the Nor Am tour this year. At every stop Patrick qualified high on the list and won qualifying at Val St Comb. Patrick was on the podium at every stop Including A win In Idaho and second in montana at the Nor Am championships. Patrick secured a spot on the US Freestyle ski team and is now focused on earning world-cup starts. As for me I am focused on spring training and preparing for summer skiing and next winter.  Hope you have all enjoyed the updates.  Darren


April 19, 2007 update
Hi MHSSC'ers!  a couple of fundraising efforts by Emily Sampson and Craig Bowden......read below starting with Emily's:
from Emily Sampson  In May I am heading to Darwin, Australia to play field hockey representing the US in the 2007 Arafura Games. As exciting as that  sounds, it costs an arm and a leg. Since arms and legs are important to play, I am trying to fundraise some money to go. Attached is a donation form that you can print out and send back to me (address on the bottom of the page). I'm also selling discount cards for $20.  These send you to a site where, on the first $500 you spend there, you can get 50-75% off all Nike merchandise. If you would like one of those, send me your address and I'll get one out to you. Every dollar counts, so if you can help, I would really appreciate it.
Emily Sampson
163 Thurlow St.
Pymouth, NH

and from Craig Bowden: Hello again everyone! It's hard to believe, but my second ski season at Rowmark has come to an end!  We had a busy and successful season, and are ready to enjoy the summer. Christine and I have easily transitioned from skiing down snow to climbing up rocks. Spring also brings about the reincarnation of the snowed-out Rowmark Golf Marathon fundraiser. I don't know if you recall, but our day of golf last fall was cancelled because of an early season snow storm. We are hoping for better weather this time around; my goal is to play 100 HOLES in one day! Thanks to all of you for your previous donations and pledges. I will send you a report for the day, including number of holes sunk, number of blisters on my hands, and SPF of the sunscreen I had to use. If you are still interested in donating or pledging, please use the attached pledge form before the official day, May 12. Thanks to all of you again for your support. Sincerely, Craig
Craig Bowden
Women's Coach
Rowmark Ski Academy
Rowland Hall - St. Mark's School
843 Lincoln Street
Salt Lake City, UT  84102
Phone: 801 355 7494 
Fax: 801 355 0474

Website: www.rowmark.org
E-mail: craigbowden@rowmark.org

Other staff nuggets:
Whistler fans, got this from
Spencer Raymond:
A new gondola will link the two peaks at Whistler.   Whoa.
Janet Lorton Moran
won her UC Davis alumni ski race.....you go girl!
the MHSSC staff
facebook page is growing by the day........recent additions:
come join us!  here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2261481583


P.S. are you still cool?  see below

Are you still cool?

This test is based on how cool you were in High School and what crowd
you ran with, etc., but it's still pretty accurate by today's standards.
You may want to send it to your friends to see if they've changed.
LET'S SEE; ARE YOU STILL A COOL PERSON? (Click on the link below to find









Jeff Moore update:


 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you




Jeff Moore update:


 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
Hi kiddies, camp starts in one week.  final preparations are happening and last I heard we have quite few campers signed up for session 1. I don't have much to write about this time around, but here are a few nuggets from some former staffers:

Jeff Moore update:  I have been promoted to chef at the peruvian lodge. please inform the natives. i might try and stop by at the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you posted.  Jeff
(the videographer formerly known as Number 2)





Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
Debby Russell sent me this youtube clip of mad ping pong skilz to the tune of Rocky music........really worth the 2 minutes and 44 seconds of your day to watch it:  

question of the day:  Somebody hands you $100 cash......you are at a mall.......and you have 15 minutes to spend it........What do you buy?  (the mall has ice skating, and a movie theater, and the usual stores)......you can't pocket the money.






Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
May 26, 2007 update





Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
Hi all, ht=p://www.dontpaniconline.com/designaposter/entry/?id=1171




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
Camp arrival day is tomorrow.  Nic weather is in the forecast, so we should have a good first session on the hill. Got some good answers to the "Emily Question" from last time: Q: Somebody hands you $100 cash......you are at a mall.......and you have 15 minutes to spend it........What do you buy?  (the mall has ice skating, and a movie theater, and the usual stores)......you can't pocket the money.




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
I received:
Jeff Moore
: give the money to the homeless guy outside...
Jay Belanger
: i would walk my ass into a clothing store and buy some clothes... cause right now i have a limited supply
Shawna Riley
: a massage, some Lindt dark chocolate 70% or more cacao, and a strawberry Orange Julius or two
Jeff Woodson
: I would spend the money in one shot. I would paid for a ride on the Zamboni. Thats how it done, kids. Jeff Woodson Formerly know as Cook.
Chelsea Stamer
is in France this summer. i live with a host family right outside of the city and its really nice and they are really nice and they have 2 kids (well, 4 but two are older and not living at home) and they are really nice too...they also have 2 dogs who are great....AND THEIR HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!!!





Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
Irene Slisky




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
is at Mt Hood this weekend, showcasing her new hubby and her new rebuilt knee. 




Jeff Moore update:

 I have been promoted to chef at =he peruvian lodge.
please inform the natives. i might try and stop =y at
the begining of july for a day or two... I'll keep you
that's all for now. 


Session 1, 2007 update
Hellooooooooooo!  Session 1 went pretty well.  We had 38 campers...........which is the most number of campers for session 1 since we switched to the one-week-long sessions several years ago.   We had 3 ski race groups, 1 snowboard race group (9 SB racers), 2 mogulers, 3 snowboard freeriders, and 4 freeski terrain parkers.........next week, we only have 17 campers..........we'll have more staff here than actual campers.  Nice weather all week........Tuesday was WINDY, but the rest of the week was warm/hot.  We might see some rain showers for session 2 I heard.  Sunday arrival day was COLD!  Terry McLeod did a challenge course training session with some of the staffers and everybody was dressed in multiple layers, anything to stay warm.  It was so cold, we cut the training session a little short so we could go inside and warm up.  The cold temps hung around over-night and we actually had a dusting of new snow on the ground in Govy on Monday morning.  Some of the counselors took a hike up to the top of the hill behind the camp lodge on Sunday.  Elliot Halverson discovered a nice peaceful place to float on an intertube in the Salmon River, just down the highway from the lodge.  Allison Higginbotham gave up her counseling career to join the K-staff this summer. Jason Hey will move from the K-staff to race coach starting session 3.  Mark Stegall and his snowboard crew has been hammering away at creating some new features for our private terrain park.......as Darren Owen stated: "our park is going to be world class".  The new lodge is coming along nicely.  The drywall is up, the new bunks have been delivered, and the contractors are hard at work getting the place ready to be inhabited soon.  Elliot started a new trend this summer.......he made a list that he put up in the kitchen that he keeps track of how many times he eats out at Panda Express and also how many times he goes to Charlie this summer.  Bill Whalley quickly followed suit with a list of how many mhssc cookies he has eaten this summer.......Feeney's list is how many trips to Charlies (alcohol vs non alcohol visits)........and my own list of how many times I operate the Juiceman juicer.  I imagine more lists will follow suit soon.  Irene Slisky is here now with her new hubby Warren.  Irene's first time back to mt hood in 5 years.  She was skiing some pretty good slalom this week with her new knee replacement (are you reading this Tom Sell?)  Terry McLeod was victorious in a game of "P-I-G" vs myself and Darren.  Yes, I lost a game of PIG.........I'm 0 and 1 for the year.  Kick me when I'm down.  I can take it.  BUT.........I still haven't lost a game of "H-O-R-S-E" in about 4-5 years.  We had two new staffers join the mhssc family last week:  Lorry Brenner is a new counselor, and Dan Meece is a new videographer.  You can see what they look like here:  http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm     Bill Whalley went running for the first time in 8 years.   The zipline has a new "man-lift" to lower the zippers down from the cable after they come to a stop.  (photos coming in a future email).  This new lift will make the zipline feature way more easy to operate.  Anyone looking for a high school ski team coaching job in South Lake Tahoe?  I think it's just a two day a week commitment (Saturday/Monday).  Let me know, and I'll give you a contact name.  Terry McLeod is moving on from his MHSSC career..........at least for the rest of this summer.  He took on a new job closer to home in Idaho at camp Mivoden.  http://www.mivoden.com/  Terry said this camp offers "everything" except of course skiing/snowboarding. Terry told me he met his wife at this camp way back when.  He might comeback for a short visit to mt hood in August.........Terry is one of the few individuals that has put in more than 10 years working at mhssc.  We'll miss you big time Terry!   More than you know.  Oh, and one last thing........Grant Wilson..........he likes to see his name in the camp updates.........so there you go Grant!  Grant tried to guilt Terry into staying, but it didn't work.    Robin




Session 2, 2007 update
Greetings mhssc staffers past and present, Rain, snow, wind, fog, mist, hail, thunder/lightning........and even a little sunshine......we had it all this week.  But we managed to ski 4 of the 5 days.  We had 15 kids and 2 adults this week.......It was an eventful session despite the small number of campers.   Kids went caving or movie/bowling/laundry on the day the lifts were closed.  One of the camper-diggers injured himself off a jump on Friday.  He injured his back........did the whole ambulance thing.  I did not hear the extent of his injuries before I left camp for the weekend.  The injury bug hit 2 staffers this week........Nolan Willard dislocated his shoulder on Monday in a terrain park wreck.  From what I heard, Mark Stegall and Co. tried to help Nolan put his shoulder back in place while still up on the hill.  Unfortunately it did not work.  Nolan managed to ski down the hill on his own and got himself to the ski patrol room.  He was in intense pain!   On a scale from 1 to 10, Nolan said his pain was "25".  I drove him to the clinic in Welches.  The one doctor there was busy with another patient, and then was to leave for lunch break after that.........so we got back in the car and kept driving west.  We went to the clinic in Sandy.........they wouldn't take him either.   They said they were "too busy"......ugh!  So we kept heading west..........to the Emergency Urgent Care in Gresham.......they admitted him immediately.  The doctor there drugged Nolan up (a shot in the ass)  and tried 2 or 3 different techniques to relocate his shoulder back in place.......None of them worked........So they sent us to Providence hospital in Portland.  By this time, Nolan's shoulder had been dislocated for about 5-6 hours............Anyway, I sat there in the hospital room watching 3 doctors try several techniques to get his shoulder in place.........each one resulted in HUGE pain for Nolan.  It was hard to watch.  He was hooked up to an IV full of drugs, oxygen, heart monitor........they were tugging and pulling on him in every direction, using towels and wraps for traction.........Nolan would go from snoring asleep to yelling "let go of my arm" the next moment.......Finally they knocked him out with some super-drug and were able to put his arm back in place.......what an ordeal!   Anyway, Nolan is recovering and I think he plans on coaching this coming session.  Newbie video asst Dan Meece, filled in as freeski coach while Nolan was on the injured list.  Mark Stegall strained his knee in a freak slipping accident up in the terrain park........Mark was unsure of the extent of the injury and was planning on getting it checked out.  We had a new K-staff join the ranks last week:  Catherine WarchalCatherine was a camper-staff a few years ago.  I think Bill told me we have 4-5 new counselors that start this next week.......perhaps we need to add some kind of MHSSC staff initiation ritual?  any suggestions?  Make all the newbies walk over hot coals?  Elliot Halverson saw a bear at frog lake.  Jay Belanger caught a couple fish up there too (see pic).   A snowcat ran over one of the new mhssc terrain park boxes last week........the box was buried under the new snow............Mark said the box was marked with some bamboo, but the cat driver ran over the bamboo.......then ran over the box.......ugh!   Dave Curran wore a full body wetsuit for GS training on Friday......maybe he's starting a new ski racing trend?  With the wet funky weather, we ended up moving the camp picnic to Thursday out at White River Falls state park.........this is the place we used to go cliff jumping about 10+ years ago.......the same place coach Kevin McDevitt dove in from the highest point and hit a log that was just a few feet under the surface of the water.......although he escaped any broken bones, his hip "still hurts" he told me on friday.   Anyway, at the picnic, some of the staffer boys went fishing upstream from the falls......and some ticks attacked Nolan and Belanger.......lucky nobody got bit......ticks are BAD!  Lyme disease is BAD!  http://www.idph.state.il.us/public/hb/hblyme.htm
 skis is a new camp sponsor.......or something like that.  I think they are setting up a demo thing at camp.  I've heard rumors that former Canadian downhiller Todd Brooker might make an appearance at camp.  To see the infamous Todd Brooker crash, go here:

Evan Mikkelson
beat me in ping pong 21 to 11, then 21 to 7..........last year he beat me 21-3 so I'm making progress.  He has mad pong skilz. I'll try and take some photos of the new "coho" lodge.........Mike hopes it is ready in time for session 4.  I had chinese food for dinner tonight.........my fortune cookie said "you will be called upon to help a friend in trouble".....so I have that to look forward to next session.  here are some staff action pics from Friday......the one sunny day of the week.........p.s.  Feeney had been to Charlies 10 times this summer already........TEN! 




Session 3, 2007 update
Good afternoon,
Rogan just called me and said I was slow at getting the session 3 staff camp update sent out...........so here it is in all its glory:Today's newsletter will be in numbered style.......like David Letterman's top 10 list. 
1. Yesterday was
Polly Hopkins 23rd birthday!   Polly is in 2 of the attached photos........happy b-day Polly!
2. On Monday morning 
Spencer Raymond was preparing his breakfast bowl of cereal, when I suggested he try "coke" instead of the standard "milk" in his bowl of raisin bran/granola cereal.  He tried it and said he was energized all day on the hill. 
3.  Monday we had crazy weird snow on Palmer........After the groomers did their thing, it rained......then froze on top......then it snowed some more.......so it was a combination of an ice layer over snowpack, mixed in with drifting light powder........not exactly ideal training conditions..........people were crashing all over the place in the AM. 

Jason Hey coached some really young kids last week, including a 5 year old girl, who had some issues skiing the steeper upper palmer.  Jason had to give her a piggy-back ride down to the flatter terrain.  I caught some of this on video.......perhaps it will make its way to youtube.com someday. 
Bill Whalley rescued the rope on the log walk..........the first significant challenge course issue since Terry McLeod's "retirement". 
6.  Speaking of the challenge course, see the photos of the new "manlift"........now it's WAY easier to get campers off down the cable after they zip down..........I saw one kid zip all the way to the tree.......he was able to grab the tree, and start climbing up the staples......

Mallory Hale arm wrestled newbie counselor Chad Kossar at the picnic..........Mallory licked Chad's hand as a strategy tactic.  I think the match ended immediately after the lick.
Catherine Warchal accidentally dropped her cell phone and digital camera down the picnic shelter chimney thing.  The same thing happened to Jon Winslow a year or two ago, so they put that previous rescue experience to use in recovering Catherine's stuff.........I think they ended up using Elliot's fishing pole to get the camera out. 
9.  The yellow bus broke down half way up timberline road on Friday morning.

Tim Feeney was sent to the "bus store" to buy another used bus Friday afternoon........no, it's not blue. 
11.  There was INSANE WIND on the mountain on  Wednesday.  It just never let up.  We were getting pelted with tiny little ice chunks flying across the glacier all day long..........doing video in those conditions was challenging, to say the least. 

12.  The Wednesday wind resulted in
John Rust's back-pack fiasco.........at the end of the day, as the coaches were putting gates away and packing up the top of lane 4, the wind suddenly took Rust's backpack for a ride down the snowfield.......John had his skis on, and as he pivoted around to ski down the hill to rescue his bag, his binding toe piece came off the ski!  It was classic stuff!  His backpack was gaining speed.......salt bag style.......and as it got down the hill about 50 yards, his video camera came out of the backpack and it was going down the lane at high speed in a slightly different direction..........quickly everything was gone out of sight.........3 of us went down to the bottom of the lane looking for his stuff, but it was gone...............luckily some of John's adult campers were able to track his stuff down and recover his stuff.....camera still intact! 
13.  As mentioned in the last update, Head skis is a new MHSSC sponsor.  They have sort of a demo tent set up near the volleyball court.....kids can demo skis and snowboards..........
14.  Friday weather was not ideal.........rain, fog, mist.........palmer was closed, but they ran the magic mile for freeskiing drills only........I'd estimate about 20% of our kids decided to ski............they eventually took kids to the mall for a movie. (see photo of rain soaked coaches at the top of the magic mile)

15.  The new
COHO lodge opens TODAY!   Mike has been burning the candle at both ends as camp was in full swing plus dealing with the construction of the new lodge.  A full report on the new lodge next week's update. 
16.  We have some new staff come on board this last week.......
17.  And while you are there, some of the staffers have youtube.com links when you click on their photos: Go click on the following peoples photos:  Feeney, Bill Whalley, Terry McLeod, Andrej, Emily Sampson, Spencer Raymond, & Lorry Brenner.  which youtube did you like the best?  send comments my way.......
18.  Tonight is the 30th anniversary at Charlies Bar.......or it's Charlie's birthday..........or something like that. I didn't get the full scoop on the exact theme of tonight's celebration.  I won't be there, but I'll try and get a report from party-goers.

19.  World cup winner
Andrej Jerman is here now coaching for 3 sessions.  I watched on Friday as some female campers posed with him for photos.......photos that will be worth millions $$ someday........
20.  If you remember last week's update, I mentioned my fortune cookie that said "
you will be called upon to help a friend in trouble".........well I still haven't done anything worthy of helping out a friend.......so it's still in my future. 
21.  we had a camper do "the worm" and breakdance all over the dining room floor a couple of times last session.  I only saw him do the worm.......but others told me he spun on his head.  He looked like a mini Peter Frampton (70's rock star for you young people who never heard of him)........that's all for this week............


Session 4, 2007 update
Good evening, This past winter I asked Mike if he would buy a digital camera so I could upgrade the photos on the camp website.  He said "follow me"......and he lead me to the lost and found box from last summer.......it had a nice little canon digital camera in there.  Last session I took about a hundred photos.........a dozen or so of those pics are attached to this email for your viewing pleasure.  I like the bus meeting pic with all the smiling faces and the catherine goggle photos the best.  A few photo explanations:  Irene Slisky bought me the "grow-a-mermaid"..........just add water!   It's the 3rd such just-add-water product Irene has sent me over the last decade or so........those half naked campers out next to the highway were soliciting honks from cars and trucks...........with much success.
Anyway, here are a few things that happened during session 4:
Bill Whalley broke my 5 year winning streak in H-O-R-S-E.  Bill made some tough shots, took the early lead, and then put me away with a shot over the backboard that I couldn't match.  Congratulations Bill
2.  Newbie coach
Sean McKenna put a whole rectangle of red jello in his mouth to "win" a hug from Emily Sampson
3.  On Tuesday's rafting trip,
Andrej's raft got caught in the eddy (sp?) just after the oak springs rapid.....Andrej's boat taco'd (is that a real word?) and he ended up downriver hanging onto a rock while some of his campers were still stranded on the raft and unable to get out of the eddy........Jason Hey, who was driving the shuttle van, jumped into the boat from the shore (without a life jacket) and saved the day. 
4.  We ran out of toilet paper at Parham (staff condo).........I won't mention names, but some of the guys were shitting then showering.....and one person got desperate and used coffee filters as a TP substitute.......(sorry, no pics)
 The coaches took a road trip after the Wednesday picnic to portland in a camp bus to go see "STOMP".......bus driver was Emily Sampson
6.  Two-tone van is DEAD! Counselor 
Mallory Hale was the last person to officially drive two-tone before the oil spill was smearing up the Timberline parking lot on Friday morning........ In Spencer Raymond's words:  We held a memorial ceremony last night at the bonfire.  The whole camp showed up.  We all told stories about our beloved van.  A camper even read his own eulogy.  Some young campers made a card for two tone.  I sang a song and everyone cheered "Hail 2-Tone." 
Mike Syrovatka skied a slalom course for the first time since "before my son Mark was born"..........I think Mark is 18 years old, so it's been THAT long.  I sort of challenged Mike to a slalom race on friday morning before the kids on the hill.  There were two slalom's set up........not dual......but they were side by side......mostly just back and forth with a hairpin or two.........anyway, it was a good event.  Since I was skiing next to Mike, I couldn't really see his technique, but I heard he skied pretty old school technique.......pre shaped skis technique. The coaches at the top said there was lots of skidding going on with both of us........anyway, since it wasn't really a dual course, there was no official winner. 
8.  Lots of former mhssc staffers working different camps the last week or so.......such as
Craig Bowden, Tommy Eckfeldt, Dave Kerwynn, Josee Lacasse, Brandon Dyksterhouse, Hiro Taniguchi, Florjan, Uros, Brien Seim, Jon O'Brien.........I probably forgot a few........
9.  Now that I have a decent digital camera, I've been upgrading photos on the camp website.......if you have time on your hands, go check the ski race page, mogul page, snowboard freestyle page.........plus the staff page is constantly being updated with the newbie employees that are rolling in each week as camp grows and grows........we had 138 campers last week.......almost 180 this coming week.  
 oh yeah, almost forgot.......the new lodge opened up!  The finish work is not complete, but it's prepared enough for camp purposes.  I think it sleeps about 45 people?   pics of the new "coho" lodge in a future email........
11. Other stuff happened..........stuff that can't be mentioned in this newsletter..........classified stuff. 
An update from Emily Longfield: I graduated in December, then spent the first part of the winter in Alta, Utah, then I went to work at a flyfishing lodge in central Patagonia, Chile (right when it started to dump in the Wasatch, of course). When I got back, Jake (my boyfriend) and I got a response from an audition video we sent into CBS's The Amazing Race. After much discussion and correspondence with the casters, the producers decided to pass on us, saying we "didn't fit the (Barbie & Ken) mold". Maybe I should consider getting a boob job? I spent the latter part of the Spring road-tripping and in Hood River, and I am now in Juneau, Alaska for the summer working for a restaurant that sits on the water where I have seen a whale pass by a frisbee-throw away. Things are fantastic, and I am debating my August plans: Mt. Hood, Alaska, or somewhere tropical? Dave Curran wrote me today to say there is a rumor going around that I am getting married?? While the guy is great, yes... I am DEFINITELY NOT getting married anytime soon.
it's past my bedtime.........Robin



Session 5, 2007 update
Hello mhssc staffers, Here's your session 5 update: Mike started out the session by giving his sunday orientation meeting to the 178 campers from above the crowd on the new manlift.......see pic......


MHSSC Employee of the month for JUNE, 2007 goes to coach
Emily Sampson.  Spencer Raymond was a close 2nd place........Mark Stegall, and Evan Mikkelson tied for 3rd in the voting.   Also receiving votes:  Riley, Alex, Nolan, Jason Hey, Roger, Chad, Allison, Tim Silver, Mallory, Jay Panther, Stu, Liz, Mike Syrovatka, Bill Whalley, Terry (he worked session 1), Rogan, and Kevin Malone.  This long list tells me that lots of employees are stepping up and doing a good job.  Congrats Emily and everybody else!
1.  some girl camper was so happy to get her lost luggage back from the airline that she was hugging her luggage on Monday morning during breakfast.
2.  a significant storm dropped some new snow on the mountain on Sunday night........the moguls were pretty much gone and the gates and boxes were buried at the top of lanes 4-5

3.  new video guy
Dan Meece dislocated his shoulder in the terrain park.........he got his arm back in within a minute and was able to return to work the next day.
4.  After the picnic, many of the coaches met up at "the shack" for a night of Karaoke (sp?) and shuffleboard........see pics. 

5.  Counselor
Emily Broome got the nerve up to try the Leap of faith feature on the challenge course.   Fear took over as she was standing up on the platform for several minutes..........the soccer field below had a group of campers playing ultimate frisbee.......anyway, the frisbee group stopped the game and all started chanting "jump, jump, jump, jump" .........Emily finally jumped! 
Emily Sampson put Andrej and Tommy's skis in the girls bathroom during friday's "stand-by" in the WyEast day lodge.  Andrej didn't hesitate even a second before walking in there to get his skis...........I can't remember how Tommy ended up getting his skis back.  I think he sent a girl in there to get them.
7.  newbie coach
Sean McKenna bought a Toyota Turcell for $350 cash.  Last I heard, it was overheating........
Bob Robicsek sprained his ankle while running in the soccer field.........major swelling!  He did manage to get his foot into his ski boot the next day.
Evan Mikkelson and Jon Winslow both celebrated their 20th birthday on Thursday.   And Colleen Pruss had her birthday yesterday.
Courtney Vermass just got a new job as marketing associate with Atomic skis......congrats Courtney! 
Eva Gonzalez is closing on her new house purchase in Hood River!   congrats Eva!
12.  Stratton Moguls and Franconia took a rafting trip down the White Salmon River in Washington State......across from Hood River. 
Jason Hey said there is a 10 foot waterfall section.......and "it was the best day ever!"
Emily made it to the final round of knockout at the picnic for the first time ever Wednesday.  (I'm not sure which Emily......I got this info 2nd hand from Spencer)
14.  We had shitty weather on friday.......the lifts were open, but only 9 kids chose to get a lift ticket (8 freeride snowboarders and 1 ski racer from
Mike Syrovatka's group)........the rest of the kids went to the mall or paintballing with Fritz
Bill Whalley caught a snake and twirled it around in his hand.
42.  shameless self promotion.......it's
my birthday on monday.........if you are of age, join me at Charlies @9pm for a beverage.   I don't give in to peer pressure, so don't even think that I'll get plastered on a school night..........   Robin


Session 6, 2007 update
Good morning, Here are a few things that happened during session 6 plus 15 or so photos........
1.  Add
Jay Panther to the staff injured list.  Somehow Jay landed on his wrist when he jumped off the tabletop jump.  His ski edge cut deep into his wrist, severing 2 ligaments that affect his thumb movement.  Jay has already had surgery and is in the process of healing, followed by rehab.  He'll be back coaching this week........but minus the use of one hand.  see pics

2.  Tory Amorello had a 4 year old camper in her group........actually the 4 year old only lasted one run before it was decided palmer snowfield wasn't the right place for her. 
Kaylee Porter went on 3 extended hospital runs this week...........at one point, she ended up in an employees area in one of the hospitals where someone thought she was a surgeon...........
Mike gave Fritzy $300 to go to Washington state to buy "real" fireworks on the 4th of July........then he presented a 30 minute firework display to all the campers up on the mhssc soccer field.  They don't sell anything beyond sparklers and smoke bombs in the state of Oregon. 
5.  Some campers claim to have bought "moldy chocolate" at CJ's Chevron gas station........and when they tried to return it for a refund, they got denied..........they considered making signs and protesting outside the store (see pics)...........they also considered catching a bunch of butterflies and letting them go inside the store as a way of getting even..........neither one of these ideas came to fruition.  (see pic)


6.  Tom Sell was spotted on the hill this week.  He's coaching the US development team
Mike Annett was skiing GS on Friday
8.  Butterflies are filling the skies on Palmer again.  Not as thick as last year........yet.  For you newbies that weren't around in 2006, you can watch the Portland TV news story on the butterfly invasion 
9.  For you race coaches, you can watch the alpine race coach 6 minute training video here:  http://www.mthood.com/staff_training.htm 
10.  Also for you newbies, maybe you didn't know that there is a MHSSC staff facebook group page.........feel free to join.  Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2261481583  It has 71 members and growing! 

11.  Yesterday was
Courtney Vermass's birthday!  woo hoo!   I think she is 23. 
Florjan spent the night on the mountain in a tent and climbed to the summit before coming back down to coach the next day.
Eric Price was here coaching with team Franconia session 5.........they went rafting on the white salmon river (I think I mentioned this last week).........anyway, Eric sent me some great pics of the waterfall...........

14.  Also some older photos that Evan Mikkelson sent me from their hike up to Crater rock........


15.  Robin's movie recommendation:  Al Gore's "An inconvenient truth"..........the documentary about global warming.  Good stuff.  Hopefully the palmer snowfield won't melt for a few more centuries. 
16.  Lift lines were short this week:  High Cascade and Windells took the 4th of July week off, which makes a big difference.  And as of Friday, we could no longer ski all the way to the parking lot at the end of the day.........that last section of snow in the canyon has officially melted.  It's about a 5 minute walk right now. 
17.  This coming week, the camp picnic will be on Thursday.......make a note of it. 
18.  trying to get to #20

Jay Belanger built a bike track to the right of the trampolines
20.  I had a "mud slide" on my birthday at Charlies........it was delicious.  Thanks for all the b-day messages via email, facebook, the cake, the b-day card, chocolate milk, etc. 



July 11, 2007 update
mhssc'ers.........a quick little mid-week camp update...........butterflies have taken over the palmer snowfield...........run for your lives!


Session 7, 2007 update
Hi kids, We are officially half-way thru summer '07.  7 weeks down, 7 to go.   There are signs of burn-out and a good chunk of the staff are battling cold-like symptoms.  If I had a dime for everytime a staff member told me "I'm tired", I'd have..............ok, I wouldn't be rich, but I'd have a few bucks..........I really don't have too much to write about this week, but here are a few nuggets:

John Rust crashed while skiing for the "first time in 10 years".  He was doing a drill demo for his group during his big crash..........his group followed suit by all crashing in the same spot......as if that was the actual drill. 
2.  Snowboard magazine hosted a party at Charlies on Tuesday night........free Coors light keg courtesy of snowboard magazine.....

Dan Meece and Ian Cary found roughly $138 cash blowing across the parking lot near summit ski area.  SCORE! 
Jay Balenger was added to the staff injured list this week.  He took a header while riding his bike down alpine trail (Timberline down to Govy trail)..........all captured on his helmet cam.  Jay suffered a cut up chin that required several stitches.  He also suffered a concussion...........he was able to dust himself off and continue his ride........he crashed again..........he doesn't even remember the 2nd crash.  He says he'll get his helmet cam footage on  youtube.com, so stay tuned for that. 
5.  There was a brief thunderstorm on Friday morning, delaying the chairlifts for about an hour.  (see pic of cool-looking sky)..........
6.  My butterfly pics that I sent out mid-week, ended up on 2 Portland TV news stations.........and then they went National on the weather channel.......famous flying insects! 

pain on palmer has over 5,000 views now...........  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAJRky4lFwg
Emily's van dance is up to 87 views:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPwvBN1_Jo
Bill is up to 200 views:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTRxHRnzDO0&NR=1
Rogan sent me a youtube link of Kyle Darling tubing down the clackamas river (6 views so far):
11.  Heat wave last week..........there are some rocks sticking up in lanes 7-14..........
Here are a few messages from former staffers:

Dan Tsai: hope you're all enjoying the summer out at hood.  sad i can't be there.  i just graduated from college, and spent the past month traveling around in China... i'm heading off to peru on saturday for 10 days. say hi to everyone for me.  i miss you all.
Jeff Moore: Please tell fritz to shoot off a mortar for me. I am having MHSSC withdrawl... i've locked myself in my bedroom and I'm constantly crying. well not really. tell all I said "yo". J-Mo
Chris Cota: Just a quick note to say that the Cota compound was visited today by Mr. Tom North and his son Wilder. There were beers, burgers, and other good eats. Lots of story telling and picture viewing. Great to see them. We even got in a quick phone call to our buddy Joe Reis. Good fun...........we hope to see them back here again in the great white north very soon. The place was overrun by kid types....we have 4.........our other friends have 5, and Tom showed up with 1, though he has three. Buy Joe Reis a nice 3 dollar cigar when you see him. Take care,  Best regards to Mike and Lynne
Joe Reis who sent the photo (see attachment) of bbq prep at a 1985 camp picnic:
The back of this picture reads:"Stefan, Holly and Vance instructing Joe on the proper techniques of charcoal lighting" MHSSC Summer 1985 - Karen  PS from Vance "Joe passed with a moderate aptitude for charcoal lighting, but later moved on to bigger and better things"

From Ryan Enfield:I'm working in New Zealand on Mt. Ruapehu coaching a competitive freestyle program for Turoa ski resort. The upper Mt. has finally opened. We were stuck on a poma lift/ rope tow for a week or indoors. We were supposed to have a foam pit to practice inverts into, but we couldn't get into it and one of my athletes (a 14 year old girl) who was learning back flips under rotated one to her head on a 2 inch pad. We were filming it (she was almost landing them before the incident) and when her mom saw the tape she busted up laughing. Well there's lots more going on here, but we're 19 hours in the future, so while it's noon on Sunday for you, it's 7am on Monday for me.Cheers!    Ryan

stay tuned next week, same bat time, same bat channel for session 8 update. 


Session 8, 2007 update
Hey! Rain and fog in July?  We had both of those things last week.  Somehow we only missed one day on the hill where the kids did the bowling/movies thing.   Here are a few nuggets from last week, plus some former staff updates.......#4 is gross and sophomoric.......if you can't handle gross, skip #4......you've been warned, so no complaining! 
1.  There is a black bear in the Govy neighborhood.........tipping over trash cans and going inside peoples homes (Bob Vial's house) looking for food.  Go here:  http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_071607_news_bear_government_camp.80d8986a.html be sure to watch the video.
2.  I wasn't there, but the staffers staying at Parham (staff house) said there were 2 crazy local guys yelling and screaming threats against "race coaches" in the middle of the night last Saturday night on the main drag in Govy.   Enough to warrant a call to 9-1-1. 

3.  Kids in
Courtney Vermass' ski group got in a fight, and one kid ended up with a chipped tooth. 
4.  Ok, here it is, number 4 (or should this have been #2?)...........some camper shit his pants during trampoline (afternoon activity)......yeah, kinda gross..........but I bet 73% of you are laughing.......(sorry no pics)

5.  More
Courtney Vermass stuff........she's writing on-line articles for freeski and powder online magazines........here are a couple links:
She plans on writing an on-line article about mhssc freeski coach
Nolan Willard............way cool! 
6.  From
Eric Price: Sampsonites van dance reminds me of my days as staff and getting camp burnout!  Remember the night at Baumgarners when Jonathan and I did the Hans and Frans skit.  Or some of the crazy nights at Brazil. I think she is in stage 2 of Staff Burnout.  I think it is time for a nice big fire and bender at old bitches Grave ! I think that would release some bulit up staff pressure.  Make sure they have the proper footwear if they are going to jumpin the fire and do a fire dance!The picture of Snow bunny brought back VIVID memories of my summer of killing squirrels and mice. $5 each.  I had  alot of BEER Money.  Hey , on another note my wife gave birth on Wed the 11th , 7/11/07 . It is kid of catchy.  Healthy Baby girl 10 lbs, 21.1 inches long.  Makenna Riley Price.  Things here are good but a little tiresome.    Eric  (see photo of Eric and new baby girl)


7.  Jeff Moore sent me this youtube link with this disclaimer: you might have already seen this, but I am crying.   i can't stop watching it. :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2iiNVICfjg
Terry McLeod update: Halfway through summer, eh? I guess that means I'm halfway through also. Things are getting marginally better for me, mainly based on the facts that I know more of how things work and that I've got some of the bigger building type projects finished. the schedule is still pretty hectic; I've only ridden my bike on days off and I don't really get much down time. The past two weeks we've had nearly 200 campers and we have about 90 staff. The campers are directly supervised 100% of the time which I think is a little overkill but it sounds nice to the parents. I'll try to get you some pictures of my creative sunburn from week one (sunscreen here is for more than just "on my face"), and from my successful "two-man bobsled in a shopping cart behind the ski boat" run. Every Friday we do a water show featuring talented and unique performances on the water. The highlights include backflips on wakeboards and bellyflops from high places (and shopping cart skiing). Tell everyone hi and that their job is easier than at other summer camps. Tell Grant I expect to see him here for Singles camp at the end of summer.
9.  From
Trumbull Barrett (he worked at camp a long ass time ago):  Thanks for the happy birthday. For some reason I always think back to my 21st birthday we celebrated in Govy with Johnny O. I don't remember much except the surprise on the bartender's face (was his name Sean?) at Charlie's when I told him it was my 21st birthday after having been a loyal patron for several years. After that things get blurry. I love the updates from MHSSC by the way... So what I'm up to is moving to Boston from my home in western Mass to live with my girlfriend of many years. I'm going to continue doing tree work there, if you want to see some snaps of us in action check out www.barretttreeservice.com and you'll see what we do. The dude in most of the pictures is me. As for skiing I don't do too much except for Tuesday night beer league racing and maybe a week's vacation every year. Beer league is awesome,
racing under the lights is underrated.  Later  Trumbo

#10.  Smith Rocks camp is this coming week...........
John Rust, Joe Reis and Evan Mikkelson are taking 8 or so campers for a week of climbing at world famous smith rocks in central oregon..........  http://www.mthood.com/smith.htm 
Tim Feeney got in a classic phone discussion (argument?) with an adult coming to camp in august.......this adult could not accept the statement from Feeney that we will have enough snow in August..........supposedly  this adult guy got 2nd hand information from his Aspen buddy that all the snow would be melted by then.........anyway, I'm glad Feeney is one answering the phone most of the time to deal with crazy know-it-all adults.  for you old timers.........that's Mark Archer in one of the photos......he's back in Govy running a small ski shop called "speedy's".......Hey Julie Janus, Archer wants you to make some signs with arrows on them......And former staffer from the late 80's early 90's?Ara Papazian (see pic) was on palmer this week training, and I think he raced in the masters race (summer fun nationals) this weekend.  So there you have it.  I hope this rain stops soon.  Session 9 is "nice camp"..........everyone be nice to each other this week!  Robin 


Session 9, 2007 update
Hi all, I just added about a 15 or so staffers (past and present) to this MHSSC staff email updates newsletter list, so I welcome the new people!  If you don't want to received this camp email newsletter in the future, just let me know, and I'll nuke you.  This list is up to 219 names.......growing by the week!

Here's some stuff that happened during session 9:

1.  Session 9 was "nice camp"..........I think this was the 3rd year we've had a "nice camp" session.  Speaking of nice........
Emily Sampson was nice enough to offer her chapstick to Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety (see photo)..........Emily's chapstick will now be auctioned off on ebay and will be sure to make her an instant millionaire.


2.  A week or two ago, I mentioned the black bear roaming the govy neighborhoods......anyway, the bear made an appearance at Bloomquist (staff condo) and the guys (Ryan Anderson/Rick Millett) grabbed the camera and got some good footage which you can see on youtube here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-TZkXHx-wE   (about 2 minutes long)I also contacted KGW newsstation and they used this footage on yesterday's newscast which you can see here: http://www.kgw.com/video/video-index.html?nvid=162624  (about 20 seconds long)
3.  I watched
Mike Syrovatka make it 2/3 the way across the long slack-line........he has mad balance skilz!  (my personal record is only one step thus far).......and then I lost a $1 bet with Bill Whalley.......I bet him that he couldn't make it across the shorty slack line without falling in 5 attempts.......he did it in one attempt. 
John Rust, Joe Reis, and counselor Evan Mikkelson took a group of 10 campers to Smith Rocks for rockclimbing camp.  I heard they were a great group of kids and they were climbing until it was dark each day.  They road tripped to Frenchies Dome for a climbing session on Wednesday, and then joined the rest of us at Wildwood park for the camp picnic before heading back to Smith Rocks. 
Mike Annett made 3 free throws in a row at the camp picnic........he was bricking left and right until his mad skilz came together for 3 magical swishes! 
6.  I forgot to mention in the session 8 update that
Polly Hopkins carried 4 bags of salt down the hill.........she's wicked strong!  
7.  The snowpack is holding in there.  Lanes 1-5 are rock-free.  The mogul lane has a few rocks sticking up.............and lanes 7-14 have rocks at the top...........The walk from the end of the snow in mile-canyon to the parking lot is about 6 minutes.......I watched some kid kick his ski boot thru the dirt for about 40 yards down the mountain because he didn't want to pick it up.........quite funny! 

Tim Feeney and Colleen Pruss had a water-fight in the kitchen. 
Mike always talks about the benefits of sunscreen at the orientation meeting........we'll one kid must have not been listening because he was blistered big time.  In so much pain, he was crying. 
10.  I didn't get the whole story, but the "cool bus" ("school" with a few letters blacked out) caught on fire during a drive up highway 26.  Counselor
Dave Curran captured some video of the billowing smoke on his cell phone. 
11.  Wednesday is the new counselor day off..........some of the coaches take over the bus driving duties to and from the hill, as well as to and from the picnic.  

12.  Former staffer
Shawna Riley made a guest appearance in Portland this weekend.  I took her to the Oregon beer fest........(see pic of her with Jimi Hendrix).  She's on a month+ long camping/road trip.  Great beer, but really long lines.  Shawna says "hi" to all. 

Ted Ligety did an autograph session at Fuxi's ski shop.  Scott Veenis was also signing a few things for kids (hey, he was the 2006 NCAA GS champ and all)..........and helping Ted promote his new "shred" goggle line.  http://www.mthood.com/shred.htm  Darren Owen produced the new shred t-shirts. 


14.  Pete Deisroth is here coaching one of his new athletes from Canada. (see pic)


15.  Grant Wilson............I haven't mentioned his name for a long time.......it's long overdue.......let me say it again:  "Grant Wilson".......(see photo of him and his guitar with Dave Curran and Mallory Hale


that's all folks..........Robin




Session 10, 2007 update
Good afternoon people of MHSSC! Nothing too earth shattering happened during session 10.  The bridge collapse in Minnesota had some MHSSC connections.  First of all, we had some campers from MN that were worried about their family members.......as far as I know, none of the campers family or friends were involved in the accident.  And former MHSSC coach Maria Schilling had crossed that bridge a number of times that same day. 
In Maria's own words:
So I am sure you heard about the bridge collapse here in Mpls. Ironically, I have been living at a friend's house (Martina Sailer, Erich Sailer's daughter) for the past week as my floors are getting sanded at my house. Martina lives about 2 blocks from the bridge, so I am right by it. The bridge includes an exit that is the main way to get "home" right now. Anyway, last night we could smell the smoke and dust from her house..it was pretty intense. I actually drove over the bridge at least 4 times yesterday (around 4:30pm!) and ran under it (on an out-and-back run) 2 times yesterday morning.  Anyway, it was pretty crazy and there were thousands of people roaming around the bridge last night (and today) to see the damage.  I'd say the traffic down here has increased at least 4-fold in 20 hours.  There are lots of helicopters over head...hard to fall asleep last night there were so many.  Years ago. I used to have nightmares that Mt. Hood was going to blow up....I guess this has been very similar.   Anyway, I thought I'd fill you in on some of this...please tell everyone hi and that I miss them!! Maybe Ill come again next year... 

Here are a few events that took place session 10:
1.  The black bear that was roaming thru Govy looking for food, was euthanized. http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_073007_news_bear_killed.c7727fc7.html

Snowboard videographer
Ryan Anderson, who shot the bear footage, was interviewed by KGW news for the 11pm news.  (I never saw the newscast......past my bedtime)
2.  A salt bag that got dropped on palmer and going downhill at rapid speed, was saved by
Kyle Darling..........he dove on it and saved the people below from certain death. 
3. Some coach, who's name I cannot mention, forgot his ski boots in Govy on his first day of work. 

Polly Hopkins put her shorts on backwards by mistake.........
Dave Curran and Julia Shand took a vow of silence on the hill on Thursday.  They used non-verbal communication to get their thoughts across.
Fuxi came to MHSSC on Thursday and did some selling and raffling to the campers.
Mike Annett skied several slalom courses on Thursday.  He can still get it done! 
Grant Wilson paid all the little kids in Sage Dunham's ski group $1 per day to "whine and complain".........it was pretty funny.  Things like "this sucks"........."can we eat lunch?" (at 9:15am)..........."can I go down now?" (at 9:16am)..........and one little girl said to me:  "you're pathetic", and skied off.
9.  Counselors went surfing on Wednesday.......the new counselor day off each session.

10.  A little kid in
Emily Sampson's group ate 3 snowcones in one trip to the snowcone booth. 
John Rust pulled a prank on the kids while they were eating lunch at the top of the lane........he saved a brownie from the picnic, rolled it into the shape of a dog shit.......layed it on the snow.........then said out loud something to the effect of "OMIGOD, some dog took a crap right here"......then he picked it up with his hand, sniffed it, then took a bite.......it was reported that one little girl was so grossed out that she cried.  For you caddyshack fans, you might relate this to the baby ruth pool scene:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqMBmfIpbpM
Tim Feeney told me that a concerned mother pulled his kid from camp because she feared her kid "might" get injured.  WOW! 
13.  I didn't see it, but "sources" told me that counselor 
Evan Mikkelson climbed up the walls of the lodge and also climbed the fireplace....barefoot!.....he has mad rockclimbing skilz!
14.  Add counselor
Brian Gudolawicz to the staff injured list.  Brian injured his knee in an absolutely amazing slalom crash that was just feet away from myself and Eva Gonzalez.  I was handing Eva her video-tape, when Brian was shredding the course........he did this crazy head-over-heals hook tip flip thing right above us, and one of his skies sailed over Eva and my heads..........(see pic of Brian in the ski patrol sled)........We had an orthopedic surgeon adult camper who came and checked his knee out on the hill and her diagnoses was ACL tear.......but then at the Welches doctor's office, they said "no significant damage"........Brian flies home tomorrow to get a 3rd opinion with the results of the MRI.

15.  Somebody TP'd
Sean McKenna's car. 


16.  K-staffer
Bill Toney was involved in a multi-car minor accident on highway 26, near Welches last sunday.   see photo of Bill talking to the cop to get his version of events.


Not camp related, but in case you missed the skateboard wreck on ESPN, here's a link:  (not for the squeamish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvZq8TDHa6Q 

Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH for July, 2007 goes to K-staffer
Michelle Schmitt.  In Elliot Halverson's words:  "she killed it in the kitchen". Taking 2nd place in the voting was counselor Evan Mikkelson.  3rd place was counselor Liz Edmunds Other's receiving votes:  Kevin Malone, Bill Whalley, Allison Higginbotham, Jason Hey, Julia Shand, Alex Andrews, Sean McKenna, Jay Balenger, Rick Millett, Kyle Darling, Kaylee Porter, Mike Syrovatka, Kelsey Baran, Polly Hopkins, Tim Feeney, Sean Decker, Elliot Halverson, Eva Gonzalez, and Luke Wendel. 
This from
Liz Edmunds: i voted for sean decker for employee of the month....all the campers i talked to said that they LOVED him...that he was ALWAYS paying attention to them in the park and never working on things for himself....he would modestly do demos for the kids, not to show off, but just showing them a very simple trick to work on (not simple to them,..but very basic for him)....they ALL loved him.  he also ALWAYS helped unload the trailer when we got down from the hill and always asked me how he could help with things at camp. YAY SEAN! :)
For you late 80's, early 90's people, former mhssc coach
Tom Wirth had a baby girl last week (well his wife did anyways)......baby girl named "Taylor" (see attached photo). 


from Chelsea Stamer tell everyone i say hello and that i miss them!!!
Eric Price: I came up with the Stages of Staff Burnout! Feel free to add to them.  Some of the later ones were my memories of my burnout.
Stage 1 - Sluggish / tired, still feel pretty good!
Stage 2-  still tired /now stir crazy( tends to dance spontaneuosly)
Stage 3 - more tired,  becoming delusinal  I'll take wed off That should Help!
Stage 4-  exhaustion setting in / angry pissed off daily, maybe I will take 2 days off!  Screw special projects!
Stage 5 - Denial   I 'm fine could't be better! I don't need any days off, Give me more Work Mike!
Satge 6 -Totality Lost all sense of reality -absolutely loves it out here in
Govy ! I don't want to leave!

that's all for this week.  4 more weeks to go............the staff is thinning out, the snowfield is shrinking by the day, and the demo shops are selling their inventory.  The end is in sight. 

.........as we were downloading the magic mile chairlift today at around 12:30pm, we noticed some thick black smoke coming from the west end of Govy.......no, the mt hood inn didn't burn down.....turns out it was a bus.  I snapped the photo (see attachment) on my way down the highway......


Session 11, 2007 update
Good evening, I really don't have much, but here's a few nuggets from last session:

1. I threatened
Bill Whalley with a napkin holder in jest......I did a pretend throw of the napkin holder in Bill's direction, when 3/4 of the napkin holder broke off from the other 1/4 and actually came very close to taking his head, his laptop computer, and his glass of coke out.......but it missed everything and hit the ground.........sorry for that whole napkin throwing incident Bill
2.  more
Robin violence:  at the camp picnic, the softball went underneath the backstop fence during the camp softball game.  I grabbed the ball, and attempted to toss it back over the backstop to the pitcher.......but the ball it the top of the fence, came down and hit a camper in the head, then the ball ricocheted into another kid's mouth.....making him bleed...........not one of my better moves!
3.  Vomit was a somewhat frequent event last week as a handful of campers blew chunks in their dorm rooms.........yeah, this week's blog is pretty negative so far, eh?
4.  The palmer chairlift broke down on Tuesday morning........for over an hour........the lift line at the bottom of Palmer was quite long at 8:11am. (see photo)


5.  Jason Hey came up with the idea that the coaches should boot ski down from the top of Palmer to mid-station on friday......the snow was particularly firm that morning.......anyway, Jason, Sean McKenna, Carter, Emily, and Eva all made it down in once piece........the ski patrol gave the girls a somewhat negative response to this "stunt"..........the speed award has to go to Carter Casner...........That was the fastest boot skiing I've ever seen in my entire life.  He even caught air off the first bump.  They went so fast, I didn't have time to get my camera out of the case before they all went by me. 
Jon O'Brien was on the glacier this week, coaching some of his athletes in the mogul lane (see pic)



7.  Former staffer Jared McCrum (see photo) was on the hill for a day of snowboarding.  After 3 knee surgeries he doesn't go big anymore, but he can still rip it pretty good.  He's engaged to be married.........




For you locals who might care, Timberline is building a new chairlift on the lower mountain:http://www.oregonlive.com/oregonian/stories/index.ssf?/base/metro_east_news/118584694067310.xml&coll=7

Not camp related, but I thought I'd share a little about my weekend.........I went to Tacoma to shoot a wedding video last night.  You may have seen wedding scenes on "America's funniest home videos" where somebody faints during the ceremony? sample here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXICUklm4QQ  ........well anyway, I got to witness this first hand.....one of the groomsmen fainted and took a tumble right at the end when the bride was saying her vows during ring exchange.  It was kinda scary.  The bride was frantically calling out for a doctor.......and people were rushing to the stage.....he was fine.......just a little dehydrated......and very embarrassed.   And then during the reception, I set up a camera that guests can come up and leave a personal wedding greeting for the newlyweds........and this mafia type guy gave my camcorder the most classic godfather type message.....he said: "if you mess with my family, I'll Fucking kill you".........he was pretty drunk, and he was telling me about the bad choices he made in his life and how I should not do the things that he does....and then he flashed me this thick stack of $100 bills in his suit pocket.........scary dude.......and he threatened me that I need to leave his complete message in the wedding video.  I'm not the editor for this one, so I hope I'm off the hook. 

Session 12 coming up is dedicated to Bill Whalley.  This is Bill's last week for maybe forever........next summer, his optometry classes run during summer term, so he will likely have to end his mhssc career.  Bill, I promise to not throw napkin holders at your head this week.  And Terry McLeod, who semi-retired from mhssc employment a couple months back, might make a guest appearance on the hill mid-week if the weather looks favorable.........I won't be there, but there's an 80's party at Charlies tonight (sunday).........see photo of the flyer......I imagine Tim Feeney will be in attendance. 


Enjoy this week's photos..........and if you haven't checked out the camp website blog lately, there's some pics there too, including a photo of Grant Wilson ripping up the slalom course:  http://www.mthood.com/session_blogs.htm






Session 12, 2007 update
Good morning everybody! We had 60 campers at camp this past week, but it seemed more like 30-40.  Most of the other commercial camps on the snowfield have packed up and gone home, so it's pretty quiet up there these days.  It was so slow on the glacier that I had time to make a snowman (see pic) Here are a few nuggets from last week.

Carter Casner went to the High Cascade Snowboard Camp end of year sale.........came away with some snow-pants for $1.  He looked in the pants pocket and found $35 cash!  score!   Net gain:  $34 plus some nice pants. 
Terry McLeod came for a 3 day visit this week.  He skied on the lanes and in the terrain parks. 

3.  Also on the hill this week were former staffers
Craig Bowden, Kevin McDevitt, Tommy Eckfeldt, Tyler what's his face, and that one guy who's name escapes me right now. 
4.  Some random camper from the Tichy camp was trying to call her coach on one of OUR camp radios by mistake...........it was kinda funny listening to this girl shout into the radio "MARTIN".........."MARTIN, ARE YOU THERE?"  "MARTIN,  WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER?"
5.  I saw 3 elk on the Timberline road early Tuesday morning.  They didn't stick around long enough for me to get a camera out.  Big suckers.  You don't want to hit one of those in your car. 
6.  Also saw a frog on my picnic jog, and a bunny rabbit.  (yeah, I'm kinda short on material this week, sorry)

Mike & Lynne went fishing with their 2 grandkids, Sierra and Simon (see pics......Sierra fishing, and Simon wrestling Kaylee for the squirt gun)


8.  Kaylee Porter failed her CDL test because she reduced the fractions from 4/32 to 1/8.  Or something like that.  I guess the testers were not fraction capable. 
9.  I beat
Sam Bingham in a game of HORSE on friday.   His game has potential. 
Brian Gudolawicz medical update:  I had my Dr. appt monday and the result is i re-tore my MCL and strained my ACL. I will be skiing this season but I will not be ready to ski until the snow starts falling on the east coast. Hope everything is good at Hood.

For you locals, Sunset high school in Beaverton, is looking for a ski team coach.   If interested, reply back and I'll give you the contact info.  The chairlifts open at 8am the rest of the summer, so we get a little relief on our morning sleep these next 2 sessions.  (thank John Rust for that one)
August 14, 2007 marked the 5 year anniversary of the passing of camper Kees Nederhand.  I put together a web page with a few photos and some other stuff.  Please take a look when you get a chance: http://www.mthood.com/kees.htm



Session 13, 2007 update
Good morning, Summer is quickly winding down.  The kids are now gone, and we wrap up summer camp with the adults only session.   There's still plenty of snow on upper palmer.  Enough snow, in fact, for Timberline to declare that fall training will happen this year starting in mid-September (lift operation Friday-Sundays)  Here's what happened last week:

Mike used the help of a little kid to run the camp orientation meeting this week (see photo).   This kid covered the big 3 topics:  Rocks, sunscreen, and water. (see photo)


2.  We got rained out on Monday.   We didn't even do the customary drive to Timberline, sit in the lodge until 9am thing........we just called it done and took the kids caving at Mt Adams followed by movies at Lloyd Center Mall.  Kids didn't get back to the lodge for dinner until 8:45pm.  Some of the staff came back raving about the movie "superbad".  http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/superbad/ 
3.  At the camp picnic, kids cooked watermelon on the grills..........and two little girls performed a watermelon funeral.....(see photo of watermelon burial)


4.  Bill Toney and Dave Curran filled in as temporary guest coaches on the hill this week.   Both did an outstanding job.
Elliot Halverson took 10 runs on Thursday.  He said he took less runs this summer than he had trips to Charlies.  (Elliot's Charlies visits final tally: 46).........
Kevin Malone broke his ski.......see photo

7.  I caught a chipmunk in the catch-and-release trap on Wednesday.......as I was pulling the trap out from under the TV stand in the basement, I accidentally opened the trap door about an inch, and it was just enough space for the chipmunk to escape and run mock speed out of there and escape. 
8.  The annual Hood-to-Coast relay running event was on Friday.  The Timberline parking lot was pretty much jam packed full by 8:00am. 
9.  I randomly discovered this classic MHSSC video on youtube, recorded from the big skateboard halfpipe: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PqlOZiXK3k8
10.  A woman saw me urinate during a quick potty break while on my picnic jog at wildwood park. 

Tim Feeney celebrated his 29th birthday on Thursday.  He had a nice dinner at Timberline in the cascade dining room followed by a visit to Charlies.   Feeney is claiming that this is his last summer working at MHSSC.  Do you believe him?  I want to hear YOUR prediction on Tim Feeney's camp fate. 

12.  Mike and Lynne took a 4 day mini-trip to Sunriver, Oregon to play in a tennis tournament. 
13.  I found a 30G Ipod.........score!  It has over 4000 rap songs on it..........I don't do rap.  

14. We hired a one-week counselor,
Michael Bachkanji due to a lack of staff.  Local guy from Portland area......former camper-staff.  He filled in nicely.
Carter Casner was growing a beard this week. 


16.  Give that girl some coffee!  Eva Gonzalez had some coffee on friday morning before work.  She single-handedly raised the excitement level about 3 notches for the morning course setting/salting.  I wish I had her on video.  

Looking for a ski race coaching job?  Mark Wedeking is looking for coaches at Bogus Basin in Idaho.  contact info:    http://www.bbsra.com/staff_mark.htm
Craig Bowden
sent me this youtube classic about Charlie the unicorn: 
http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q5im0Ssyyus  It has over 12 million views.  Take a look.   

Vote now for MHSSC AUGUST 2007 Employee of the Month!   For those of you still working at camp this final week, I'll take your employee of the vote in person.  But the rest of you guys that worked in August this year but have since gone home, please email me your vote.  Who do you think deserves your vote for MHSSC August 2007 employee of the month?  VOTE NOW!   Don't hesitate!  Don't even read your next email until you've voted.  If you didn't work in August, 2007, you cannot vote..........winner to be announced next week.   Can't think of who to vote for?  You can jog your memory by clicking here: http://www.mthood.com/staff.htm    that's all folks



Session 14, 2007 update
That's right, summer '07 is in the books.  Vacation time.  woo hoo!   The last day of camp I was asked at least a half dozen times,
what are you going to do when camp is over?  We'll (if you care) after making a few DVD's for MHSSC campers, I'll be catching a Portland Beavers baseball game (triple A), will have some dinner with my family, then will head to the Oregon coast for 3-4 days to vacation myself........after that, I'll be hitting up a b-day party and then the annual Sausage Fest in Vancouver, Washington (food, beer and music)........But enough about me........here's a few noteworthy nuggets from the last session of the summer:
1.  A giant cooler filled with ice and beer was in the middle of the lodge dining room all week.  (see photo).........the adult campers were good about re-stocking it......I think there were at least a dozen left-over beers at the end of camp.

2.  We were short handed (staff wise) for rafting on Tuesday.......
Tim Feeney had to walk from Maupin to Harpham (sp?) Flats (the rafting put-in location), to recover one of the vans to do the shuttle.   Feeney said the few cars that did drive by, were not willing to pick him up.|
Fuxi did a raffle at the top of the lane.........he raffled off goggles, lip balm, socks, ski poles, sunglasses.........(see photo)
4.  The Oregonian newspaper came up and took a few photos on our last ski day for the newspaper (see photo)......they were posted on the front page of the metro section in Saturday's paper.  (see photo)


5. Lynne made an appearance at the picnic!  rare event (see photo).......she said "put that in your newsletter"


6.  Southpark characters and then Frankenstein and Co. made appearances on the hill the last couple of days (see photos)


7.  Mark Stegall and Rick Millett took their adult snowboard campers to the oregon coast for an evening surf session.......they did this AFTER they snowboarded all day.........last day of the year.  Heard they got home around 1:15am
Rick Millett did the triple event in one day:  snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing.  impressive!
Rainer Hertrich is a local guy that has skied roughly 1400 days in a row (a guinness world record)  He's the guy wearing a fishing hat with a mustache in one of the attached photos.  Somewhat recent article about him and his streak here: http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20070613/SPORTS/70613015


10.  Roger Bay carried a Christmas tree up to the top of the chair on the last day.  The tree was used in a photo shoot earlier in the week.
Darren Owen was sicker then a dog all week....but still managed to get himself to the hill each day to shovel the jump and coach his adults. 


A few random stats from Summer 2007:
Feeney went to Charlies 39 times this summer
Bill Whalley ate 40 mhssc cookies this summer
Polly Hopkins ate ZERO mhssc cookies this summer
Darren Owen skied down the mile canyon every day this summer except the one time when he downloaded with his mom, who was here for a visit last week (see photo)


**Sean McKenna sold his infamous Toyota Tercel.....in McKenna's words: I just thought I'd give you a little update on my $350 Tercel. Three weeks ago I set off from Government Camp in the old girl bound for Salt Lake City. She purred like a kitten all the way there and I was cruising at 85-90mph. after a few days in Utah I set out for Vail, Colorado via a 2 day white water rafting trip and a tour of Moab and Arches National Park. I hung out in Colorado for a week and am now back in Park City. The Tercel, or "Sprout" as Scotty nicknamed her ran beautifully the entire way. I put 4700 miles on it since I bought it in June bringing the grand total to 254,700 and only put about $50 into her. Unfortunately I have some bad news and Sprout is no longer in my possession. I posted an ad on craigslist and sold the car for $700 this morning! Not a bad little profit for a 24 year old car. I just wanted to keep you and all of Sprout's fans up to date. (see photo from crater lake)


Will Tim Feeney come back to work at mhssc next summer???.......a couple of predictions:
Bill Whalley: My prediction for Tim is that he will be back in OR by May, just in time to work another summer.
Chris Cota: I predict that Feeney, like Robin, WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!!

MHSSC Employee of the month for August 2007 goes to
Bill Toney (kitchen staff)!  woo hoo!  Bill wins $75 (courtesy of uncle Mike).......2nd place went to Kevin Malone (one vote shy of tying Bill)......and tying for 3rd place in the voting were Rasta Nate (head digger), Scotty Veenis (coach), and Julia Shand (counselor).  Also receiving votes: Darren Owen, Fritz, Rick Millett, Evan Mikkelson, Stu Halverson, Luke Wendel, Alex Andrews, Sage Dunham, and Carter Casner.   There was an email vote casted for Jay Panther, but the person who voted has not worked at camp since about mid-July......and this from former head coach Tom Sell: I vote for the chipmunks. they do an awesome job cleaning up after the campers

enjoy this weeks' photos......




September 13, 2007 update
Hi all, I know how you all miss reading the mhssc camp staff updates, so I thought I'd toss out a quickie update about camp and a few people associated with camp.  
1.  Things are still happening at the lodge.  The cleaning girl Tabitha, has been coming up to clean the camp vans and busses as well as clean the lodges, so they are ready for the next time guests come to stay there.  And Govy local handyman helper guy Robert has been a regular, helping Mike do some outside stuff..........I think he's painting Coho Lodge.  
2.  Fall skiing at Timberline has been postponed until new snow covers the ground.  You can read all about it here:  http://www.timberlinelodge.com/current_news/091107_fallupdate.php

Mark Stegall and Rick Millett are back at camp after enjoying a mini-vacation in Idaho.  Rick and Mark are helping put stuff away, & getting the rails and boxes down the hill and stored away for the winter. 
4.  The camp office was moved from the trailer back to room 209 in the main lodge (Chinook lodge).............exciting stuff eh? 

Michelle Annett (Mike & Lynne's youngest daughter) hosted a labor day weekend tennis tournament on the camp clay tennis court. 
6.  There is still leftover beer in the fridge (bud light) that the adult campers didn't consume. 

Rick Millett has a legitimate email address now.......he's like a kid in a candy store, all excited about receiving emails and sending emails.........if you want his new email address, let me know.

ay Panther update: Everything is going great for me in Park City.  I live with three of my best
friends and the training is going really well.  I am leaving for Switzerland in about a month, then I go to Colorado, and then Selections in early December.  So I am just enjoying being at home and having a normal routine for a while.

9.  Long time adult camper
Violet Anderson won the mt hood meadows "rename the yellow chairlift" contest.  The new name is "Stadium".  She won a 10-time ski pass at Meadows.  woo hoo! 
John Rust is in Europe for the Saas Fee adult ski camp.  I think the camp starts tomorrow, but he went oversees a week early to get in a little vacation.  In John's words:  Great trip so far the weather has been outstanding.  Heidi Gama and her husband Dan the ski maker and I climbed a huge peak in the Eastern part of Switzerland - tough mixed snow conditions over rock - Heidi climbed really well for a relative rookie and kicked our asses on the hiking part.  We stayed in a hut that was nearly 12,000 feet high just a little below the top of the summit - where you can order a beer and have a hot meal.  I hope the weather holds for the skiing camp coming up - maybe we'll get really lucky.
11.  Great story from
Emily Sampson: So, I'm a junior advisor this year on a freshman floor, in charge of  10 first years making sure they don't drink themselves to death. I  have four boys that are the bomb and they called me tonight asking me  where i was. Not being in my room, I told them that.  They were like, okay we have something to show you so call us when you get back to the  dorm. So, I did and they were all covert about whatever they were  going to show me, telling me to close my door and make sure i was in  my room.  So they knock on my door and I look out and there are three  of them in winter coats, with hats on, holding gatorade bottles dancing to britney spears. It took me a couple of seconds to realize  they found my van dance on youtube. Apparently the little buggers 
googled me and that youtube came up, and they watched and planned the whole stunt for an HOUR! Then some girl yelled at them for waking her up. That's supposed to be my job. Just thought I'd tell you that I might have a few more views, close to 200. Hope you're enjoying vaca.

Emily's youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPwvBN1_Jo
or just google her name and you'll find the link.....it's #2 on the google list.

Robin update:  I had an excellent trip to the Oregon coast last week.  I got to relax and not think about ski boots or video tape for a few days.  Two intoxicated younger married chicks were hitting on me at the bar and buying me drinks..........so that was a highlight worth mentioning.   I also went and saw "Superbad".........funny stuff!   If you liked "the 40 year old virgin" then I think you'll enjoy this movie.  

Only 36 more weeks until session 1.  Robin


October 1, 2007 update
Hi all! It's been a few weeks since the last mhssc update.............but I have a few things to write about and some photos, so here you go.

Spencer Raymond sent me this: Look what Nolan, Malone and Stu are up to!
 After you watch the "The F in Life"  trailer, you can click on preorder,  and follow instructions on how to order your own copy of their movie.  Only $15 bucks!   ($12 plus shipping)  Help these guys out, and get their movie!  The trailer looked great! 
2. It's snowing here in the pacific northwest: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/ski_ride/conditions_webcam.php

John Rust is back from adult ski camp at Saas Fee, Switzerland.  In John's words: The weather has been more than perfect - I've never had 20 days of perfect anywhere except Hood.  There are some crowds but the training has been good.  There has been national teams from Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Janie says Montenegro (2 skiers)  Where's Montenegro?  Lichenstein, Serbia, Slovenia Juniors, Norway, Finland, and a bunch of local kids that are so obnoxious that they'll walk right over a world cup winners skies to take cuts in line in front of them.  The food is great I've gained 25 pounds - all fat.
Tommy Eckfeldt, Craig Bowden, and Dave Kerwynn are all in Chile coaching their Rowmark Athletes.  In Tommy's words: Here are a couple pics of the camp so far.  We have a day off tomorrow and we are headed down to Santiago!  After this day off and we run a 3 day block of GS and SL and we are back in Salt Lake. 

5. Polly Hopkins is working/living in Salt Lake City this year.  She told me she got a job within 3 days of moving there.  She's working at a newspaper doing design.
6. Met up with
Darren Owen, Bill Whalley and Emily Longfield yesterday for lunch at Hooters!  Emily says she missed camp this year, and she is headed to Utah to work at Alta this winter. 

6. After doing a little internet stalking, I was able to track down 4 more ex-mhssc staffers.  So I welcome the following people to this silly little email newsletter: 
Nancy Schmeler So for the last 15 years or so I have been in Canada, since I graduated from Clarkson. I worked in the oil industry (Esso & Sunoco) as a manager for 13 or so years and more recently I worked as a consultant to Exxon's Canadian affilient on the Real Estate side. Recently I started my own business www.JustDuckyYongeKids.com , which is now 6 months old.  It's a kid's entertainment facility, we have an indoor playground and have kids classes and summer camps. I live in Toronto with my husband Deane of 5 years and have 2 little girls Stephanie (3.5) and Charlotte (2.5)**Alex and Amy McNees (Amy Van Valkenburg):  Alex is living in Oakland these days.  Amy is married with 3 little girls (ages 3, 1, and 6 months), living in Redmond, WA.
**Sue Gauss: I am an assistant professor of Latin American history at the University at Albany.  I've been here since about 2003, after I finished my PhD.  I'm married with one son (two years old).  These days, most of my time is spent with family and work, though I am looking forward to getting Diego Luca (my son) on skis soon.
All 4 of them worked at camp in the 80's........mid to late 80's. 

I have more internet stalking to do.  What ever happened to Bob Geyer?  Dr. LoveMike Elvidge? Brian Flanagan? Lynn Gibson?  Evan Griffing? Liz HazelSteve Lawrence? Shasta Lawrence? Nancy Lopez? Dahvid? Mike Meagher? Martin Metz? Matt Mitchell? PJ MoberlyTodd Sherbacow? Bristol Sorensen? Terri _______ (Bristol's friend from BYU)  Glenn VirballMichelle ________ (BYU) ?,  Matt from 1986, and Phil Bachules (sp?) from the 80's?  Anyone know where these people are?  Mike Attolico?   

Here are Robin's youtube pics of the week: If you are an "office space" fan, you'll like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PX7bVcPw94
Fun with chipmunks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BNqYra1CJQ
Boogie nights meets star wars:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9bKAZDRi4o
kid plays a video game:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3i1mOtP--U

So that's all I have.  I'm headed to MHSSC tomorrow to do some office work.........anyone need their mail forwarded to a specific address?   Or their stashed skis put in the burn pile?   Anyone want a free washer and dryer?  Mike is ridding the lodge of those 2 old dryers and 1 washing machine that have been collecting dust in the lodge basement since the lodge opened in the 90's.  I think these were the original machines that were at snow bunny lodge........and they still work! (I think)..........Robin

p.s. this newsletter list is up to about 225 people........

one last thing.......this from Jeff Moore: WaHsatch Powder Productions doesn't have a web site, but we're working on our next film which will be called "Highway 210". It should highlight the deepest powder in Alta from the past 3 years, including Mt Hood footage and our trip to Switzerland. We also took top  honors at the Cold Smoke Awards in Bozeman last year.  The video is on youtube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nns4GbZtOZE  
check out the other 9 videos from wahpowprod. I like the cream pie videos.   Jeff


October 23, 2007 update
MHSSC'ers, Here's a mini mhssc update.  
The blue bus is officially GONE!   Mike gave it to a scrapper.  It had been sitting on Mike & Lynne's home property the last few years ever since the Deschutes river "incident"......The blue bus had been sold to ex-staffer Craig Bowden for $1 dollar, but he had nowhere to park it.  Craig had intended to drive it to "burning-man" someday.   So anyway, it's gone forever.   Today a guy Mike hired, set up his own little mini lumber mill in the MHSSC lodge parking lot.  They are taking downed trees (Douglas Fir) from the camp property and cutting them up and will use the wood for the new flooring of the Coho Lodge.  (see photo). 

Mt Hood got some new snow last week.  Enough snow for Timberline to reopen for fall skiing on Palmer on the weekends.  I think we even have a few Fall campers coming in to train with John Rust these next couple of weekends.   (see photo of the new snow)


Eric Baldwin is thinking about organizing a MHSSC staff reunion..........stay tuned for details.  Eric last worked at camp 10 years ago, and he thought it was time for a reunion.  Summer 2008 will be the 30 year anniversary of camp!   99 people have joined the MHSSC staff facebook.com group.  Who will be #100?  Even old guy Joe Reis is a facebook member!  

If any of you guys live in the fire zone in CA, stay safe!  Happy Halloween........Robin


October 25, 2007 update
Hi all,
some very sad news to report.  Mike Kalamar, a MHSSC camper the last couple of years, has past away.   Colleen Pruss and Joe Sulpizio sent me the messages below......for those of you on facebook, you can see the links in Joe's message to 2 different memorial facebook websites.


hey robin,
yesterday oct 24th, 2007 mike kalamar was found dead in his bedroom by his mother. he was a ridge ski racer and a senior as well. he was the kid who broke his leg out at camp this year. he was also a good friend of mine. if you can send out an email asking people to keep im in their minds, pray for him and his family that would be a great help. also, if you can ask if people will wear blue on nov 14th, his birthday, and blue was his favorite color that would be great. this is a hard time for me and for the ridge ski team with the loose of a great friend and team mate. if you have any words of comfort or anything that would be great. take care!


I don't know if you've heard already but yesterday, Mike Kalamar, a MHSSC
camper, passed away.  I just thought I'd let you know so maybe you could put
something in the next staff e-mail.




November 22, 2007 update
Happy Thanksgiving from Mt Hood! May your day be filled with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie..........If you are not from the United States, you may not celebrate Thanksgiving......It's an American holiday that celebrates the time when Pilgrims and Native Americans became friends, shared harvest, and came together for the first ever ski camp on the Palmer snowfield..........
Today is the last ski day for Thanksgiving ski camp.  John Rust is coaching the 6 campers this week up on Palmer.  We had some sketchy weather this week and some other elements that made this week more than challenging for our small crew, and the 6 campers.  Mike and Lynne (and daughter Michelle and her hubby Travis) are currently vacationing in Brazil, 6 time zones away.  So Rust, Robert, the utility man, Tabitha the cleaning lady, and myself have been holding down the fort while they are south of the equator. 

In John  Rust's words describing Thanksgiving camp: Here's a quick camp update.  Weather Saturday and Sunday - similar to the storm that washed the roads out last year.  Sunday we went caving on Adams - the last 15 miles had a decent amount of snow 10 inches - when we came out from the cave 3 hours later there was over 18 inches.  The van worked great but the snow was up to the bumper.  5 miles from the cave there was a tree across the road - 2 feet across on the big end and the skinny end was stuck between two trees.  The kids learned how to use a van like a skidder and using the climbing rope (luckily we went to the cave that needs one) we move the tree enough (breaking the climbing rope twice in the process) to pass the van around the tree.  Monday we cat skied on Palmer in challenging conditions but everyone had fun and enjoyed the experience - T-Line was VERY nice to entertain us - I probably would have said get lost, Monday -perfect weather but they were unable to open the upper lifts - we spent the day on the beginner Bruno chairlift - BRUTAL to say the least.  Today great weather and we trained SL - tomorrow hopefully nice and GS. 

So as you can see, it was a challenging week:  They lost a day to bad weather, they cat skied in a whiteout one day, they did drills on the Bruno chairlift that had 5-10 minute lift lines for a day  (that's that tiny two-lift-tower chairlift you see from the parking lot), and they finished up with 2 days on Palmer with clear, but windy weather.    Darren Owen brought 3 mogul athletes with him for 2 days, but because of the forementioned stuff, they only got in one day on Palmer.  They thought about packing out the tubing hill at camp and building a jump, but it just wasn't steep enough.....but they did do a little sledding instead (see pics)   Terry McLeod also came down for a PSIA clinic last weekend but it ended up as classroom sessions only because of the stormy weather.  I've been reading on facebook.com  that Tim Feeney started his new job in Washington DC a couple weeks ago.  Here are a couple of Tim Feeney's "facebook wall" posts: **November 14:  I've gone to work 2 days now, I have my own desk, their setting up my computer. I can't say I've done any work yet though and no one is trying to teach me anything yet. I've got full health insurance now and will start looking for my knee surgeon. **November 17:  all last week I just hung around waiting for someone to tell me to do something but that never happened. To top it all off in the first 10 days I'm being paid for, I've got two paid holidays.

Liz Edmonds update: school is really good, its really busy...im actually thinking of switching my major from religion and designing my own major on human rights. im going to bhutan this spring too! i'm leaving january 30th and ill be back may 16th.  i'm so excited! its a vajrayana buddhist kingdom (thats tantric buddhism) and everything in the country is kept in line with the religion.  i'll be camping a lot and trekking in the himalayas...i'm SO excited. 

this is a bit dated, but Mark Stegall was in San Diego area during all those So. Cal fires: You've heard it from a realtor before...location, location, location. Lucky to say my buddy has a good one, near the sea with no chapparal filled canyons nearby.  At one point yesterday we were under a voluntary evacuation but that was lifted as the wind began to change. At it's closest the fires got about 5 miles away. It is the Witch fire that threatened us. Now this thing is'nt over yet but it seems we're out of the hot zone for now. There is one problem spot that could still cause us problems. Very surreal experience. Twilight all day for the past 2 days. Only smoke and ash here at the coast. Wouldn't want to have respiratory ailments and be here. Remember the fire at meadows last year, it was a little smoky, multiply that by 1000x and you get the idea.  Of course the surf has been excellent, offshore winds hold the waves up and hollow them out. I've seen lots of barrels, unusual here. No crowds in the lineup, but there are surfers out. I went out for an hour or so mon. and tues. You have to take it easy when paddling so as to keep your breathing mellow. You don't want to breath hard. Ash falling in the lineup.  Amazing job by the fire crews, they may not be stopping the fires but they are saving a LOT. It looks like two of the fires may go all the way to the sea where there are brush filled canyons. Well I better go get my surf in for today, I've got my things ready to toss in my truck if we get the order to leave. I'll update you later, nothing to film from here but smoke, I'm ok with that. Later,   Mark
Also Mark has his snowboard team website up and running:  www.teamnorthtahoe.com

Troy Grace was also in the fire zone: There mostly contained with tons of hot spots. Unfortunately we suppose to have more Santa Ana winds this weekend which blows wind off shore and gets really hot. Not good sounds like they are more prepared if there is such a thing. My inlaws got evacuated out of the San Diego area. They said were they live they thought it was worse because of the news. I drove to palm springs from San Diego this weekend going by alot of the aftermath the fires from my view were very spotty showing were the winds made the fire jump around alot what a pain in the ass. The clean up for alot of people is terrible. My wifes cousin had to shoot at some looters trying to crash through there neighbors front gate. Wow    Troy 

So that's about it from here in sunny northwest.   Happy Thanksgiving!   Robin 

Here are a few pics from the lodge........ravens enjoy the waffles too! 


December 13, 2007 update
Hi all, Here's the latest from good ol' Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps...........Mike and Lynne have been in Brazil on vacation for almost a month now.  They get back tomorrow.  While they were away we tried to hold the fort down, but it wasn't always easy.   During one 11 day stretch, we lost internet connection for the office computers.  After a series of attempts to fix it over a week and half's time, John Rust went to radio shack and bought a new DSL cable.......fixed it right up!   All those office incoming and outgoing emails were stuck in limbo for 11 days.......not the greatest scenario for a business! 

Last weekend we had about 80 lodge guests..........a big church group (50 or so people) and the Aloha/Southridge high school ski team (30ish)........It was a bit bizarre to have a church group doing alter calls and religious functions in the dining room, while at the same time the high school ski team was in the basement huddled around the big TV on the white couch watching "superbad".  To add to the mix, the water in the lodge stopped working.  So try to imagine 80 people in one building, and you couldn't flush a toilet.  I kept thinking of the New Orleans superdome during Hurricane Katrina when all the toilets filled up with.....well, poop!   This was not a good situation.  It was 10 o'clock at night, no running water, and 80 people who eventually have to use a toilet, wash their hands, get a drink of water, etc.  What would YOU do?   Mike was 6 time zones away in Brazil.  4am in his world.  So what do you do to a guy on vacation at 4am?  YOU CALL HIM ON THE PHONE!   After 3 phone call attempts, Mike finally wakes up and answers his phone........I told him the situation, and he knew exactly what to do.  He talked me thru step by step on how to make the back-up water system work......it was something like this:  "turn off the spigot, get a couple of pipe wrenches, take off the end of the pipe, hook up the white hose from the blue tank, flip the switch on the white box until you see the little red light come on, then open the spigot on the blue tank"......It took several minutes but  we were able to get the water flowing again by 11pm.....whew!   There could have been lots of yellow snow that night........and maybe some brown snow too!  eww!   

next story:  For those of you that have ever slept in the camp lodge by yourself, you know it's kinda scary!   Well anyway, I was up there a couple weeks ago, spent the night solo, and this car breaks down right out front of the lodge.  It's pouring rain, pitch dark, and I see the "person" try to get their car started.....unsuccessfully......I'm really hoping I don't have to deal with this scary person in the dark, who most likely is a serial killer..........I see this person walk over the gas station and use the pay phone.....so I'm hoping they are calling a tow truck and they'll eventually go away........I kept watching and watching....for like 2 hours........no tow truck ever shows..........I of course lock all the doors to the lodge.....(yes, I'm a wimp).........eventually I just go to bed.......next day, car is still there.  And now I see the person walking toward the lodge..........turns out this person was an attractive 26 year old single female.  Not some scary guy with a knife.   Anyway, I let her in the lodge, fed her some cereal and let her hang out all day until her relative came and rescued her.............she had slept in her car all night.   So the moral of the story is:  don't be scared of a 26 year old attractive female!   She was too young for me anyway.........right? 

Michelle Schmitt and Caitlin Laman have been helping cook the meals at the lodge.  And I believe Elliot Halverson showed up yesterday to help out at the lodge for a couple weeks.  Also Fritzy is moving to Govy and plans to be a ski instructor (I think?).  Winter camp session 1 starts tomorrow.  The snowpack is marginal. The new chairlift opened at Timberline......they say it's the longest chairlift in the state of Oregon. It doesn't add to the summer skiing mix, so most of you will never ride it anyway.  But it is long.  Bill Whalley has a giant mustache.  Go check out his facebook page.  Jennifer Annett Bard and her hubby and kids came and stayed at the lodge for a weekend.  You can see some of their sledding pics on the lodges website:  http://www.mthood.com/lodges_index.htm  

Rust sent me this: Bode Miller's new training methods now that he left the U.S. ski team: http://www.skispace.com/bodevideo/

check out the old school mhssc photo Joe Reis sent me  Joe's description:  Found this today.  This is taken up at in the cinder cone on a mid-session Friday.  The kids with Vance and I are Harvey (next to Vance) and Paul.  Can't remember their last names but Lynn probably will.  They both came to camp for years during the 80's.  Paul had a sister named Audrey. (Great memory - too bad I can't remember what I am supposed to be doing today) Christ I just realized these kids are now in their mid-30's!



Robin's youtube video picks of the week:
1.  American Idol guy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLF9iEXnBRo
2.  best wedding dance ever:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV7pEut1LLY
3. credit card problems?  watch this one:  http://danwho.net/mp/index.php?id=snl_dontbuystuff

that's all for now.......happy holidays!    Robin


December 20, 2007 update
Happy Holidays!
Darren Owen's athlete, Patrick Deneen, finished in 1st place in the U.S. selections mogul competition on Dec. 17.  2nd place went to Jay Panther!  Woo Hoo!   You can see the podium photo here: http://usfreestyle.blogspot.com/2007/12/us-selections-mogul-results.html 

Brian Gudolawicz update: For some of those that have not forgot about my and my minor knee injury at the end of the summer, I am doing fine now. I still go to rehab here at Colby-Sawyer but I am back on snow and it is feeling great! I have my first race of the season at Waterville Valley NH this saturday so we will see how it hold up when i move to race intensity. I am very excited for this ski season and I hope everyone else is. It has already started out amazing. My dad told me the other weekend that he has not seen this much open(being Sunday River Maine) this early in the past twenty years. He is about to turn 59 and he is running around like a little kid in a candy store. Hope everything is well with you and your season goes great. 

Late 80's MHSSC coach Tom North sent me 3 old school MHSSC photos
Hi Robin,
I spent some time this past summer with Chris Cota and we dug up some really OLD photos. The best are attached!
Merry Christmas!
Tom North 

Pic 1  Bob Guyer at the Oregon coast. We camped on the beach for the weekend in the days when that was legal.
Pic 2  Can you name all those smiling faces?
Pic 3  Vance & me, circa 1988

If you have some old school MHSSC photos, send them my way.  And If you know where Bob Geyer is, let me know!  He's the one person that I get asked about the most, from the old school era. 

Winter Session 2 camp update:  We are in the middle of winter camp session 2.  Mt Hood is getting hammered with new snow this week.  Rust is coaching the ski racers, Mark Stegall has the snowboarders, and Elliot Halverson is pulling double duty coaching the 1 freeskier, and cooking all the meals.   Elliot and Mark drove the 9 campers to portland last night for the Portland Trail Blazers home game at the Rose Garden arena.  Blazers beat Toronto Raptors and the crowd went crazy.  Fritzy moved to Govy this week from the east coast.  He plans on being a ski instructor at Mt Hood Meadows.  that's all for this week.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  Robin         cressyvideo dot calm


December 28, 2007 update
Former mhssc mogul coach Bridgette Shipley is getting married!  In Bridgette's words:
Super surprise... I was opening my Christmas gift=  an ugly purse....inside-- a smaller box.....opened this box ... a ring and then a Will you marry me on both knees???  Then another box with a one of a kind eternity bracelet from my favorite designer- Alana Leigh.   I guess she helped him find the ring too. No date...still surprised.  We've been together for four years and have owned our house together for three....so I guess I forgot about the marriage part.
Bridgette also sent me this youtube link:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4 and it's also Bridgette's birthday today (Saturday)...........happy birthday!   

Tim Feeney told me that Andrej Jerman won today's training run for the Bormio men's world cup downhill.   http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/12/28/sports/EU-SPT-SKI-ALP-WCup-Mens-Downhill-Training.php    Good luck Andrej!   

Emily Sampson and Jason Hey both took home the gold!  In Emily's words: Last weekend (Dec. 23), J Hey and I were in a race together. Not only did we both have the best points (mine were better, however) we both took home the gold. By over a second each. We did some serious advertising. Happy holidays everyone! 

Mt Hood is getting dumped on this week.  Winter session 3 is in progress with a combination of ski racers and snowboarders..........John Rust and Mark Stegall are doing the coaching.......Elliot Halverson is handling the meals.  Check out the attached photos........Mark set up a box at the lodge for some evening jibbing sessions.  Michelle Annett is recovering from recent micro-fracture surgery on her knee.

Some sad news to report.  A snowboarder was killed yesterday at Mt Hood Meadows.  Apparently, the snowboarder ended up face down in a tree well in deep powder and suffocated.  http://www.komotv.com/news/12909281.html 

For Christmas I got a bunch of movie gift cards.........movie theater and blockbuster video.........Does anyone have any movie recommendations for me?  I just watched "beer league"..........Horrible, horrible movie.   I need help picking movies.  The Portland Trail Blazers just won their 12th straight game........take that Lakers!  happy new year   Robin  




For Christmas I got a =unch of movie gift cards.........movie theater and =lockbuster video.........Does anyone have any movie recommendations for me?  = just watched "beer league"..........Horrible, horrible =ovie.   I need help picking movies. 


The Portland Trail =lazers just won their 12th straight game........take that Lakers! 


happy new year